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New posts

My ex

I still like my ex, and i shouldn't but he is so we video chatted for an hour. and like it was cool and i just admired him, and his dimple. ugh! 

I'm Scared...

I'm scared of myself. My family has a history of depression, and I'm afraid that I might inherit it. I don't think I have depression. I love who I am, and a lot of times I am so happy with my life and I love everything about it, but other times....

Other times I feel like crap. I feel like crawling in a whole and forgetting about the world. I just wish everything could go away. I am always stressed out. I always have someone to impress because my greatest fear is letting down my loved ones. And today my younger sister got accepted into a college level math program, and I have always been the smart one. So, now I feel inclined to test out of my next level of math in school. I have been working on it for a while, but now I feel like I have to because otherwise my younger sister is going to pass me up and my parents will never let me live it down. They will do it as a joke, but they will tease my about how stupid I am and how I'm not good enough. They don't realize it, but this...

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I haven't told anyone I've had my period before except one friend. I've had my period three times.

I don't like to be around my family

For a while now I have been trying to avoid my family, they aren't abusive that don't call me cursed names, they just blame me for things I haven't done, or try to make me stay out of my room, the reason why I stay in my room is to post secrets on here without them reading them, because they might there little amount of respect for me.

Questing My Sexuality

Hi, it's nice to meet you. This is my secret so I'm only 12, and I'm not old enough to date, but I'm starting to question my sexuality, for you see lately I've been interested in women, at the start I thought I was Bi-Sexual, but lately I've been losing interest in boys, but I'm to afraid to admit I'm lesbian (I'm not homophobic, I support the LGBT community, because of my half sister being lesbian, but anyways) to my parents because they'll probably think I'm going through a "phase", or they might think I might have dated before being 16. I'm also afraid to tell my friends, because I feel like I might lose them.

I try to ignore my feelings, but it is hard..

I try to ignore my feelings, but it is hard. I feel disappointed with myself for not making a move, there were so many chances, the tension was almost touchable. But I feel guilty for even considering it as a possibility. He has a girlfriend, they live together, maybe they're not really happy, but that's a problem they should deal with, I shouldn't get involved. Please just leave my thoughts...I just wish to fall head over heels with someone else, it would be so much easier that way. 

Hello Kitty Addict

Hello everyone. First of all nice to meet you all. My real name is Allan Gallon im 21 years old and I'm from France.  I came here to share some of my secrets with people because I'm not ashamed of sharing them even if they are weird or demented. So first of all.......I'm a HUGE Hello Kitty fan (as in completely madly obsessively in love with her) I collect everything from her. Plastics with her in it included lol. I have over 100 stuff of her in my bedroom no exaggeration. I'm planning in tatooing her in 2 months when I'm stable with my job. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)


I'm a father to a beautiful 3 year old boy. I've lost virtually everything but him. His mom moving out of town and my shitty car not being able to make it back and forth, I'm losing him too.

Its been a long time since I've thought this way.. I shouldn't because I'm a father to a beautiful 3 year old boy.

More posts

Addicted to junk food

I usually have had issues with his weight. Four months passed, I started cutting out certain foods. But sugar and junk food cravings will. So I think I'll get the cravings and binge eating when I was done when the net started. It went from being one or two times a week and now I'm doing it daily. I've eaten, even if well but looks very full. Sometimes two or three times a day. Nobody knows. My weight has fallen and everyone to see me and some days I still see myself in the mirror off my fat I look much better with the weight that says how good.

But I'm so self conscious and I think I'm getting out of control about the emphasis on putting it back, but I do not know who to talk to. I eat when I recently just better, even f get queasy and I have to force myself to keep down food. I want to tell my husband or my mother, but I am so sorry. I thought I'd be all over it like my concerns or issues are gone, I also feel a sense of release and relief, I worry because it is accustomed...

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Alien abduction trauma

As most of the world is forced to believe there are no aliens and all abduction incidents are hoax or figment of imaginations, I would try not to hide my details. I was abducted around 2 years back into an aircraft by what we known as Grays. I've such vivid memories of the incident and conversations that I cannot get it out of my mind. I am very successful in my profession and had a more or less uneventful life except this event. I've no history of drug abuse, hallucinations or mental diseases and other psychological issues. I've been to multiple shrinks and they try to provide useless logic to explain the whole incident.

If there is someone else who has gone through similar incident and can me get past my trauma, please comment so that i can try to get it touch with you.

