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Popular posts

Questions about God.

So I went to a Jesus play and...I just don't believe in a lot of that stuff. Like I believe in God and Jesus, but I don't believe in the bible and all that. I think science is it. And I think that stuff happened to God and Jesus. I guess what I'm trying to say is...Help answer some questions.   Why should God love me of all people?   If we are bad we are supposed to go to hell, but Satan likes bad things so why would he punish us for doing bad things if he likes bad things?    Why should we give ourselves over to God, like, are we just tools and being used?   Why should he forgive my sins and such? Cause seriously, I'm not right in the head.     And why didn't God help Jesus if he was his son?    And finally...we are supposed to all be sons and daughters of is it like eternal incest?    Help me by answering these.

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the...

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the amount I care for other people, and sometimes I wish I wasn't so scared or hurt all of the time. People always say "Just choose not to be scared and upset." It is just not that simple. My parents got divorced and ever since then I have been so scared of being hurt, and nobody understands. I try to help others to feel good about themselves to fill the void. I just don't know what to do anymore. People keep trying to get me to talk to people about it, but I just feel like I want to talk to someone who I don't know and my family doesn't know, and they don't know my name so I am not so scared.

The hurt

I don't get it.  I put everything I had into a relationship, I loved her, I loved her more than I had ever loved anyone in my life. 

Every day, she was all I had on my mind, I stayed up late talking to her, I encouraged her, I helped her through anything she'd ever needed help with. And she was all I needed. She made me smile, she made me a better person, and she filled a gap in my life I didn't even know was there. I had really thought that she had been, the one. I would have done anything for her, I gave up opportunities that I can never get back, just so I could stay with her. I was determined to keep us going, and it worked. We spent days laughing, chatting, and sharing some of our deepest feelings, at least I did. Then one day, out of nowhere, I heard her talking about someone else. It hurt, it hurt more than I could have imagined. We talked. She told me it was a hard decision, and she needed time to think. And I encouraged her to do what made her most happy. All I...

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Heartless monster

I love this guy. I didn't know how I fell for him. I just do. He's not as good looking as you thought he would be but I still love him the way he is. The problem is, I always think that I am coward. I didn't have the courage to confess to him because I thought "Hey, I'm a girl. I shouldn't make the first move." So I went to my friend's house to hang out with her. I asked her whether or not it's a good idea for me to tell him about how I feel. And so she said that it wasn't a bad idea and that if I really love him I should just tell him before it's too late. And if he rejected me, at least I wouldn't have hope to be with him and it would be less hurt. Guess what? I chose not to tell. So I started finding another guy (Let's call him with initial letter, M.) M is my best guy friend. Like literally the best friend you could ever imagine as a guy. A friend that you could comfortably talk about things, hang out with and just being ourselves when we're together. And then I had an evil...

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I Hate Myself

I hate myself, like literally. Everything about me is horrible. I don't give two shots about what anyone thinks of me cuz I don't like me. I'm 60 pounds over weight, I have anxiety, I'm on anti depressants, my thighs and stomach are too big, I'm whiny and annoying, Ima bitch to everyone, I have insomnia, and when I do sleep I get nightmares that make me awaken in fear and drowning in tears and sweat. I hang out with bitch people, and I think I'm fake. Can anyone tell me how to make myself feel better and love myself cuz I'm sick of hating myself.

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I'm an 11 year old girl and I'm very depressed...

I'm an 11 year old girl. I'm very depressed and my parents don't know. Well, my Mom does, but she brushed it off.I have a friend who is going through what I'm going through and he keeps telling me that I don't understand him. He doesn't know what I'm going through. I do self harm, I wear my jacket everywhere so that my friends don't ask about it. I told anyone who asked that my bruises came from gymnastics/dance. I can't tell my parents. and at the same I have to talk my friend out of suicide every night cause he's all I have left.

I have been stealing my wife's pain medication for years...

