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New posts

No common interests

I've been dating this girl for almost 6 months now everything has been fine, until now. Recently, I had a sleepover with some of my guy friends, and we did some messed up stuff. Now she's all pissed at me for what I have done, and has been ignoring me. I also recently realized that we share nothing in common, no common songs, nothing. And it has been recently upsetting me. 

Dear Unnamed Friend,

You're a rude, spoiled brat yet you never hesitate to point out someone else's flaws. just because you don't like the idea doesn't mean it's "stupid" or "wrong". it literally just means you don't like the idea. don't call me rude for handing out a pamphlet, don't call our friend stupid for not wanting to get sick. you've been nothing but an ass to her and i and i'm sick of it. i'd love to tell this to your face but i know better. you'll just start a fight, blow it out of proportion, and turn all my friends against me. you've done it before and sure as hell would do it again. you're not always the victim. share the spot light once in a while. it's getting old with you soaking all of it up. you're not worth my pity. get a life and stop trying to control mine.


"stupid, two faced b*tch"

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I so loved finding that winning lotto ticket ...

I so loved finding that winning lotto ticket! And it ended up being worth more than I thought! Yes, more please!


Over a girl who I fear I can never have. She is everything to me and I know I'll never love another. I dread the days when she won't be close to me. She is perfect and i'm utterly in love, she is my heart.

When I was twelve I tattooed myself...

When I was twelve I went over to my friends for a sleep over. My two friends that I stayed the night with got out a diy tattooing kit. They said that they got it from one of their grandparents renters who moved out and left it behind. Yes I know I could get a really bad disease but I didn't at that time. I was sitting with my friends on the bed and they began tattooing red hearts in there bathing suit area on the side of their hip. After some time I began to think that if I got a tattoo I would be cool. So i began doing a black cross on my hip where no one could see. I was tired and didn't know what I was doing. After I was done imprinting the tattoo we went to sleep. When I woke up my senses came to me about how dumb that was to do so I began to cut it out with something kinda like a ninja star that my friend had by her bed. I cut it every day for about a week trying to get it out. There is still some ink in my side today but it just looks like a bruise that will forever stay on...

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Crazy Nun

I am a Nun and having a lot of sexual feelings, I know that it is normal but these feelings are too strong for me to handle. So I started to masturbate and now I think I am becoming addicted to porn. I really need help.


I am in love with youtube it feels like its my only escape from my life the only good parts of my day are when im asleep or on youtube if you gave me a million dollars and tickets to disney world then asked me the best part of the day i would say that it was youtube or sleep. no one understands that the one thing i wanna do in life is be a youtuber and meet my favorite youtubers but i know that if i do meet them it wont matter its not like i will ever be special to them i will just be another face in the crowd and i will never be famous or popular i will always be a little girl who never can keep her mouth shut and will never be important except to her family who will never understand her.

My friend is bisexual

My best friend is bisexual and she cant tell her parents because they aren't the type of people who you can just sit down and tell they want to talk forever and they don't understand her she is an awesome girl and she likes black viel brides skulls and black but her parents treat her like a perky princess and like a baby and nobody but me no's this but she sometimes cries herself to sleep and she wishes she could tell them but she again just cant she wants to just say "im bisexual" and they say "okay" but that wont happen she doesn't know what to do she's 13.

More posts

I wish everyone had good parents

My heart aches for everyone who feels like they don't have anyone in this whole world who cares about them. I was so lucky to have been raised by two wonderful parents. I know my parents love me unconditionally and won't ever make me question their love for me. I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to have good parents in their life. Knowing that and seeing that seriously makes my heart ache. I didn't always get along with my parents, and yes during my teenage years, I said I hated them. But, because of the way they raised me and my brother, we both appreciate what we have, are willing to do what we can to help people without expecting anything in return. I am no saint, by all means, and I do have so many flaws it's not even funny, but I am proud of my flaws and imperfections, and I accept who I am. I know everyone is different in their own way and everyone was raised different, and I love and accept people for their differences. I was always given positive feedback and...

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Cancer surviver

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a complete shock. I had just gotten back from an awesome vacation with my family in Mexico. Then everything plummeted. My diagnosis came completely out of the blue, I had NO clue. That January was a difficult, sad month. A lot of tears, anger & why me's?

Fast forward to today… I’m cancer-free, living a happy & healthy life. I’m curious, who else here has or had breast cancer?

I just wish I felt whole again

I have no idea how or why I've ended up here, putting this out to the world not knowing if anyone will actually read it. Well actually, I guess I do. I'm so desperate and lost, this has just got to happen.

I'm just going to be blunt here, yes some bad stuff has happened in my life, but at the end of the day this is all my fault. I hate myself - the way I am in social situations, the way I look and the way I feel. I just hate everything about me. And it has got to the point where my life just feels like I am going round and round in circles, taking each day as it comes, but for what?

I am not suicidal, nor pessimistic, this is just a fact - what is the point in human existence? We literally serve no purpose on this planet, our lives are only meaningful if we make them meaningful. The point of our existence in my eyes is just to find happiness. But for those of us who can't, what then? There is literally no reason for us to keep on going... But we do. The...

