I am a Christian and although I try my hardest not to, I sin as we all do. I found myself engrossed in porn and even masturbated a little, all while feeling terribly guilty. My problem is that even when I try to stop, I keep coming back to it after about a week. I have tried avoiding things that might trigger me and attempting yo block secret mode but nothing seems to stick. I just want to tell someone because I believe it will help. I have looked up steps and I just need to get it off my chest. I have also been praying and I am going to try reading my Bible instead when I get these urges.

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I know you might not listen because this is your set of beliefs, but masturbation is very healthy and I don't really think it should be thought of as a sin. It's your body. You're not hurting anyone. Humans have sexual desires because they must at some point reproduce like all other animals and if you're not ready to engage in sex with another person, masturbating is completely natural. God forgives us for all our sins as long as we are not hurting others.

But masturbation is a serious sin and that sin is found in the book of Acts,but we are forgiven for what we have done ps:masturbating is serious but killing and abusing is worse dont be afraid thats whats teens do:):)

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I would like to confess that today I watched porn, and I masturbated 2 times. its was sin against God, My body, I was rebel. I lied today too. I had bad thoughts about sex. I am trying stop with porn and masturbation and i couldn't stop with it. i recognized it was wrong and sin. I dishonored myself and God too. 

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It's some time now but every time I get lost in this completely. I'm weak then and he can do with me whatever he pleases at that moment.

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I want confess, that i am fighting a lot of against masturbation and porn. For now i couldn't win. These last days i doing it two times per day, today i asked for forgiveness to God and few minutes after i was doing it again. I was rebel and i disobey God, it also sin against my body. When i do it, its a dishonor to myself and God.  I had bad thoughts, i think a lot of about sex, sometimes I imagine doing sex with some girls. I said to God my computer its do just nice things and i am using a lot to do just bad things. I said i will ready five chapters of bible everyday and I fail about it too. I didn't take care about my body too, about showers or my tooth and some compromise i am late almost always. I recognise and confess those things.

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