God.. please forgive me...

I am making my parents cry... because i cannot follow what they want.. i love someone else and parents are not ready... but to marry some other person is not acceptable to me..


Because of this, i had severe fight with my father... they cried and are still crying and i am the culprit but i dont wish to surrender to stupid caste boundism..

Please forgive me.. or make my soul free from this body.. i cannot take it any more. I am sorry God.

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i want to be gangbanged and impregnated and dream of...

i want to be gangbanged and impregnated and dream of sucking off  someone but am to afraid to do anything because i havent even had sex yet. since i am only 21.

I used to like this kid in my class,but I...

I used to like this kid in my class,but I started talking to him and killed my chance.

Dear future parter

I have this thing about me. This thing I just realized I had. I look for acceptance in other people and not myself. I put myself down because I feel that I'm not good enough for the people around me. Like I need for them to think highly of me. It makes me want to cry. My life revolves around other people. I put on fake smiles and personalities because I'm afraid of the real me and I'm afraid you will be to. I'm scared you won't love me. I'm scared no one will. First it was my father. Since he wasn't around much I always looked for attention from him. Now I'm scared it'll be you next. Before I meet you, I must work on this. I must try to feel beautiful on my own. Without anyone else. So instead of pretending to be someone I'm not, I will be who I am. But not for you. But for me. I'm not scared anymore. I hope you'll love me for me and not my mask.

I'm really in love with someone that is a waste of time

I should have known better than to even have feelings by accident for this doctor who was treating me, I guess it was because I was sick and down and scared of dying and no one was helping me at all. I have seen the cruel side to the world like war in peaceful places happens subconsciously often people become so immune to being ignored or disrespected and dismissed as not important that is war in peaceful places. violent threats and attacks made to me in covert ways that are seriously evil intent and orientated makes you all the more less trusting of people. I just have deep hate for everyone and the world.I should have known better then to fall for the fake charms of a man that just cares about money and fooling around with women with intellectual disabilities and dwarfism and its one extreme to the other with him like all men, its either all out bombshell catwalk tall blonde usa pagent queen model or its obese fat blurb bitches or down syndrome but never just "the nice girl". I...

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I just want that someone loves me

I need the feeling that someone cares about me. that someone likes me. 

So i make out with every boy, who 'likes' me. If they don't, but i'm feeling good about the fact, that they are okay with the fact, that they kiss & touch me. but i'm a virgin.

I'm a hoe. and i'm fine with it.

Nobody knows it, they just think i'm a shy girl, who likes reading books and is a little bit too nerdy & weird.

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Any advice from anyone? Please?

Ok I met my boyfriend online it's also long distance and I thought we were good, and a few weeks if not months ago he told me about another girl be became friends with online through the game over watch, I'm pretty tolerant and trust him. I came down for his birthday and while we are together the other girl is calling him over Skype and sending him messages I thought it was just a game thing but he's talking to her over that too now and he wants to go meet up with her when she comes to London while he's visiting me, I was pretty upset when he told me but he made me feel like I was being silly so I dropped it. Ok I'm not proud to admit this but I went through his emails and his history and found a lot of questions regarding Skype and messages so he seems pretty intent to speak to her. And rabbit a call website to talk to people. Honestly I'm scared he's gonna leave me for her. And I don't know what to do I don't want to confront him cos it's his birthday but all of a sudden I'm not...

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I'm in love with my childhood enemy

I'm in love with my childhood enemy. We're actually really good friends now, but I still like his best friend.

To My Love,...

To My Love,

          Today, on your birthday, telling everyone, my love fa t most sweetest n wonderful person on earth one could ever find! I wish yu could feel all the luv that I carry around fa yu. Yu have won my hrt n soul. My feelings n love fa yu grows deeper wid every passing minute. Yu mean so much t me. I dream of yu day in n day out; you're t only one on my mynd nw. Tday being yua brthdy, I wish yu oly smiles n joy! Im certain that Im in love with yu n I want to hold yu, kiss yu and to feel yua body near me. If you'll be myn, you'll make me the happiest woman n t world!

                  I have so much t tell yu. t ddn noe where t strt n end! Yu r t oly one who cn mke me happie with yua luv n affection. Yu ve becme a part of me tht I ll olways cherish. I live my lyf just fa yu loosu. I remain totally yuaz in thought n spirit. Nw tht i found yu, I promis t tke gud cre f yu! Fytz my cme n go, bt my luv fa yu ll olwyz b d sme! I promis yu tht ll b ter fa yu,...

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I have always gone for experienced partners and recently...

I have always gone for experienced partners and recently gotten involved with a partner with no experience. I am their first... EVERYTHING. They seem to be pleased but I don't know how to show them what to do and how to do it. It freaks me out. 

i sniffed my crush while he was sleeping

i sniffed my crush while he was sleeping

Prawal shrimal of Mandsaur MP..now an intern at AIIMS ...

Prawal shrimal of Mandsaur MP..now an intern at AIIMS .you smile at me and make my day..It's so magical..like being transported to an alternate reality where we are together..You are so tall and handsome as hell..I just want to confess what's there in my heart for quite some time now. I just want you to talk to me once and acknowledge my love..I know we can never be together but I shall always love you no matter what..forever..wherever..I am your batchmate.. was with you in the same college for 5 years..but it took me until very recently to realise how much I really like you.. I happen to be a boy so my love is forbidden..its something some people would consider dirty or funny..But it is real..

And it doesn't really matter if you don't like me back.. I just wish we could be friends and stay in touch after December..I'll be so happy if that happens..

Wet dreams...

I'm having wet dreams of my ex and his best friend...