Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be an artist. I had a passion for drawing since I could hold a pencil and whenever anyone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response was always the same. I was confident in my talents and I loved to make crafts along with drawing and creating music. As I got older, I found the opportunity to go to a professional art school for college, but I am coming to realize that maybe I'm really not cut out to be an artist. I tried to stay positive through the years, but now the comments from my mom about how there's no money to be made in art and the hints that my work isn't great is finally getting to me. This is now my second year in art school, and I can't find the joy in ANYTHING anymore. Not my art, not video games, not hanging out with my few close friends... nothing. I feel like it's pointless to keep trying at this point. I don't feel my art is improving and nobody seems to believe in me... There's just no point in anything I'm doing. I can't feel anything else these days besides apathy and irritation occasionally. I don't know what to do.

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A guy I dated on and off for 2 years finally moved in...

A guy I dated on and off for 2 years finally moved in with me in October. On December 17th I came home and he moved out. No note or anything saying why. In that two and a half month span he put me in 6 grand of debt. His last words when I left of work the night before he left, love you. I will never be ever to trust a man again.

Extremely emotionally drained...

Anyone else feel extremely emotionally drained after leaving the house 2 or more days in a row? i have social anxiety and depression and i pretend that i don't because i'm addicted to hiding behind a snarky, witty personality which cause people to flock to me but i know i have to keep it up because if i don't my younger brothers will have an even worse role model, and because i get pretty good grades and have an average life people will get surprised if they find out i'm an emotional wreck because i act so cold all the time. i binge eat but nobody knows because i'm average weight and have a fast metabolism but i know that if i didn't i would look like a mountain and now i have to leave the house today i just know i'm gonna feel shitty for the rest of the week. i have trouble sleeping and i'm addicted to the internet because it makes me forget that i have emotions and i'm so confused all the time and i hate myself. but nobody knows because i'm good at acting but the thing is i...

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I'm 12 and I have a girlfriend, when she emails me she'll...

I'm 12 and I have a girlfriend, when she emails me she'll call me princess and beautiful, once she even called me baby girl. I always wish that she would call me that in public or at least maybe hold my hand or hug me once in a while, does that make me needy, I wouldn't mind if she called me things like that atleast if were face to face instead of only while we email.

Need to Talk to Someone

I'm seriously contemplating suicide right now. A guy at school was being very mean and....I just can't take it anymore. I really want to die right now. Someone...please help me.


Anyone else wiccan in Mattoon? I only know a few people who are but we don't really talk.

I don't see the point to life, we are born to die ...

I don't see the point to life, we are born to die. No one will really be remembered and we don't really do anything. We go to school, we go to work and then we retire and die, what is actually the point? Don't get me wrong I'm not going to kill myself, although I have thought about it before but has seen what it does to those around you. But I don't understand the point in being here. 

After getting raped

I was raped last year and didn't tell anyone. I feel so alone and so different and so isolated. I often wonder how many women, I meet are silently going through the same thing.

Im a guy that is very disappointed with the life he is living...

Hello, I'm a guy that is very disappointed with the life he is living. I dont have the mood and energy to do anything i am not confident i feel like im the worst human on earth from all perspectives. Moreover i have not met love yet and im 18. I dont know what to do i feel so depressed and unhappy every single day. I dont have many friends.i can say none of them are considered my friends.i waste my time on pc games and searching the internet since i dont have anyone to hang out or play something. I feel so lonely...and i feel like im the most ugly human too.. and i dont know what to do about that.

The psychiatrist

I was hospitalized and when the psychiatrist came to my bed I thought I saw an erection in his pants. My hand went straight to that area and I touched him. Felt like magnets. He is super attractive. Never met a man physically that I am so attracted to. Andrei has elf ears. And is married.

I secretly imagine he will be my man after his wife dies.

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I hate it that I will never be able to prove how much of...

I hate it that I will never be able to prove how much of my life have been suffocated, restricted by other people (most of times by fully grown adults too or people the same age as me) because in most times it is done indirectly and it is so frequent. The worst is that I Am the one accused of suffocating other people's lives and restricting them and imprisoning them. It is so rare when I ever impede somebody from doing something. I don't understand why I am the one accused of imprisoning and impeding anybody of achieving their dreams (unless their dream includes killing me). I don't imprison anybody, I don't impede anybody from getting whatever or whoever they want. Unless the person want to get it from me, for example if someone wants to drain my energy, I may try to impede this person from draining me. I am a fully grown adult I know that the sun shines for everybody.

I want to go home

I don't know how much longer I can handle living here. I want to go home so bad. This isn't home and I feel like it'll never be home. I'm tired of all the fighting. I'm losing it just being here. Please either put me away or send me home.

I've never lived my life ...

I've never lived my life. I hate my body, i hate my character, i hate myself. I feel like I am a monster that never will be loved by someone. My life its the proof. I'm 23 and, but 4 times with whores, i never touch a girl in my life. Who is that can love a men like me? 

Who is that could be happy being loved by someone like me?