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Popular posts

Alien abduction trauma

As most of the world is forced to believe there are no aliens and all abduction incidents are hoax or figment of imaginations, I would try not to hide my details. I was abducted around 2 years back into an aircraft by what we known as Grays. I've such vivid memories of the incident and conversations that I cannot get it out of my mind. I am very successful in my profession and had a more or less uneventful life except this event. I've no history of drug abuse, hallucinations or mental diseases and other psychological issues. I've been to multiple shrinks and they try to provide useless logic to explain the whole incident.

If there is someone else who has gone through similar incident and can me get past my trauma, please comment so that i can try to get it touch with you.

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My sister

I LOVE my sister to death. She makes me smile, laugh, and tons of other amazing shit which I love her for. But there is one thing I don't. I hate how every boy I might like expresses feelings for her and not me. It makes me feel like I'm unnoticed you know? Like no one will take a look at me once they've seen her. I know it's not her fault that boys like her. I just wish someone would feel that way for me. She can never know I feel this. I fear our relationship will never be the same if she knew. I'm just happy she never dates them. Than I'd feel even more horrible. So I just live and talk with her about how annoying these guys are when really I don't feel that way. A life I didn't choose but was given.

So on friday evening i decide to drink rum and vodka...

So on friday evening i decide to drink rum & vodka with my boyfriend and our mutual girl friend everything started out ok

having fun talking about old memories until we get really drunk the 3 of us are casual smokers so they tell me they want to go

outside for a cig (apt doesn't allow inside smoking) so i tell them ok i'll meet them outside after i use the bathroom and finish my drink, after i done all that i start putting on my shoes and jacket because it's cold af outside, sometimes i do this thing where i have a smoke by myself in the parking lot behind our apt building so i didn't feel like sitting with them at the side of our apt so i decide to smoke by myself and at this point i finished my full cig and im so drunk i feel like having another one so i pull it out

of my pack and wonder why haven't they came to find me yet? it's been like 20 minutes sitting by myself so i get up and walk towards the front door and from a distance i see my bf and our...

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So, being a girl kid, there's always some weird stuff...

So, being a girl kid, there's always some weird stuff running around. You know, the things that are strange and confusing but they continue that way for so long to the point to where its nothing but normal. Well, my parents divorced when I was 5, and I can't remember one moment when they were actually together. Being a kid, it makes u feel lost, until it doesn't. Try to keep up with me here, it can get confusing. My mom lived in east ridge while my dad lived in east Brainard, both in Tennessee. And as divorced parents are, they feel kind of in a competition. They tried to keep the custody even: my mom got me and my brother on the weekdays while my dad got us on the weekends. My mom ended up dating all these different guys, and even married one. (Until of course he took 3,000$ from my mom for his music "career". (Oh, and during the complicated divorce between my parents she was dating a guy the entire time.)We moved to where ever that was for a year or so. But there was a divorce,...

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We are destroying this world

I feel like I'm drowning in a sea. I wish there is an apocalypse, and I survive. I be the only survivor. I could roam the Earth forever and ever and never stop moving on. I want to stay and go at the same time. It's killing me, this feeling of being trapped. There is a knot in my stomach I cannot shrug away. I like going on public transport and staring out of the window at the scenery. It makes the knot go away. I can breathe. We are destroying this world. I feel estranged from society.

Marriage is so tough, Nelson Mandela got a divorce....

Marriage is so tough, Nelson Mandela got a divorce. Nelson Mandela got a fucking divorce! Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in a South African prison—got beaten and tortured every day for 27 years and did it with no fucking problem. Made to do hard labor in hundred degree South African heat for 27 years and did it with no problem. He got out of jail after 27 years of torture, spent six months with his wife and said, ‘I can’t take this shit no more!’

I don't know what to do. My husband wants me to get...