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I don't even know what to do

To he honest I don't even know what to do. This girl broke my heart almost a year ago and after a while I brushed it off. We were friends since we were kids. She had no idea that I loved her. But a year ago I realised she didn't like me like that. I mean, she's 3 years older than me. It makes perfect sense. But about a couple of months ago, I found out she was having a long distance relationship with someone for a while. It hit me like a truck, all of these feelings I thought I got rid of came back. I guess it affected me physically because one of my friends asked if I was alright. Apparently I looked like I saw a ghost. Since then my feeling s haven't changed. But I don't know if the feeling I have is love or heartbreak, because it does and doesn't feel like both. But every time I think about it I really want to tell her my feelings but I risk destroying our friendship. Since its summer time, we don't see each other. But some of her friends go to school with me and we hangout. I...

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I just wish I felt whole again

I have no idea how or why I've ended up here, putting this out to the world not knowing if anyone will actually read it. Well actually, I guess I do. I'm so desperate and lost, this has just got to happen.

I'm just going to be blunt here, yes some bad stuff has happened in my life, but at the end of the day this is all my fault. I hate myself - the way I am in social situations, the way I look and the way I feel. I just hate everything about me. And it has got to the point where my life just feels like I am going round and round in circles, taking each day as it comes, but for what?

I am not suicidal, nor pessimistic, this is just a fact - what is the point in human existence? We literally serve no purpose on this planet, our lives are only meaningful if we make them meaningful. The point of our existence in my eyes is just to find happiness. But for those of us who can't, what then? There is literally no reason for us to keep on going... But we do. The...

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Wish to work before settling down

I am 30 and i am married. i am searching for jobs but not having much luck with it. My parents got retired from their jobs recently. they feel bored sitting at home.

So they are convincing me to stop searching for jobs and become a stay at home mom. they want me to start a family. They are not suggesting me. they are demanding me to stop my job search and settle down and have kids. I really want to have a job and then start a family.

Random posts

Worried that we can’t conceive

My wife and I are worried that we can’t conceive. I just got my semen analysis results back and and I am highly abnormal. It’s so unlikely I will ever be able to have kids and I’m devastated. I don’t even know where to begin telling her.

My Female Cousin Molested Me As A Child

My female cousin molested me as a child on a few occasions. She made it a game. She said one night I would play the role of the boy and I would play the role of the girl.  Each night, which switch roles.  Until one night, her mother, which is also my cousin happened to walk into the bedroom and caught her daughter, my cousin, kissing on my back with my nightgown pulled all the way up to my neck.  Her mother gave her a whipping that seemed like it lasted forever.  I was scared that I was going to be next, so I pretended to be asleep.  That was the last night my cousin and I slept in the same bed.

I've carried this pain for over 29 years and I had so many questions like:

1) Why me?  How did she know I would agree to the "game" she told me about?

2) Why didn't I tell anyone until I was an adult?

3) Why didn't her mom inform my mother of what happened?  Did she not care about me? Was she protecting her daughter? Did she bury it to keep...

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Facts About Food That Will Totally Creep You Out

8 Facts About Food That Will Totally Creep You Out

Naughty pics of my mom!!!!!!

Soooo I was snooping through my mom's laptop and found so naughty pics of my mom I have to admit I was harder then I ever been.

Stay Young Secret - Facial Yoga

There are 7 key techniques which can help you with anything from a rosy glow to plumper lips.

Can we change our destiny through the practice of meditation?

Our lives are predestined due to our karmas, so our destiny does not change. However, we are transformed by our practice of meditation, which gives us the inner strength to deal positively with any adversities.

Ditched my step dad

I ditched my step dad and destroyed his van completely. He used to hit my mother, me, my brother and sister and beat the crap out. He destroyed our lives and my mother was very scared to do anything about her life. It's been 10 years and we all are happy without you sick, drunk, pill popping psycho.

Youtube's SECRET Hidden Feature

Youtube's SECRET Hidden Feature!!! 
Youtube *clearly* didn't want anyone to know about this feature, but I'll tell you, cus I look out for you guys. This shit will change your life!

Miss my ex boyfriend

I miss my ex boyfriend and I know the boy I'm with now I'll never love him as much as I did my ex. I still message Him and he also has a new girlfriend but I just want to see him one last time or be with him again but we are bad for each other.. I seriously miss him so much..

Forgotten Relationship

I once agreed to date a friend I hadn't seen in 4 years. I completely forgot and soon got a text saying he was breaking up with me. Is it bad that I was overjoyed?

Popular posts

Ok I'm ashamed when I was 7 I was dating a boy in my...