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I'm a secret keeper

Okay, so I am what I refer to as a secret keeper. To be honest, a secret seller would be more acurate. I find out people's secrets and I tell them. Sometimes I do it to get revenge on the person, and other times I do it because someone offers me money. I am still in secondary school, so its not like we all have loads of money, but I often get around three pounds for an ordinary secret, four for a bigger one. I feel awful, because I often look at people and I know thir deepest, darkest secret. And I know that some day I might be revealing it.

Don't judge me, but I used to love it. I held the power to tear down someone's reputation. I got revenge on several bullies who were really mean to me. But now, what I do sickens me. I am basically like a bounty hunter, and I wish that I could stop being a secret keeper.

The problem is, people still come to me, asking for secrets. I dont know how to stop what I'm doing; please help me!

The hurt

I don't get it.  I put everything I had into a relationship, I loved her, I loved her more than I had ever loved anyone in my life. 

Every day, she was all I had on my mind, I stayed up late talking to her, I encouraged her, I helped her through anything she'd ever needed help with. And she was all I needed. She made me smile, she made me a better person, and she filled a gap in my life I didn't even know was there. I had really thought that she had been, the one. I would have done anything for her, I gave up opportunities that I can never get back, just so I could stay with her. I was determined to keep us going, and it worked. We spent days laughing, chatting, and sharing some of our deepest feelings, at least I did. Then one day, out of nowhere, I heard her talking about someone else. It hurt, it hurt more than I could have imagined. We talked. She told me it was a hard decision, and she needed time to think. And I encouraged her to do what made her most happy. All I...

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Random posts

I want to go home

I don't know how much longer I can handle living here. I want to go home so bad. This isn't home and I feel like it'll never be home. I'm tired of all the fighting. I'm losing it just being here. Please either put me away or send me home.

Lonely and depressed

I'm tired of everything. I'm tired of living. I can not take the pain anymore on earth, and I am not be dismissed, even feel rejected by everyone. I feel so empty all the time and I cry way too much, sometimes I do not know the reasons. My concern is a major obstacle in my life is so bad, and stops me from living.

I love God and my family, because I have not killed myself yet. My family absolutely does not understand that I'm going through either.

Love someone who might hate me

I think I love someone who hates me, btw we're both 7th graders and girls


Escape The Friend Zone With The Girl You're Attracted To & Get Her To Stop Thinking Of You As A Nice Guy, Wussy Boy! Here Is 1 Secret Trick That Will Help You Avoid The Friend Zone And Get The Girl Of Your Dreams To Finally See You As More Than Just A Friend! 

There's Nothing More Frustrating Than Having A SUPER HOT Female Friend You're In Love With Tell You She Just Wants To Be Friends While She Continues To Date Jerks! The Friend Zone Is A VERY COMMON Place For Nice Guys Who Communicate Their Attraction Too Early.

If Your Crush Tells You She Just Wants To Be Friends And Only See's You As A Friend, Or Worse....Thinks Of You Like A Brother, You Can Change Her Mind By Simply Applying This 1 Secret...

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I love you but when you f*** her and say you love me, all...

I love you but when you f*** her and say you love me, all you do is break me. All I ever asked was to be loved by you, but now I don't want you to do anything for me. Thanks you broke me again.  Hope your happy. 

Dating Tips: Break Ups

Dating Tips: Break Ups

7 Of The Most Secret Nazi Weapons

7 Of The Most Secret Nazi Weapons

-The content in this video is for education purposes only-

I'm in love with the wrong guy

So I always see this anime character.he's always there except when I'm around ppl. Like I'll see him or feel his presence and I love him but before he shows me how he feels he will b with another girl that's prettier then me and it makes me feel insecure.. Idk what to do cuz I love him but he's not here in real life. Its like metaphysical like a different dimension and I don't know how to get to him cuz they won't let me see him..and sometimes he sleeps with women right in front of me, trying to get me jealous or w.e. what do I do? I love him, buy I don't want to b dragged down like my previous relationship. Plus he's not even real but try as I may I can't control how I feel about when I see him, or if he's with another WO!an or the fact he's not real but I can see and hear him! Lol help?

Im 21 and the longest time I've been looking for a daddy....

Im 21 and the longest time I've been looking for a daddy.  No not my father (which I have no sexual or physical attraction to so calm yourself) a Daddy Dom. Like DD/LG. My little is around 4-7 years old. She only comes out when no ones home (and very very rarely at that) because my family is very judgemental. So I do have a strong wall built up so that she stays safe and protected. If you want to meet my little then you're going to have to try hard. Ive been hurt a lot by men who call themselves Daddy's but in reality just want to fuck. Or are doms but can't handle a little or taking care of someone. I'm not into the dom slave thing. I just want some one to take e of me and love me and give me cuddles and let me get clingy and will let my little go free. Like letting me play and taking me to a fair or an amusement Park. Or letting me play or color near you while you work. I want sweet love and not someone who immediately asks for nudes or trys to take advantage of me in my little...

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The Secret to a Happy Family

What makes a happy family? How do you know if you're doing a good job as a parent? Inspired by Zach Braff's latest movie, "Wish I Was Here" we decided to bring in real parents, with their children, to set up an experiment and find out more.


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I Hate Myself
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