I don't know what to do. My husband wants me to get mental help but the only help I need is his hug and kiss and two ears. My " best friend" who I consider a sister I'm always willing no matter what, when, where, why, or how I always listen. But when I need the same thing no one is there for me so I just end up comforting myself while they know I need them but they brush me off. Yes I'm mourning about quite alot but they don't even try to understand. I'm lost sad confused who gives a shit right. I just need a friend who is there and will not judge me and be my support when I'm down because I don't have that just me myself and I along with my hormones and emotions.


Lonely and looking for some guidance 

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I'm incredibly weird

So I'm a nineteen year old virgin. That's not the weird part about me. Its that I'm a nineteen year old virgin interested in polyamory, but more detailed polyandry, despite there being like no people in my age group interested in such things! Continuing on, bisexual guys really turn me on, and mainly only because the idea of two guys together never fails to arouse men to no end. A guy and a girl together is hot, buy a guy and a guy? It gets my secret addiction. One day, if I'm ever brave enough I want to watch it in person and maybe join the action. See? Weird.  I want to be in a polyamorous relationship with two guys, or even two guys and a girl, since I've been with a girl before and i didn't mind it. Though no one in my college is interested in such things and I brought it casually up to a friend of mine...Saying one of my friends told me they were into stuff like that and she said it was weird and it was best to distance myself from people like that. So I'm officially a freak,...

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One day, my ex and I saw each other. She came up to me and got real real close and said meet me at my house. She is one of the hottest girls in my school. So I said ok.

So when I got there, she took me to her room and asked if I still liked her. I wasn't gonna lie but I told her I did. She said good. She then kissed me and pulled me to her bed. Her mom was at a parent teacher conference with her little brother. So we were home alone. She pulled me on top of her and we were kissing very hard. Eventually we just laid there and kissed. But when her mom came. I had to go through her window. She told me to meet her at the park on Saturday. Its friday and I have a feeling that tomorrow is gonna be good. ;)

Can't tell anyone

My secret? I think I'm lesbian. I've never felt anything beyond friendship with anyone before but within the last year or year and a half I have been rethinking it more. At first I though I might be Bi but after the initial realisation I was interested in anyone that way I found I was looking at other girls a lot more and what I thought was interest in the guys was just a passing thing because I've pretended to be interested all this time just to please others but really I have no interest. My problem? My parents are hugely religious an if they find out I'm dead. I'm trying to work toward freeing myself from them but I'm lost on everything and terrified of losing my cool and them finding out before I can break free enough. It saddens me that I'll have to choose between them and myself. They terrify me.

Brother Problems

Okay, so my brother is my favorite out of the 2 i have. The one i don't love as much is because i haven't seen him in 10 years. But the brother i love the most, he's a drug addict. He does meth and weed. The problem is, he and i are very close. But he cares about buying and selling drugs more than me. And he promised me he would be back, he hugged me and told me he'd never leave me. Now he's in a jail in Tupelo. Caught with drugs and no license in a speeding car. He sent a letter to my mom telling her that he didn't want to see me because he was ashamed of himself. He tries to be a good influence on me, but fails. He still tries. Should i go see him or should i give him his wishes of not being embarrassed to see me in front of the bars he's in?

I want to break up with my bf

I want to break up with my bf, but we've only been together for 6 months and I feel like it's too short. That it's embarrassing to be with someone less than a year. I don't know if anyone else feels that way. 

I knew we were different from the start, but I guess my impression of him in the beginning turned out to be wrong. He's kind to me and I know he loves me, but I feel that he's not right for me, almost like he's dragging me down.

I do think he's attractive, but his taste in clothes/stuff is awful, so much that I feel embarrassed when I'm outside with him. The worst part, though, is how he acts around people. I met him through tinder so I didn't know this before it was "too late", but he's incredibly awkward around people and has no interest in getting to know people. This is hard for me because I am a very social person but at the same time I struggle with anxiety, so "talking for two" doesn't help me. I want to be together with someone who makes it easier for me...