Ok I'm ashamed when I was 7, I was dating a boy in my class let's call him *Jordan* and we had been dating for like a few years and he asked me to show him my vagina and breasts(even thought I didn't have any) or he would break up so I was stupid and showed him. And he asked if I want to see his penis ( I said no) but I wish I said yes kind of? I know that's  horrible. Also i told my best friend and when I told her the story I said that I didn't show him even though I did. Also he had people *guarding* outside while i was showing him we kissed too. I don't know if I should tell anyone or not because I'm only ten but sometimes I cry about it and say I'm a slut. What do I do? help.

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I have a girlfriend she's depressed and know it I love...

I have a girlfriend she's depressed and know it I love her so much but I'm scared, I'm scared  I'll have to stop being with her she is so perfect and amazing I have loved her since I first met her but I didn't even realize it, i love her so much it's impossible to even think about leaving her. I'm lesbian and I'm a f##ked up person I do things without meaning to and pay for it afterwords the universe hates me and yeah I guess I'm depressed too, I have a daydream prone personality disorder and my left hand is a d#ckbag and it's getting kind of hard to separate real from not but when I'm with her I to forget all the bad s##t that's going on and just think da#n she's perfect I got lucky that I got her first didn't I? Then I realize maybe there may be more to life than this, if your reading this I'm sorry I wasted your time with my life story.

Addicted to porn

I have a virgin girl, but I'm obsessed with watching porn and masturbating. I have not told anyone, and it is secretly going on for nearly 4 years. I keep trying to stop, but I fall back every time.

I feel guilty, and this secret is eating me inside and I just want to die. I thought if I tell someone, then I will be able to stop it, but I feel very ashamed and afraid. I want this to end.

So I smoked weed with my best friend on Tuesday ...

So I smoked weed with my best friend on Tuesday & I accidentally told my boyfriend yesterday morning & now he's super pissed at me & says he doesn't love me. I cry so much & I've cut.

I don't want an abortion

I had a slip up one drunken night with an asshole. I'm now expecting a baby on August 21st. I might be a little younger than my age on here if you can even see it. But i'm seriously going crazy as to what I should do. Abortion has always been something that doesn't settle well with me. I want to be able to love and care for my child but I cant care for myself without help. Can I get a job and make this work? someone please give me advice. Advice that doesn't make me feel like a terrible person. I've gotten enough of that from my loving family.


I am a fucked up person. I know how people are going to die and just by looking at them I can feel and see someone's going to die. It's horrible. Because I see a lot of people and I know how they all are going to die.

My best friend I am so sorry for. Because she has the most horrible death. Every time I see her I see and feel how she's going to die. It's horrible. I know how I'm going to die, it's because of suicide. And I have people in my head. Who try to make me have suicidal thoughts. I don't cut because I have a person who loves me so much and I love her. (I'm a girl) I think sometimes why do people live because the reason of life is to die. Well life is a game the first one to die wins and you can't cheat. Cheating is suicide. I want to leave this world so badly. But I can't not forever at least. Sorry for boring you with my problems.

I have a friend who cuts herself and says its addicting...

I have a friend who cuts herself and says its addicting should I tell the school  counciler?

Do I really want to know why?

I am sick of being the victim. The first time was when I was 5 or 6. The babysitter. He was our neighbour. I don't know how many times he did it. My brother knew, was there when it happened but he was just a scared little boy. There was nothing he could have done. To cope, I left my body. I just floated and waited. It hurt too bad.

The next time was when I was 7. He was waiting by the trees at the corner. I saw him there. My Angels were trying to keep me safe by suggesting a different route home - a route I was told never to take. When I saw him there, that dirty evil grin on his face I could hear a whisper cross the road quickly and call out as if there is someone up ahead. But he was too quick. I don't remember the attack or how I got home. I just remember the feeling of his cold hands on my skin. 

The 3rd time was the worst. Already beaten down I was the perfect target. I loved school. It was my sanctuary to distract my mind...

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Recent comments

i want him to go away
Meme: Please tell someone or go to the police you can't put yourself through this anymore you will be ok but u need to speak up and tell someone, think about other children he may... more
Miss my ex boyfriend
Posing for naughty pictures!
Tynee: Hi can I have some please Kik Tynee 1000 X
I secretly sleep with men
Anony: You are well lucky I have not got the courage I thought about it jerked myself stupid over it but still no go
Questing My Sexuality
Anonymous: When I was about 12, I went through a phase where I was questioning my sexuality. I would look at pictures of beautiful women and say wow she's so pretty, but after I little... more
Hello Kitty Addict
Ms.Maka Alban: I give you my respect
Hello Kitty Addict
I want to break up with my bf
Ian shrek: Hi ya Girl you have got to get rid doesn't matter how long you av been with him if he is not the one then tell him and move on the longer you leave it the harder its gonna be... more

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