I am telling you thousandth time that i love you, i love you my brother, my buddy, my support, my guide, my everything. Even when we are not blood Brothers, you are greater than that and i love You deeply. You can't imagine how hard it is now to see you everyday but not being able to talk. I don't know which actions of mine hurted you and you lose your trust in me. I just wanna say that i can never wish or do your bad. You are my buddy. It's hard to live with memories when we used to chat till 3 am. But now, you don't like to see my face even. Please talk with me and clear amy misunderstandings. Please come back my brother. I miss you and Time is less just 1 month left for which i can see your face and hear you voice. Please buddy come back, I love you Bro.

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Hello. I never thought someday I would search google for...

Hello. I never thought someday I would search google for this "is there any website where anonymous confessions can be submitted". But I did. Few minutes back. I just need to tell someone. Someone I don't know. My father left us 8 years ago. The reason, I still don't know. It has always been me and my mother. Even before he left us. But today it's not about him. My life basically centers around my mom. She has been in 2 relationships after my dad, and although the first one ended pretty badly, the second one is going okay I guess. The thing is that I've always respected my mother, never doubted her words. And there was this feeling of gratefulness that she didn't leave me behind as my dad did. But as I grew up there were incidents that made me reconsider everything I have had faith in. Her, to be precise.
2 weeks ago I heard her smooching a friend of hers. Her childhood friend. Our whole family knows that he didn't marry partly because of her. But she had always claimed he was...

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My friend is bisexual

My best friend is bisexual and she cant tell her parents because they aren't the type of people who you can just sit down and tell they want to talk forever and they don't understand her she is an awesome girl and she likes black viel brides skulls and black but her parents treat her like a perky princess and like a baby and nobody but me no's this but she sometimes cries herself to sleep and she wishes she could tell them but she again just cant she wants to just say "im bisexual" and they say "okay" but that wont happen she doesn't know what to do she's 13.

My sis-in-law is a manipulative narcissist

My sis-in-law is a manipulative narcissist. I am struggling with this because we were best friends. I am finding it hard to reconcile the person I thought she was with the actions she is taking over the last few years, particularly the last year.

I don't know how to move forward in a healthy way. I don't want her friendship back as I feel it was all false - a means to an end for her. But I want to be able to continue my relationship with my nieces and nephews mainly because I love them but also to make sure they are safe.

Any words of wisdom?

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I think I'm going to kill myself soon ...

I think I'm going to kill myself soon. Next month on my fourteen birthday. Everyone I've ever loved or trusted has died or backstabbing me. I have low expectations for people. Optimism always leads to disappointment for me. Even if I did love someone, they would one day leave too, and that's just more pain.. Love is a strength and a weakness, and I can no longer depend on it. I no longer trust or will let anyone in. I hate life and I need to stop pretending to be stronger than I am. Please just let me slip away forever..

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the...

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the amount I care for other people, and sometimes I wish I wasn't so scared or hurt all of the time. People always say "Just choose not to be scared and upset." It is just not that simple. My parents got divorced and ever since then I have been so scared of being hurt, and nobody understands. I try to help others to feel good about themselves to fill the void. I just don't know what to do anymore. People keep trying to get me to talk to people about it, but I just feel like I want to talk to someone who I don't know and my family doesn't know, and they don't know my name so I am not so scared.


I've been struggling with bipolar disorder for years but my parents won't take it seriously and think I'm making it up for attention. Even though that's the last thing I want.

I don't know what to do.

My boyfriend is going through a housing crisis. 

He has to move out really soon and I'm trying to be strong for him, but it gets harder all the time. We've already delay our wedding plans because he has decided to live with his sister for a little longer. HOW MANY MORE SACRIFICES AM I MEANT TO MAKE??? I'm trying to be strong for him, because he needs me right now, but it's getting so much harder...

I love my aunt

I love my aunt

My mom thinks I'm a virgin

My mom was teen mom and thinks I've never had sex but the truth is I have! And I don't mind lying to her every now and then so she doesn't hate me!

Porn at a young age

Ok so..... I'm currently an 18 year old girl... i have a boyfriend... I have a good life. Except for the past 7 years I've been hiding something. Keeping something inside me. Something I thought I would take to my grave. When I was only 11 years old (barely even starting puberty!) I discovered the world of porn. And also that it feels very good to be sexually aroused. Almost every night for probably a month I would finger myself while watching porn at night (keep in mind I was only 11) while I was supposed to be asleep. I hadn't even had my period for crying out loud! There's more. When I was 12 or so, my FEMALE cousin and I somehow started humping eachother. We never took our clothes off or even kissed but we humped. I was always so scared she would tell somebody and we'd get in trouble. So I stopped. Everything! By the age of 13 I had nothing to do with any of that stuff. my mom and dad never kept me in a very protective bubble so I knew they would never like check my history.(I...

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Brother Problems

Okay, so my brother is my favorite out of the 2 i have. The one i don't love as much is because i haven't seen him in 10 years. But the brother i love the most, he's a drug addict. He does meth and weed. The problem is, he and i are very close. But he cares about buying and selling drugs more than me. And he promised me he would be back, he hugged me and told me he'd never leave me. Now he's in a jail in Tupelo. Caught with drugs and no license in a speeding car. He sent a letter to my mom telling her that he didn't want to see me because he was ashamed of himself. He tries to be a good influence on me, but fails. He still tries. Should i go see him or should i give him his wishes of not being embarrassed to see me in front of the bars he's in?

Ok, I'm fifteen already, but my parents are very...

Ok, I'm fifteen already, but my parents are very protective and freak out at the littlest things...I kissed a boy a couple of months ago and realised I didn't like so I friend zoned him...I just don't what to tell my parents.