Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be an artist. I had a passion for drawing since I could hold a pencil and whenever anyone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response was always the same. I was confident in my talents and I loved to make crafts along with drawing and creating music. As I got older, I found the opportunity to go to a professional art school for college, but I am coming to realize that maybe I'm really not cut out to be an artist. I tried to stay positive through the years, but now the comments from my mom about how there's no money to be made in art and the hints that my work isn't great is finally getting to me. This is now my second year in art school, and I can't find the joy in ANYTHING anymore. Not my art, not video games, not hanging out with my few close friends... nothing. I feel like it's pointless to keep trying at this point. I don't feel my art is improving and nobody seems to believe in me... There's just no point in anything I'm doing. I can't feel anything else these days besides apathy and irritation occasionally. I don't know what to do.

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Depressed confused gay student

I am 18 years old. A senior in high school and a gay. I am a senior but I'm miserable. I have no motivation to finish high school. I can not and domt know why. I'm failing all my classes and I feel very unmotivated anything related to school to do. I just want to get out in the world.

My family oppresses me and I feel trapped. I do not have my license. I never had a job. And all I really have energy to do is sleep and watch videos as well as hang out with my boyfriend who is one of the only things that can truly make me smile. I am worried and it is really bad. All I want to do is start our life together but in order to have a successful life I must be high school deploma. Which at this rate I will not step my class and I do not care anymore. All the things scare me so much. I was not like this before. I used to be happy. But now I have been drained of any size unless I'm with my boyfriend.

I'm really in love with someone that is a waste of time

I should have known better than to even have feelings by accident for this doctor who was treating me, I guess it was because I was sick and down and scared of dying and no one was helping me at all. I have seen the cruel side to the world like war in peaceful places happens subconsciously often people become so immune to being ignored or disrespected and dismissed as not important that is war in peaceful places. violent threats and attacks made to me in covert ways that are seriously evil intent and orientated makes you all the more less trusting of people. I just have deep hate for everyone and the world.I should have known better then to fall for the fake charms of a man that just cares about money and fooling around with women with intellectual disabilities and dwarfism and its one extreme to the other with him like all men, its either all out bombshell catwalk tall blonde usa pagent queen model or its obese fat blurb bitches or down syndrome but never just "the nice girl". I...

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It frustrates me to see everyone I know from school-and...

It frustrates me to see everyone I know from school-and-college-days, are getting married, have sexual life or some have girl friend. Originally, I'm from India and sex is a kind of big deal there. Or may be, no certainly, I was an ignorant and I never even tried in that direction. Living in USA for the past one year as a student. Student life is hard. It is challenging me emotionally at the age of 27. Still a virgin, never had a girl in my life, don't know how to talk to girl to get in their pants or to put it in decent words --  how to flirt and talk sexually. On the top of these things, I have tons of student loan to pay within a year after completion of my graduate studies which is around 45K. The pressure to pay loans back as soon as possible only makes it worse even though I know I can do nothing right now. I think I am failing, no -- not failing exactly. I will overcome and prevail. Failing is the possibility I can not effort to entertain. but...

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I was in a long distance relationship with the most...

I was in a long distance relationship with the most wonderful man ever. He was perfect to me. For a year, we went on with our relationship but I realised that we had our differences. He would easily misunderstand me. Most of the time, i tried letting go of what he thought of me and sticking by him. I was so sure of him, i had planned our future. I kept seeing the silver lining. However, he was not sure of me. He kept misunderstanding me and pushing me forward, eventually he would stop sharing why he was sad all the time. I loved him to the moon and back and wanted to help him, but he didn't let me. After a while, things got heated. I left for the good. Now he wants me back. I found another guy who was really nice. But things started happening too fast. He said that he loves me. We went for a movie together and he tried to kiss me. I wasn't ready, and for the whole time, my guts were screaming at me to come back home. All of this was so wrong. This guy wasn't meant for me. I just...

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I feel so broken i used to love a guy. And i feel so...

I feel so broken i used to love a guy. And i feel so lonely nobody gets me . I am so sad,broken,empty. My dad lives far away i miss him hes never here on my birthdays or family holidays. The guy i truely love broked my heart.And i have almost no friends i feel like an outsider.

My special classmate.

I was new in this school in 7th grade, and this boy came back here in the middle of the year. He was an "old" student but if I didn't got it wrong, he tried another school but he wasn't successful because they couldn't deal with his intelligence. His grades are rather good but he complements that with his great sense of humor, so he can be the class genius and clown at the same time. He wasn't that physically attractive at first for me, but I'm sure he made me laugh many times every time he was there. Now, after 2 years I can tell I'm really attracted to him, but it's awkward. My friends always make fun of his quirks. He seems to be going out with that airhead that flirts with any boy. He has so many skills. He's so superior in every way. I can't look directly into his eyes but sometimes he's the one looking at me. I love it when I'm doing weird dances and he joins. I'm just the chick with crazy hair who's always lonely at the break and only listens to that crummy punk band. I see...

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Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the...

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the amount I care for other people, and sometimes I wish I wasn't so scared or hurt all of the time. People always say "Just choose not to be scared and upset." It is just not that simple. My parents got divorced and ever since then I have been so scared of being hurt, and nobody understands. I try to help others to feel good about themselves to fill the void. I just don't know what to do anymore. People keep trying to get me to talk to people about it, but I just feel like I want to talk to someone who I don't know and my family doesn't know, and they don't know my name so I am not so scared.


I'm a father to a beautiful 3 year old boy. I've lost virtually everything but him. His mom moving out of town and my shitty car not being able to make it back and forth, I'm losing him too.

Its been a long time since I've thought this way.. I shouldn't because I'm a father to a beautiful 3 year old boy.


He broke up with me cause he thought I've been cheating (which I haven't) but now I wish I kinda did

Recently discovered I'm bipolar

I've recently discovered I'm bipolar and I can't continue with my work. I'm a psychologist. I feel very depressed. I know it has to end and perhaps I'll be better, but right now it seems huge.

I'm not really happy

I always act happy when I'm around my friends but once I get home I cry my eyes out because I've been having suicidal thoughts and I feel all by myself.

Obsession for celeb boss taking over my life

My job as assistant to a celebrity is taking over my life to the point of obsession. I absolutely adore my boss and love being around her, in fact I even have sexual fantasies about her. But I'm feeling like it's getting too much and I may have to quit.

When I started working for her 8 years ago I was so happy as I admired her already. The sexual obsession came later as I became more immersed in her world and closer to her. On that front I'm not kidding myself - she's straight (I always thought I was too!), divorced and dating, and really more than that it's a status gap - I'm her girl that runs about organizing her life for her, and she appreciates me, but that's my level. And I'm cool with that, being part of her life it's own reward.

It's been an incredible ride! My boss lives between London and Switzerland, and travels a LOT - work trips to the US and lots of holidays to places like Italy, Thailand, the Bahamas, the Caribbean... I've seen places and...

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