About secrets cafe

about secrets cafe

About Secrets Cafe

Secrets Cafe is the place to share your intimate secrets, desires and confessions. It is an online space to share and vent your inner most feelings, emotions, troubles and mistakes. It is a community to seek guidance and support from total strangers who have faced similar situations in life.

You can not only share secrets immediately and anonymously but also schedule them for future dates upto next hundred years. If you are not ready to reveal a secret, picture or video today, just post it now and it will be published on your selected day.

For experienced folks, you can also share your stories, wisdom and lessons with others to help them with their current issues. Well, its time to start sharing secrets and advising others!

We moderate the posts before they are made public and may reject a secret if it does not meet our guidelines. If you find any content on the website inappropriate, kindly report it immediately.

Please feel free to provide your valuable feedback, suggestions and comments to the Secrets Cafe team at hello@secrets.cafe.

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What makes Secrets Cafe the best secrets sharing space?

Fully anonymous website

Share the secrets, comments and confessions without specifying any personal or identifiable information about yourself. You are not required to signup to post anything on secrets cafe.

Totally safe and secure

All pages on secrets cafe allow https connection only, which keeps your secrets completely safe and secure. It helps in preventing middle man snooping and sniffing of the secrets.

Time machine feature

Submit the secret now and reveal it on your selected date in future upto next 100 years. It ensures that all embarrassing or private secrets are revealed long after you are gone from this world.

Spam and junk resistant

Anti spam features and algorithms to prevent posting of junk secrets, posts and comments on the website. Additional layer of manual verification to ensure no spam passes though our filters.

Secrets for the loved ones

Specify an email address of your loved one and they would be notified once the secret is published without revealing their or your email address. You can send anonymous messages using this feature.