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Popular posts

We are destroying this world

I feel like I'm drowning in a sea. I wish there is an apocalypse, and I survive. I be the only survivor. I could roam the Earth forever and ever and never stop moving on. I want to stay and go at the same time. It's killing me, this feeling of being trapped. There is a knot in my stomach I cannot shrug away. I like going on public transport and staring out of the window at the scenery. It makes the knot go away. I can breathe. We are destroying this world. I feel estranged from society.

My Boyfriend Can't Get Enough

So I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years and one night he asked if it was possible to sneak over to tell me something that needed to be said in person... It's a 2 hour walk to his house. But with my worried and anxious self. I did. I was tired and soaked from rain when I got there. He made sure I rested and ate some food. After massaging me, he asked if I wanted to take a shower. I was a mess so I agreed. He gave me a towel and made sure I had a change of cloths. In the middle of washing myself, I hear him come in and I asked without turning around "Honey, is everything okay?" That's when he opened the shower door... Naked... And hard. He tells me that I missed a spot and starts washing me and feeling me up. (You know where this is going, this isn't 50 Shades of Grey) After having sex for some time, we both finish. He carries me to the bed and he holds me in the covers. I remind myself of the reason I came over. I ask "What did you wanna tell me, baby?" He then shifts...

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I absolutely hate children

But life isn't simple, never is; we often learn this the hard way. And how'd I get my lesson? By accidentally getting pregnant.

Fear struck me immediately, anger followed soon, depression finished the kill. I was 20 years old at the time, always careful, always cautious - but you can never be too careful, now can you? Contraceptives such as pills and condoms didn't quite suffice, apparently. Perhaps I wasn't handling the pills properly, or the bad timing of a broken condom was the reason, but whatever the cause, the result was still the same; 6 weeks in, and there I was over the toilet bowl one morning, puking my guts out. I had my doubts, but the two cheap ass pregnancy tests I bought at the nearest drug store came out positive, and I can still remember my knees going weak in pure panic- I can't recall the last time I've cried so hard.

I haven't told a single soul, not to my parents, neither to my brother, nor my closest friends, not even my...

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Pleasure addict

It's difficult not thinking about it. Sex and pleasure have become a huge part of my daily life for so long now, sometimes it's all I can think of. There are moments when I'm left alone where all I fantasize about is me being able to give and receive pleasure from a partner, different faces each and every time, different situations too.

I'm in a serious relationship and have been for quite a while, and I love my current partner to Hell and back, yet we find it hard to maintain our sex life as responsibilities come in our way as well as the limited time we get to spend together due to work, families, friends etc. We try to keep a balance between the things we enjoy doing, but sex has always been at the very bottom of that list. 

It's not as easy as I thought, simply saying "I want more sex." won't give me exactly that. It sounds selfish, inconsiderate because I want it all the time. Sometimes, I feel horrible for doing it alone most of the time, specifically...

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My complicated love life

 A boy confessed his love for me last school year. I didn't want to hurt him, so without thinking, I told him that I kinda love him, too. I didn't love him then. I loved another boy, whom I still kinda love. But now, I think I have feelings for the boy. On top of that, I think that the boy I loved first likes me. I don't know what to do and I need help, fast. Like, UPS fast!

My Story About Fooling My Best Friend So I Would'nt Look Pathetic

OK, so I have a friend, let's call her Susan, and she is a really big fan of Halsey. I personally don't like Halsey's music, but I definitely don't hate her. Recently, Susan started to date my brother. The thing about my brother is that he is, like, really mean. I don't really get what Susan likes about him. In previous relationships my brother always was the one who wanted to break up, always for the same reason: he got 'bored' with the girl. The girl always get's hurt in a relationship with him.

I said to Susan what kind of... person my brother is. She immediately got mad at me. She said that I never support her choices, and that I was jealous because I didn't have a boyfriend. I stayed calm, tried to explain to her what I just told you: My brother just isn't a good person to be in a relationship with. I was at her house at the time, and she sent me away. 

When I got home, I got my first phone, restarted it,  created a fake Halsey fan account on Instagram...

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I wish I knew how to deal with the skipping of...

I wish I knew how to deal with the skipping of acquaintance status steps, performed by others on me. Usually the whole simple process of making somebody an acquaintance becomes just too quick for me or people were trying to scare me. The steps necessary for getting known by others simply are inexistent. For example, if I am knew in some place people come to me and ask super private questions . For example they jump from"What's your name?" To "When was your first time?" , or if there is a neighbor I barely speak to unless a "hi" to be polite, and next day he is stalking me to places when I try and TRY so hard to be so discreet that I don't even have social media anymore. Why would anyone try to scare a visibly shy and insecure person into more timidity and isolation? (if this wasn't the initial goal when they initiated getting acquainted with me then what it was.) I never saw people doing this to anybody else though.