I have been stealing my wife's pain medication for years and she has confronted me about it on several occasions.  4 months ago, I started taking all of it and replacing it with aspirin, and she did not seem to notice. Her pain management doctor has been testing her monthly, and she was confronted by her doctor because she has not been testing positive for the meds.  Her doctor is now refusing to treat her and is accusing her of selling her meds. My wife believes the pharmacy has been giving her bad drugs and is considering contacting the DEA.  She thinks that I'm clean and sober for the last 4 months.  I have been clean for about 3 weeks.  If she finds out I am behind this we will get divorced, however if I keep my mouth shut I can likely weather this situation.  My guilt level is pinging, but I don't want to say anything...

I haven't been sexually attracted to my partner for the...

I haven't been sexually attracted to my partner for the last few years. It feels like a chore and honestly just too much work to be intimate, and before its even started I wish that it was over. I have to use my imagination to feel turned on because she isn't good in bed. We are currently working on improving our relationship overall, but even if we are in a better space emotionally, I don't think the intimacy with her will ever be what I truly want. When I've told her that I feel its a chore, we don't address it with understanding and in the end I feel pressured to give her intimacy because its what she wants.  

Nightmares of the past

When I was six years old, I was molested. My older step brother J, and his friend at the time Robert were watching me while my parents were at the store. We were having fun we were shooting bb guns, and just hanging out. Later that evening, my brother went out for a smoke, it was just me and Robert in the house. He told me to come sit on his lap, I said no. He kept saying it's all right I'm like your brother in a way, I said no your not. He wouldn't leave it alone so I sat on his lap, being only six I didn't think much of it. Then he started touching me, I told him to stop, he kept doing it I kept saying no stop, i tried to get off of him, he wouldn't let me. He didn't let me go until he heard my brother coming in. Later my parents come home, I tell my mom what happened I was confused. She had me call my gma w, and my Gma w, called the cops. I had to go talk to some people at the courthouse about what happened and they explained what it was. Robert didn't go to jail or anything no...

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Wife crying.Husband watching TV, munching chips.Wife: ...

Wife crying.
Husband watching TV, munching chips.
Wife: 'You don't even ask why I'm crying'
Husband: 'The last time I asked, you said I won't understand....'

My sister's high school sweet heart. They broke up for...

My sister's high school sweet heart. They broke up for good a couple years after high school.. She is now happily married.  Anyway she doesn't know it but but back before they got together I was at a mutual friends party and at 17, him at 16, well I ended up giving him is 1st blow-job and it happened so fast it still shocks me...yes he was the 1st for me in that respect.

We are now in our 40's...well its been a bumpy year since we started hanging out (my estranged sister & mom are very angry at me over this) and I guess I can understand...if the tables were turned though I would be happy for her.

Him & I have never labeled it but the truth is I have always been crazy about him since the 1st day I laid eyes on him. So good looking and sweet and a star athelete! I was so jealous of my sister when she got with him back in high school.

So during the past year he has survived a terrible situation with his health due to major alcohol abuse.  He...

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I wish everyone had good parents

My heart aches for everyone who feels like they don't have anyone in this whole world who cares about them. I was so lucky to have been raised by two wonderful parents. I know my parents love me unconditionally and won't ever make me question their love for me. I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to have good parents in their life. Knowing that and seeing that seriously makes my heart ache. I didn't always get along with my parents, and yes during my teenage years, I said I hated them. But, because of the way they raised me and my brother, we both appreciate what we have, are willing to do what we can to help people without expecting anything in return. I am no saint, by all means, and I do have so many flaws it's not even funny, but I am proud of my flaws and imperfections, and I accept who I am. I know everyone is different in their own way and everyone was raised different, and I love and accept people for their differences. I was always given positive feedback and...

