A month ago I told my parents about how my older brother forced me to do sexual things with him from a very young age. Their reaction was great, they said they were sorry I had to experience that and were in disbelief that he'd do something like that. Now it's been a month and nothing has really happened? They haven't 'reported' him or anything. Is this different 'cuz he's my brother? I mean.. this can't be normal, can it? I just.. ugh..I don't really know what to think right now.

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I was 10 boy when i was molested by my girl cousin, she...

I was 10 boy when i was molested by my girl cousin, she was 12, we did everything, first oral then sex. My 8 year old sister watched us and wanted to play to, so we molested her, she really loved it. She and i  molested some more cousins, my sisters friends at sleepovers. This want on until she turned 13.

I can't help it

I have always thought about killing my grandmother on my moms side every time I hear her name from 2 years ago to now.

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby...

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby brother. she laughed out jello that she was eating... it was a mess. she was 2 rooms away from the baby.

My Female Cousin Molested Me As A Child

My female cousin molested me as a child on a few occasions. She made it a game. She said one night I would play the role of the boy and I would play the role of the girl.  Each night, which switch roles.  Until one night, her mother, which is also my cousin happened to walk into the bedroom and caught her daughter, my cousin, kissing on my back with my nightgown pulled all the way up to my neck.  Her mother gave her a whipping that seemed like it lasted forever.  I was scared that I was going to be next, so I pretended to be asleep.  That was the last night my cousin and I slept in the same bed.

I've carried this pain for over 29 years and I had so many questions like:

1) Why me?  How did she know I would agree to the "game" she told me about?

2) Why didn't I tell anyone until I was an adult?

3) Why didn't her mom inform my mother of what happened?  Did she not care about me? Was she protecting her daughter? Did she bury it to keep...

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My Story About Fooling My Best Friend So I Would'nt Look Pathetic

OK, so I have a friend, let's call her Susan, and she is a really big fan of Halsey. I personally don't like Halsey's music, but I definitely don't hate her. Recently, Susan started to date my brother. The thing about my brother is that he is, like, really mean. I don't really get what Susan likes about him. In previous relationships my brother always was the one who wanted to break up, always for the same reason: he got 'bored' with the girl. The girl always get's hurt in a relationship with him.

I said to Susan what kind of... person my brother is. She immediately got mad at me. She said that I never support her choices, and that I was jealous because I didn't have a boyfriend. I stayed calm, tried to explain to her what I just told you: My brother just isn't a good person to be in a relationship with. I was at her house at the time, and she sent me away. 

When I got home, I got my first phone, restarted it,  created a fake Halsey fan account on Instagram...

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My mom had this boyfriend and it was 12 at night and his phone went off, of course I read the text and I saw he was cheating on my mom with a girl named Alice, 

My sis-in-law is a manipulative narcissist

My sis-in-law is a manipulative narcissist. I am struggling with this because we were best friends. I am finding it hard to reconcile the person I thought she was with the actions she is taking over the last few years, particularly the last year.

I don't know how to move forward in a healthy way. I don't want her friendship back as I feel it was all false - a means to an end for her. But I want to be able to continue my relationship with my nieces and nephews mainly because I love them but also to make sure they are safe.

Any words of wisdom?

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When I was 12, my mom told me I was a hypochondriac. A...

When I was 12, my mom told me I was a hypochondriac. A big word that means( and I recently found out is a anxiety disorder) I always think there is something wrong with me, which I translated to attention whore, super low self esteem not meant to offend anyone else. About a year later I found out I was gay, then 3months ago I developed anxiety because of being gay and a wholesome other problem, then I developed depression(self diagnosed). This all sparked my first ever major fear, that my brain is lying to me. Is that bad?

I am just a wimp who can't deal with life. 

I hate you, father. I really hate you. You were never...

I hate you, father. I really hate you. You were never there for me and now you’re tearing me apart. You’re injuring my family. I hate you.

When i was a child, my my little Sisters and I were a...

When i was a child, my my little Sisters and I were a raped repeatedly by two family members for about 5 years. Then as im older and that whole ordeal is over come to find out the love of my life was sodomized by a person in CPS. I have a problem, I have this burning desire to hunt them down and kill them, and it scares me because i know i could, and it would be so easy. Im afraid of what I will do if i ever lose control of my anger. Everyday I think about killing them all slowly, the only reason I have not is because my sisters and my love need me. But im worried that one day ill lose control. 

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My family hates me. From my looks, to interests, to...

My family hates me. From my looks, to interests, to lifestyle, they always find some imperfection to tease me about. They team up and beat me down verbally. My dad's side of the family is so judgemental that at a very casual event if you wear a sundress and heels, it won't be enough. I don't own very many dresses or dressy clothes, so I stick with leggings or jeggings a band tee or pastel watercolor-like shirt, and a pair of combat boots or badass high heels. At parties, they tell me I'm fat and I need to lose weight. I quote "You've lost some weight I see, but you're still pretty round. Don't you think? I mean, how much do you eat?" Is that really appropriate for anyone, let alone a family member, to ask?

I've built myself armor and they don't really get to me anymore. However, they've stolen so much confidence and happiness from me that I find it hard to motivate myself to finish school.

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I Lost it...

I'm 15, dating my boyfriend of a year and a half as of now. And on our 10 month anniversary we both lost our virginity to each other. We used a condom but I wanna go on birth control so that way we don't really need to. But I'm terrified of asking my mother. Should I just come out and ask or what should I do?