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Guest-6c617: this works :applause:
Guest-6c617: :twisted: :twisted: :think: :think: :naughty: :naughty: :angel: :angel: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :tongue: :tongue: :impressed: :impressed: :neutral: :neutral: :cool: :cool: :confused: :confused: :ashamed: :ashamed: :eh: :eh: :kidding: :kidding: :mad: :mad: :applause: :applause: :silenced: :silenced: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :sick: :sick: :whistle: :
Guest-6c617: not bad
Guest-6c617: HEHEHE
Guest-76ed6: Hi
Guest-6c617: Hi there
Guest-6c617: Have a good day folks!
Guest-6c617: Alright so I like my best friend and my friends convinced me to tell her she doesn't like me like that. I'm scared that it will be awkward between us and all I want her to do is give me a chance but all I can do is dream right?
Glitter27: Sometimes its easier to tell someone you like them to their face..if you end up together great but if you don't it's easier to get over a crush when they tell you in person how they feel
Guest-6c617: So true. But i feel scared of rejection and i might end up losing her
Golden_Eye: You will be in rejection list if you dont tell !
Guest-6c617: Agreed.. maybe I can write a post here and invite her :smile:
yoboy1594pl: Hello
Guest-6c617: hi yoboy
Guest-a6d83: hello
Guest-6c617: shouting hi to everyone!
Guest-6c617: Life is getting boring
Guest-3b263: I'm a transgender person who can provide some help.
Guest-6c617: Are you seeking help?
Guest-6c617: how can i help you?
Guest-f0387: hi
Guest-6c617: hi there
Guest-f0387: murder
Guest-6c617: whose murder?
Guest-f0387: hey
Guest-f0387: jus kidding
softballlvr07: I like my best friend we r both female I told her I liked her cuz she is pansexual but I'm scared that things r gonna change cuz she doesn't have the same feelings for me
Guest-925c1: Is anybody here from the Kansas City area?
Guest-6c617: anyone from bangalore?
Guest-6c617: wishing you were here
Guest-6c617: ;)
Guest-d5c0f: hiiiiiiiiiii
Guest-3682b: hi
Guest-e527a: who has taboo confessions?
Guest-e527a: how boring boys
Guest-7bf85: I'm 29 yrs old with a vibrator deep inside my butt. it is so hard for me to stop push
Guest-7bf85: only a gay boy uses d ildos all night long
loneman: Im 40 my wife pass away few months ago do not what to do whit my life now
Guest-a2571: I love shantelles panties
Guest-a2571: she is my stepdaughter and I love to lick her panties
Guest-a2571: should I tell her. .....
Guest-8f82a: привет я из России )))
Guest-c9e44: T
Guest-ca138: Im having an affair with a coworker 16 yrs older than me, we are both married. Neither he or I feel guilty about it. :smile:
Guest-3f0d7: I have really been loving more drugs ... I use pot regularly but in recent weeks have been using coke and meth ... only on weekends though. I want more.
Olivvia1: Hi any one here?
Guest-ed2a0: я пукнул
Guest-ed2a0: ого
Guest-dca23: lets hear some naughty confessions

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