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I have gotten into a bad accident.  I made friends...

I have gotten into a bad accident.  I made friends with the lady next door. She started watching her grand kids in the afternoons. For about 4 hours. She was watching two boys and two girls. Last week I asked if she would let one of the boys help me in the shower. She asked Jason that is 9 if he would like to help me out. I told him all you have to do is wash my back . She said it's ok with her and Jason said sure. So me and him came over to my house and I got the shower ready and then I got naked and then told Jason to come in. I told him the best way to wash my back is if he got in the shower with me. So I had him take off all his clothes and get in with me. I started the shower up and had him standing in front of me. I told him to get the soap and start on my back. He leaned over and I took his cock in my mouth. Sucked on him for a min or two. I asked if that was ok with him. He said yes that it was feeling good. He leaned over me again and I took him in my mouth.  He stood...

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You beautiful creature.. I almost orgasm just...

N, my god.. you beautiful creature.. I almost orgasm just looking at your face.. I've never been so attracted to someone in my life. You're all I think about when I touch myself for the past 7 years. I want you inside of me so badly.. and tonight I'm trying to resist touching myself.. but it's so difficult, I'm so aroused.. I love you so much.. and I'm such a creep. 

I'd love to be fucked by two guys at once in the ass and...

I'd love to be fucked by two guys at once in the ass and pussy or oral and anal.. I really want it badly but I'm only 15.

I made a rule 5 years ago that I wouldn't look up a girl...

I made a rule 5 years ago that I wouldn't look up a girl I had been in love with anymore. We were never more than friends and not even that by the time I decided that I had to quit thinking about her. At that point in my life I was seriously depressed, and had convinced myself that everything would have been better if this relationship had been something more. In reality that never would have happened. I managed to move on with my life after grappling with my stupid obsession for years, and I was proud of myself.

I've grown a lot as a person since then. It hasn't been perfect but I'm heading in the right direction. I did end up obessed with another girl however, and spend a significantamount of time daydreaming about spending the rest of my life with her. This has only been made worse by my moving to a new city and the loneliness I'm experiencing. I probably will never see her again, and am having a tough time coming to grips with it. So I stupidly looked up this other...

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Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I have stolen money...

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I have stolen money from my daughter my mother. I have stolen credit cards and used them. I steal from store by way of changing price tags. I lie. Just today lied to new landlord about location because I am worried that check bounced lied to our landlord now because I don't have money to pay rent. I always lie to my husband about money. I am doing so great on being sober I only pray I can get my financial sending addition under control. 

Please Father forgive me. Give us a smooth move into new house and give me strength to make sure all our finances are taken care of properly.

Please pray for me (us)

God Bless & Thank you.

I lost my pet, my best friend Pepper

 Hi reader,

      I'm lost. Sad. Confused. I lost my pet, my best friend, Pepper. I loved her so much, and she died at two years old, because of a kidney failure. I wanted something to fill the hole in my heart when she died, so I got a dog. Her name is Cookie. Cookie is the exact opposite of Pepper, she has white fur, is tiny, and loves  everyone. When we got her, I didn't realize it, but I still had a void in my heart. Now, I feel regret because she is a lot more unfavored than my past dog. What I mean is I don't play with her, I don't give her treats, and I don't treat her as well as I treated Pepper. I feel like if we had never gotten Cookie, some loving family could make her happier, and give her far more attention than I did. I still feel a void in my heart for Pepper, and cry alot about how I wish I never had Cookie, and still had Pepper. I feel like this is unfair to Cookie, and i'm starting to feel bad. I miss Pepper, are mad at myself for getting Cookie, and...

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i just dont care. I feel like shit and nothing motivates...

i just dont care. I feel like shit and nothing motivates me anymore. I should be studying and I am not. I should be caring more about my relationship but I dont. I need to get good grades and I need to make up with my girl but I cannot find the motivation to do so. It has been a very rough long week that do not seem to be going anywhere. I have two tests tomorrow that are extremely important to me future. I have invested years into getting to this point. Why am I fucking this up? why am I fucking this up. why am I avoiding my dad? what is wrong with me. why cant I just do this? what is stopping me? I feel that the only was is to learn through bad decisions. 

