I agree it is the woman's right to choose to abort if she feels she can't provide or adopt the baby out would be too painful for them for it even to be born or a doctor's right to abort if a woman has been raped etc a woman is unlikely to want a baby from a rape, and the world is going in such a way that fewer people will be allowed to have babies and there is going to be more and more in the millions - of girls and boys, men and women in every country being sterilized secretly. Fewer people will be allowed to have babies and you will have to have a permit or licence to have a sexual relationship and to another permit/licence to have a birth each time you will have to pay a form of taxation or fee to get a permit for every other baby or sexual encounter and relationship.  They can mind control with NLP already stopping breeding programs but there are also medicine that people just don't know the details about other than right at the top and its been issued to millions of women and men to sterilize them permanently and all permits and licences for sex and for birthing and then also a 3rd permit for actual parenting will be issued by the government in all countries and pass heaps of psychological tests to prove you are safe to have kids and you will have to do special courses designated by governments to be eligible to have children. It has been already going on in a number of western and other countries for a number of years with so much unemployment, disability and deformity and not enough work to maintain a family.  And there is going to be more then over 7,432,663,275 sterilized and stopped from having babies and relationships. 

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I hate it if women are using abortion as birth control, and they do most of the time. A fetus is a human being and can't stand up for its right to life, just like we had a right to life. It's something that can't be solved. Abortion is a white race thing, we are exterminating are baby's, while every other race is reproducing at a alarming rate.

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