What is the Spiritual Journey?

Mystics describe the quest for spiritual truth as a journey we make within our own bodies, within our consciousness. To understand this journey we need first to understand where we start from, our present spiritual condition. The life of each of us, mystics teach, is projected in its perfect whole from a single source beyond time. But on planes of mind and matter, we live our lives under the illusion of time and the law of cause and effect or action and reaction.

Questing My Sexuality

Hi, it's nice to meet you. This is my secret so I'm only 12, and I'm not old enough to date, but I'm starting to question my sexuality, for you see lately I've been interested in women, at the start I thought I was Bi-Sexual, but lately I've been losing interest in boys, but I'm to afraid to admit I'm lesbian (I'm not homophobic, I support the LGBT community, because of my half sister being lesbian, but anyways) to my parents because they'll probably think I'm going through a "phase", or they might think I might have dated before being 16. I'm also afraid to tell my friends, because I feel like I might lose them.

Heartless monster

I love this guy. I didn't know how I fell for him. I just do. He's not as good looking as you thought he would be but I still love him the way he is. The problem is, I always think that I am coward. I didn't have the courage to confess to him because I thought "Hey, I'm a girl. I shouldn't make the first move." So I went to my friend's house to hang out with her. I asked her whether or not it's a good idea for me to tell him about how I feel. And so she said that it wasn't a bad idea and that if I really love him I should just tell him before it's too late. And if he rejected me, at least I wouldn't have hope to be with him and it would be less hurt. Guess what? I chose not to tell. So I started finding another guy (Let's call him with initial letter, M.) M is my best guy friend. Like literally the best friend you could ever imagine as a guy. A friend that you could comfortably talk about things, hang out with and just being ourselves when we're together. And then I had an evil...

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I think I may possibly be in love with my best friend but...

I think I may possibly be in love with my best friend but I swore to myself that I would never ever tell him how I feel in the fear that our friendship could be ruined. 

I'm currently in a relationship with someone who loves me more than anything and I think he's unbelievably kind. Despite this, I don't think I love him anymore but I'm afraid that if I breakup with him he will more than likely end up severely depressed. I don't want this to happen to him as he hasn't done anything wrong and I don't have anything against him, I've simply lost interest. We met up to discuss where our relationship is going but I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I'm ready to move on. I really wouldn't want him to become depressed, I know what it's like. He said if I met someone else he would completely cut himself out of my life as he couldn't handle that which is very understandable. It could end up slightly uncomfortable if he still loves me and we stay friends.

If I do...

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The very first time that I ever...

     The very first time that I ever flashed anyone...     My sister always let me go to her place through the heat of the day while she was at work and I often took her up on that.  Most of the time my 3 nephews were there and we almost always played Marco Polo.  So the day prior to this incident, hubby purchased a new bikini for me.  What I didn't know was that hubby had cut the lining out of both the top and bottom.  While it was dry it was a really nice silvery-grey but what I didn't know, (and still to this day I don't even know if hubby knew), was that once it got wet it became 100% transparent!

     When I got to my sisters I went around back to the pool and change hut, and sure enough my 3 nephews were already in the pool.  I went in the change hut and got changed.  I liked the way it looked and it was quite sexy, maybe a little too sexy to wear around family, but it was a solid colour and didn't show anything, (at least while dry).   I went out to the pool and...

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I am not human, many do not believe but they do not have...

I am not human, many do not believe but they do not have to. Many believe even less that we are out there. In time things will begin to happen to prove we are out there. Most of us mean no harm whereas some of our other species are unruly and live for the violence. I am not here to tell my life story for that would take far too long. I am here to speak to those who will listen. I have watched the future become history and history become legend. Some of human history has been covered and unspoken. It is up to those who dare to venture beyond the safety of their own path to pick up on the world that is around them. I do not force belief nor will I blame you for wanting to keep to your own safety, but do understand, we are out there.

I haven't been able to share my fantasies

Hi. I'm 27 y.o guy who's introverted, a little shy and, well, perverted. Not an easiest combo to live with. I haven't been able to share my fantasies with my ex as I found them far too embarrassing even to talk about it. Basically the idea of being humiliated, dominated, treated like a slave (even outside the bedroom, within reason though) trying to satisfy women's desires – not necessarily sexual – is a huge turn-on for me. I'm still not very comfortable with talking about all of this, nevertheless I still dream about meeting a geeky, open-minded and perverted woman with whom I'd be able to share this twisted life of mine.

