Sometimes I believe in God and sometimes I don't.

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I absolutely don't believe that god exists, there's never been one tiny shred of evidence to support their beliefs. When I was a child I believed in Santa Claus, why? Because the people who I loved and trusted told me he was real. I was told to be good a good boy if I wanted a Christmas present. Religion is exactly the same, your brainwashed from birth and that's what you will believe for the rest of your life. Religion is really child abuse. Your belief is more to do with where you are born. What organized religion is right about who is god. The true meaning of religion is to control people and to create guilt and fear as a control mechanism. Religion has caused nothing but war and death and little good to humans. I can't believe in something, if I have to have to kill a person who doesn't share my believe.That's not a superior being, that's obviously a human beings mind. If god exists he is a very simple minded, egotistical sadist. I don't mind saying. He has to be more of a presents to make me a believers.

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