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A Beautiful Blond Angel

Can you see this picture ladies and gentlemen?  I am head over heels for the beautiful blond haired woman who is right next to her friend, a woman in a red shirt or jacket.  She is just so lovely to me.  She has millions of people seeking her attention on a daily basis.  I am her only fan who hasn't seen her yet.  I would really enjoy seeing her and being able to hang out with her.  She is the one who lives in Canada.  If she came for me,  I would want her to either stay with me in the USA or I'd be willing to go live with her in her hometown.  The only thing that matters to me is that we are together.  I don't usually go to any of the events that she goes to, but if she will have me, I will be glad to go to the Bronycons or other cons with her. I can't imagine my life without her.  I know that there are many fish in the sea, but she's the only fish that I wish to swim with.  I wish to introduce her to all of my friends. I really hope she has one or more events happening where I...

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So I'm 13 years old and I have body dysmorpia. I always...

So I'm 13 years old and I have body dysmorphia. I always have struggled with my weight and size but it seems to manly get worse. I have always been that kid who gets made fun of and gets called names but I act like it's nothing when really inside it is killing me. All of this has caused me to cut and hurt myself but the physical pain helps me get rid of my mental pain. Now in 2016 I am finally feeling confident in myself and the people I love have helped me realize that I'm beautiful no matter size, weight, or anything I'm so thankful to have found people like this and I hope all of you who have felt/fell this will get help.

Shared an anonymous secret with my ex bf

I confessed my love to him anonymously and just added his email address to that secret. He must have got the notification, responded back and we meet yesterday outside college. Thanks to secret cafe to this great feature!!!

Sharing anonymous secrets really rocks. Would love sharing few secrets of my roommate soon!

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New posts

I hate this

 It always happens to me....

When I finally start to trust someone and become good friends with them they completely cut me out of there life. They block me on everything. I don't understand. 

They say they'll always be there....yeah right. And people wonder why I have trust issues.

I wonder how much people I can have an intelligent conversation...

Nothing much... I wonder how much people (and also how long) I can have an intelligent conversation with... Dont the word seriously though; Im not expecting an Einstein... Im simply curious if there are people on this website willing to talk with me other than sex... 

Lord, please forgive me, I've done it yet again ...

Lord, please forgive me, I've done it yet again. Broken by my lust time and time again. Lord please forgive me. I hate my sin and I just want to walk with you.

So I have trouble reading its like the words and the...

So I have trouble reading its like the words and the letters switch places and it gets so hard I haven't gotten the courage to tell my mom or teacher yet so I'm scared because we have a test tomorrow I need to be tested for dyslexia.

I don't say anything

I've kissed boys I've kissed girls and I'm only 13 and I'm a girl. My parents don't let me date and don't know about me liking girls the way I do. I don't have depression but I'm not happy I have severe anxiety and my mom doesn't know I have attacks up to three times a day. I lobe the few friends I have but I never share secrets with them or who I like and I won't tell the stories of my first kiss and how it was with a girl. I'm bi sexual so I like guys but not as strongly as my girlfriend from last year. I make up friends to make my parents think I'm happy. I've dug a hole so deep and I can't get out I don't share how I feel I need a life that I love a lot more than this. I don't tell anyone who I am or how I feel.


Recent comments

up the butt
Anonymous: Why'd you do that? Just bored? Ok. If u want, Kik me, @blightning456
I thought of suicide by chance ...
Hamn: Please don't even think of suicide
Crazy Girl
Joe: I can relate 100 percent. Who's perfect anyways?
Anonymous: Cool. I kinda like it too. Also, I'm looking for new people to talk to, (girls only though.) So here's my Kik if u wanna talk Kik: blightning456
Crazy Girl
Ann Onomus: HERE YA GO. I've got bi-polar disorder My shit's not in order I'm overweight I'm always late I've got too many things to say I rock mom jeans, cat... more
Am I a Demon?
Ann Onomus: No. You are human. Maybe you're part demon? I don't know. XD
Here's a random not very secretive thing!
Ann Onomus: Hi, I can't use my email anymore.
I think I'm going to kill myself soon ...
Ann Onomus: My reason is that I'd rather not feel anything anymore than this. I don't want to exist. As for people caring, nobody cares, it's the truth, and that's okay.

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