17 with talent, a heart, and suicidal...

So I've been told many times of how much talent I have with many things. Whether it's art, cooking, modeling or whatever you can think of. I've been told by my lover that I am the best girlfriend but... He has to deal with my panicked attacks... Yep... So to start from the beginning... I was 7 when my parents divorced, my mom's boyfriend molested me, my mom became an alcoholic when I was 10, my dad got evicted from his apartment and we were homeless for a few months at age 12, and my only friend killed himself when I was 13... To make matters worse... A guy I was dating at the time decided that I was his prize and he raped me... Not only him but his friends, cousins, uncles, and people I didn't even know!.... This carried on for 6 months until I finally tried to commit suicide when I was 14... I got sent to a mental hospital twice in a months (BTW if you're a parent, a mental hospital DOESN'T HELP)... I then was diagnosed with anxiety, depression,...

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New posts

I bleed to dry out the pain...

I bleed to dry out the pain

and my head gets dizzy and i am so tired

i have anxiety and depression

i have flaws

i am not accepted

and i love two genders

when i should feel incapable of loving one

i cut myself sore until my tears feel like blood

and i keep it in

and i am so sad

and until there is a point to the universe

i will look forward to nothing but death

Last month, I bought my first bikini in years. Literally,...

Last month, I bought my first bikini in years. Literally, in 8ish years. I look fine in the bikini, but I just don't feel it, you know? My thighs are a bit bigger than other peoples at my age because being in a traveling dance group builds up strength. My butt is fine, I don't really care about it. It's my stomach that really bothers me. I'm perfectly normal for my height and age (5,6 and 14 y/o female), but I just feel fat (140 pounds).

I have a stress-eating problem and now, everything is catching up with me. So I'm eating less. I started off by eating everything later. Then I turned lunch and dinner into snacks rather than full meals. Then I started skipping lunch and breakfast became a snack. Now, I only eat a snack for breakfast, I skip lunch, and for than half the week, I skip dinner altogether.

My friends came over for a sleepover and found my weight keeping journal containing my weekly info on how much exercise I did and my weight at the end of the...

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I crashed into my friends range Rover..

I crashed into my friends range Rover.. PS - im POOR

I was molested by my brother for about 7 or 8 years. Over...

I was molested by my brother for about 7 or 8 years. Over the course of those years he use to let his best friend abuse me. The older I got, the more I thought it was normal.

Until I had a break and asked my mother why did she turn a blind eye to what was happening, but she still denies till this day of having any knowledge. Even though she caught him doing me one night.

I am almost forty and ashamed to say that he was my first orgasm and that I have not experienced pleasure with anyone else. It makes me feel sick, disgusting and worthless.

Recently, I been disconnected, loss and unfeeling and am afraid my relationship of 6 years is suffering. I don't know what to do or how to work through these things. It's so hard. I love Master very deeply and he knows I need pain to kill my internal conflicts.

I just embarrassed, I want to be normal.

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I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I...

I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I am asleep. Nobody knows this just me. I go to sleep feeling normal, only a bit sleepy of course. When getting closer to falling asleep I begin feeling weaker and some weird sensation in the middle of my chest.However wake up almost EVERYDAY feeling weak... something bad happens in my sleep. There is a possibility that maybe it is also an evil entity doing that. I pray and ask God to protect me from this but not always my faith is enough. I wish this evil thing stopped draining my soul every night.


Recent comments

I bleed to dry out the pain...
Queer is here: You will always have someone. There is still hope even if you feel like there isn't. I here for you.
I am a Christian and although I try my hardest not to...
Anonymous: I know you might not listen because this is your set of beliefs, but masturbation is very healthy and I don't really think it should be thought of as a sin. It's your... more
I bleed to dry out the pain...
Luna : I have been a cutter for 15 years. I've been burning myself for about 3 years. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar and several other things and I just wanted to tell... more
I agree it is the woman's right to choose to abort...
Captain Black: I hate it if women are using abortion as birth control, and they do most of the time. A fetus is a human being and can't stand up for its right to life, just like we had a... more
Is God real?
Captain Black: I absolutely don't believe that god exists, there's never been one tiny shred of evidence to support their beliefs. When I was a child I believed in Santa Claus, why?... more
Porn at young age
Jimmy Cody: You need to bail on that. Porn at such a young age will destroy your idea of what sex is really about. Porn is all fake.
Melissa Rauch
Big Bang fan: Thank you!

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