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Alien abduction trauma

As most of the world is forced to believe there are no aliens and all abduction incidents are hoax or figment of imaginations, I would try not to hide my details. I was abducted around 2 years back into an aircraft by what we known as Grays. I've such vivid memories of the incident and conversations that I cannot get it out of my mind. I am very successful in my profession and had a more or less uneventful life except this event. I've no history of drug abuse, hallucinations or mental diseases and other psychological issues. I've been to multiple shrinks and they try to provide useless logic to explain the whole incident.

If there is someone else who has gone through similar incident and can me get past my trauma, please comment so that i can try to get it touch with you.

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Can't tell anyone

My secret? I think I'm lesbian. I've never felt anything beyond friendship with anyone before but within the last year or year and a half I have been rethinking it more. At first I though I might be Bi but after the initial realisation I was interested in anyone that way I found I was looking at other girls a lot more and what I thought was interest in the guys was just a passing thing because I've pretended to be interested all this time just to please others but really I have no interest. My problem? My parents are hugely religious an if they find out I'm dead. I'm trying to work toward freeing myself from them but I'm lost on everything and terrified of losing my cool and them finding out before I can break free enough. It saddens me that I'll have to choose between them and myself. They terrify me.

Let me start off by saying that I am not and never will...

Let me start off by saying that I am not and never will be beautiful.

Not to myself, and most certainly not to anyone else.

If they told you I was they would be lying.

And this is not some pity party where I ask you to feel sorry for me. This is just me stating a simple fact. 

I'm just asking you, you beautiful, amazing people, to not tell someone that they're ugly. We, as people, are prone to beating ourselves up over our insecurities anyway. Don't make someone's life hell by just confirming to them what they think they know. You are better than that. Don't demean those who already feel as low as they can get.

And remember:

Just because you're better looking than someone does not make you better than them.

Because the greatest beauty comes from the inside.

~ Angel

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New posts

I was dumb

I was an asshole to somebody that in all actuality was a very good friend who really adored me. Guess I didn't know how to handle it and now she is gone. I have not heard from her since I threw her out. Now I am alone and I miss her. Deep down, I know I was in the wrong for treating her the way I did that day and I feel ashamed. God already has so much to forgive me for.

I think I want a divorce

I love my husband but this has been a very bad year for our marriage. I feel like I'm the only one who's involved in this relationship. I get no help with the kids, no help with the housework and very little help with the bills. It feels like I have to make ALL the decisions in our lives that he has relinquished all responsibility and control to me and has become just another dependant. I am struggling with long term health issues in too of all this and am at the end of my rope. There are many days I want to just get in my car and drive away and never look back.

I want to admit to the world that I spied on my sister...

I want to admit to the world that I spied on my sister when she was taking a bath when I was 19/20 years old. I did acts of bestiality, masturbating cats and dogs and I offended my parents. Called my mother a phony and a fake and hit my father with my fingers in his eyes and a kick on the growing. I stole from stores and from friends. Betrayed friendships and offended family and friends. And I make myself a victim overall. No wonder I am suffering. I stole money from my parents when I was a kid to buy things for my own Musement. That is why God is punishing me. That is why I am mentally ill. May I find peace someday and redemption.

The feeling of my crush is still real

I still have feelings for the same guy and I seriously can't get him out of my head no matter how hard I try. It doesn't matter what I do, he is always right there stuck in my head. I wish it was easy to get over him but apparently it isn't. And I think yesterday he was asking two people about me that I only talk to when I am in class with them. I don't know if that means something or not. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. I can't help it.

Ruin her life

I set up everything to ruin Alisha Neil's life.


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Ok I'm ashamed when I was 7 I was dating a boy in my...
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I don't want an abortion
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Nightmares of the past
M: My molester was my best friend. It was last year. We were 19. He goes to church, is saving himself for marriage, is smart, won frosh of the year, had never done drugs and didn... more
My first bf and I were together for 2 months and I let...
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Am I wrong for this
nathan: Can we talk my email is females only
I have a five month old baby boy...
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My husband Beat Me 2 months ago and I left him...
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