Sometimes I believe in God and sometimes I don't.

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I absolutely don't believe that god exists, there's never been one tiny shred of evidence to support their beliefs. When I was a child I believed in Santa Claus, why? Because the people who I loved and trusted told me he was real. I was told to be good a good boy if I wanted a Christmas present. Religion is exactly the same, your brainwashed from birth and that's what you will believe for the rest of your life. Religion is really child abuse. Your belief is more to do with where you are born. What organized religion is right about who is god. The true meaning of religion is to control people and to create guilt and fear as a control mechanism. Religion has caused nothing but war and death and little good to humans. I can't believe in something, if I have to have to kill a person who doesn't share my believe.That's not a superior being, that's obviously a human beings mind. If god exists he is a very simple minded, egotistical sadist. I don't mind saying. He has to be more of a presents to make me a believers.

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so i'm a therian and i did wear my tail for half through the school year and a week after a teacher started working here it was banned to wear ears and tails. it was a huge distraction not being able to wear it because i kept astral shifting and i was depressed for 2weeks so my grade went down as well when it happened.

Religion class

I'm in my last year of religion classes at my church. I'm both happy and sad about it. Happy because ill be rid of all the annoying white girls that try to touch my hair and all the horny guys trying to hit on the only Spanish/Dominican chica. Sad because I won't have anything else to do on a Wednesday night other than get ready to look badass for class. I'm the girl who listens to Selena y los dinos and other Spanish music while all the white girls chat about how distinct I am from the group. I like going to religion class because I look soo amazing every time I go leaves me feeling pretty good after guys see me and try to talk to me. I know it's weird but hey, whatever!

Path to God realization

There are many paths leading to God realization, our spiritual search starts from within through meditation.

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Life is suddenly going very well for me. I always wanted to know what it would be like to come into a sudden windfall of a nice sum of money! And well... now I do! And now that that's happened, I just have to happily ask-- whats next? :)

I left the mormon church

So I left the mormon church (uncapitalized on purpose) about 6 months ago, and I've had a lot of if firsts that I'm super excited about. I watched my first R rated movie, then my first R rated horror movie IN THEATERS, I wore my first open back shirt and today I bought my first bikini. This has all gone such a long way toward getting my confidence where I want it and I'm really happy 

i use to not believe that god is a real person but...

i use to not believe that god is a real person but something amazing happened to me that i could not explain i was told all my life i was a human spirit because i am special to jesus i am his bride and i was able to talk to spirits and touch them it was a amazing feeling and the spirits felt like fog in the shape of people but soon after having many conversations with spirits some stated raping me and it was very scary and painful 

Youth Buzz

  Sometimes I bring apple "juice"* to youth group.


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Do we have free will?

There is limited free will in our attitude and approach to situations, although our lives are governed by the destiny we have created during the numerous cycles of birth and death, due to our load of karmas.

I have been crushing on this one guy for two years, and...

I have been crushing on this one guy for two years, and he knows it. I only just found out that he wouldn't date me just because I'm Jewish. That broke my heart. I thought he wasn't like that

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I see dead people

I can see dead people after my mom died.

Ghost inside of me

I saw a ghost when I moved into a new house and it disappeared for about two months and then a FEMALE voice in my head popped up. Call me crazy but Juliet (the ghost) helps me get to conclusions me alone would have never got to. Btw she has a taunting voice sometimes and I feel like she is trying to make me irrational and bloodthirsty