I was next to him, priest. In the subtle I was at his...

I was next to him, priest. In the subtle I was at his feet and hugging him... so lustful .

He said he fell in love with a woman that writes poetry and I was so jealous on that woman.

I wish I could appreciate him more for what he is allready doing with us . That he listens and cares to have time with as despite he was illl.

He said we love people because we couldn't be what they allreay are. So just like him more. Love him cause he deserves.

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I hate my father. Not a "in mad at him cause in his kid"...

I hate my father. Not a "in mad at him cause in his kid" hate. I mean, i really, REALLY despise my own dad. He's a depression causing sack of shit who has verbally abused my mother for years, started recently doing the same to me and my younger sister, and has turned my older brother into a literal clone of himself. He doesnt help around the house, just sits on his ass whenever he is back from work watching politics for i shit you not 12-15 hours a day, and plays goddamn candy crush while he does so. He doesnt think nand act like a normal human, and i am now fearful for my life, my sisters and my mothers because of hos tempermental has become. He's a fucking monster now... He mooches off of my devices, angry when you try to start a basic conversation, and broke multiple things during a rage episode last month.. He slammed the garage door so hard he broke the glass, tossed a table and destroyed the christmas present i got him recently. I went to my own mother, talking...

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I hate myself, I've been trying to get rid of this guilt....

I hate myself, I've been trying to get rid of this guilt. I posted this earlier but i lied a about being raped when I was in the fifth grade, I never told any adults  and i never told anyone who "raped" me. im 17 now and I don't know what to do. I told 3-4 people who I don't even talk to anymore when I was in that grade. I was being bullied and i was so sad I didnt know what to do. I'm sorry to every person who has been raped I know now that it's not something to lie about. I hate myself everyday, this guilt is eating me alive. I don't know what to do. I'm so sorry to every victim of rape that I lied. i know I'll get what I deserve. 

For the past two weeks I've been "borrowing" my mothers...

For the past two weeks I've been "borrowing" my mothers heels and wearing them to school. Yesterday, as I was stepping off the bus I was greeted with the sound that was none other than my bus driver. She was saying "How do you stay so balanced in those heels," and of course, I (being as confident as I was) replied "Its just soooooo easy."

And then I fell off the steps.

Oh the mortification!

The horror!

What if my crush (who also rode my bus) saw me?!

I was in so much despair that I ran as fast as could in those d*nmed heels towards my house. As I was unlocking my door there was only one thing on my mind.


I kicked of the heels and ran to the kitchen, angrily yanking open the silverware drawer. I grabbed a butterknife and tried to slit the palms of my hand.

Nothing happened.

This *is* my destiny.

My only regret now, is wearing those f*cking heels.

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When I was in the 5th grade, i was going through a bad...

When I was in the 5th grade, i was going through a bad time school wise. I lied and said I was raped. I never said who did I just said i was raped. i was only in the fifth grade I didn't know or really understand rape. But because I was being made fun and basically bullied by other people (i only told my old best friend and others) I just don't know why i did it. it makes me sick knowing that I lied i never told any adults, not even my parents. I just know that I hate what I did and I always will. I don't know what this will do but all I know is that I want to say to every victim of rape is that I'm sorry for what you go through. I'm sorry that lied about something so serious. I'm sorry. 

I'm just so much in love with this guy at the gym who's...

I'm just so much in love with this guy at the gym who's never gonna love me back. I just feel so attracted yet comfortable around him but he just doesn't know that I've been crushing on him for ages. Ugh I hate the feeling I get when he walks around hand in hand with his stupid girlfriend who's a dumb piece of shit. I just hate it when he just doesn't see what I want him to see. Ugh!!!!!

I have so many sins. This is the first time I confess. I...

I have so many sins. This is the first time I confess. I really don't know if someone is seeing this.

I confess showing my body and acting playful sexual acts like masturbation online one to one and once of a public camera.

I confess having online affairs with total strangers using sex chat, voice and video calls.

I confess sending photos of my pussy and breasts online to strangers.

I confess having an affair with a man and doing all this with him which includes complete sex excluding vaginal sex. This includes anal and oral. I confess doing this at his shop and at his apartment.

I confess doing complete sex excluding vaginal and anal (except anal fingering) with a man. This includes oral sex. I confess doing this at his workplace.

I confess kissing the man that I loved the most in this life and holding him.

I confess Enjoying my childhood sexual abuse by my uncle and father.

i confess stealing 25 cents from a man who was...

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Please accept my confession...

Please accept my confession.       I lust anger greed attachment and have pride.     No kaam for kutha bucha or mata ji gods realm,gods justice council and guru Nanak weighing down on mind and soul

I was molested by my brother for about 7 or 8 years. Over...

I was molested by my brother for about 7 or 8 years. Over the course of those years he use to let his best friend abuse me. The older I got, the more I thought it was normal.

Until I had a break and asked my mother why did she turn a blind eye to what was happening, but she still denies till this day of having any knowledge. Even though she caught him doing me one night.

I am almost forty and ashamed to say that he was my first orgasm and that I have not experienced pleasure with anyone else. It makes me feel sick, disgusting and worthless.

Recently, I been disconnected, loss and unfeeling and am afraid my relationship of 6 years is suffering. I don't know what to do or how to work through these things. It's so hard. I love Master very deeply and he knows I need pain to kill my internal conflicts.

I just embarrassed, I want to be normal.

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May sound odd but. I know there is something THICK has...

May sound odd but I know there is something THICK has been trying to force me against my own, true, personal, nature. Really forcefully pushing hard against what God created me to be. If I am supposed to be one thing then something big is trying to force me into another (why big? because why would anyone care about somebody else's nature unless changing that nature served a greater purpose, not necessarily a positive purpose) 

Also, trying to make be/become the opposite of what I should act, think, say, feel, believe. 

Just pushing for the complete opposite. As if the "odds" had life on it's own , and had to fulfill orders to always make me be at the wrong time, at the wrong place, with the wrong person (even trying to make me be the wrong person to be at the wrong time and place), say/do/make/be/feel the wrong thing always at the wrong time and space of course. It is as if things, Everything actually, have been and ARE being inverted, or upside down. And the...

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I wanna know if my bf loves me he have a gf in there...

I wanna know if my bf loves me he have a gf in there place and hes here working abroad where he met me now we are in relationship for 2 years this 2016 Dec they broke up because the rumor between us reach her.... The problem is my bf don't want me to check his phone he put a password.. When he chat and I look on it he gets mad... I'm even told to act like friend in his fb not a lover as his family might know about me and that culture is too strict in Nepal...

Another thing is he always say that someday he will go home and I will be happy he judge me often in negative blame me for my mistakes he say bad words lots of things that make me cry when I don't make love hope you can give me a good advice to this

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Analysing my situation now have the impression that my...

Analysing my situation now have the impression that my life is being put on hold, so someone can live their life. It as if they are pausing my life, as in a computer game, except it is as if another player paused your character but continued playing their game. You know, when you pause your character so that you can plan and set things up to happen for the character, and then unpause when you planned everything,

¤ Except it's been years

¤ Not good things are being planned

¤ It is another "player" who is pausing my life

¤ It is real life and another person's life shouldn't be stopped so that you can live yours there's oxygen for everybody, and the sun shines for everybody is just that some can't understand it.

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I don't understand why I am envied by people..

I don't understand why I am envied by people. My parents now got a pretty car but I never had a sofa, and still haven't because there's no space, my parents hate me and manipulate me, I don't have a notebook anymore I only use the computer sometimes when nobody is home (is one computer for everybody. I don't have a job and the interviewers suddenly didn't want anything to with me without cause. I quit college, started having bad grades, I don't have a boyfriend, my hair hates me, my family secretly rejects me and despises me, I am thin but can't exercise, I don't have a tv anymore cause it broke (to this I am thankful though cause we don't have cable tv), I am denied a lot of normal things in life the people who envy me can't even imagine, I am thin but it is always bad or a reason for envy, my eyes are brown and plain, I am not a genius and almost didn't finish school, I am not outgoing, I don't have many friends and can't have pets, still-people-envy-me, the guy I fancied would...

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