I bleed to dry out the pain

and my head gets dizzy and i am so tired

i have anxiety and depression

i have flaws

i am not accepted

and i love two genders

when i should feel incapable of loving one

i cut myself sore until my tears feel like blood

and i keep it in

and i am so sad

and until there is a point to the universe

i will look forward to nothing but death

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I have been a cutter for 15 years. I've been burning myself for about 3 years. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar and several other things and I just wanted to tell you it gets better

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Miss being single

I think I'm completely in love with my boyfriend. But I miss being able to have fun and I miss some some people who used to be with. I love being with him. I just wish I could. Maybe I'm not ready for compromise. I wish I could be alone and sometimes have the freedom to be who and with whom I want.

I get really lonely since the the love of my life in...

I get really lonely since the the love of my life in incarcerated. 

Nobody gives a shit

I'm contemplating on whether or not to suicide. Nobody in my life really cares about me, I'm always bullied, teachers only care whether or not I succeed. Help me God.

My husband Beat Me 2 months ago and I left him...

My husband Beat Me 2 months ago and I left him and now I need sex so badly I almost want him back. I feel like I could pick up a dozen men in a bar and it wouldn't be enough. But I feel guilty wanting this.

My Everyday Companion

While I'm typing, I was actually surrounded by some unknown persons. I'm only renting a PC that's why lol. Typing this while listening to the song of MYMP. Their song were really heart warming. Totally fits to what I am feeling right now. I'm too emotional right now that I can't try to drop my tears. Because again, I'm in a Computer Shop. So the story goes like this...

All of us is a sinner. We can all admit that. Right? Idk. It's just happened. I think I've lost my "everyday companion" My partner in crime. My handkerchief. My soon to be wife. My all. My everything. It was all because of me. I was too dumb. I'm too naive. I'm such a sucker. A sucker of all the pain that she's feeling right now. It's hard for a girl to feel the pain but it's more hard for a guy, knowing that her girl feels the pain because of him. I love her. I really do. But the problem is me. The problem is me. Not us. I want us. The moments, the tears n joy that we shed together. I want us back! It's...

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Never knew but deep inside I always hated myself for...

Never knew but deep inside I always hated myself for never being able to escape from my enemies , because they almost always always get their way,do whatever they want to me, even if it means forcing me, and they always take whatever they want be it mentally, psychically, psychologically, emotionally speaking.

They do whatever they want to me then after it happens they deceive me into thinking whatever they did and do to me is fair and the same thing I would do. That means: "whatever we do to you is fair but anything you do to us is not"

I am always being lied to about the real situation and what they are really doing to me. I hate myself even more because I take whatever they say and do as absolute truth even if it's  based on nothingness. The worst is they don't just lie about what they do to me but they paint whatever image they want me to be and paint the whole situation, and they paint it as absolute irrefutable truth then get rid of anything I say or...

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My best friends secret

My friend Talon is a trans and is a midget.

Depressed confused gay student

I am 18 years old. A senior in high school and a gay. I am a senior but I'm miserable. I have no motivation to finish high school. I can not and domt know why. I'm failing all my classes and I feel very unmotivated anything related to school to do. I just want to get out in the world.

My family oppresses me and I feel trapped. I do not have my license. I never had a job. And all I really have energy to do is sleep and watch videos as well as hang out with my boyfriend who is one of the only things that can truly make me smile. I am worried and it is really bad. All I want to do is start our life together but in order to have a successful life I must be high school deploma. Which at this rate I will not step my class and I do not care anymore. All the things scare me so much. I was not like this before. I used to be happy. But now I have been drained of any size unless I'm with my boyfriend.

I have been a confession junkie on sites spilling the...

I have been a confession junkie on sites spilling the beans, I think it's an internet addiction to the sites so I try to find new ones where people will not know me. I avoid the ones I was on because all they do is bully me. I only come on because I am lonely sad and confused why I have been ignored and left out so much and never invited it's like I don't belong anywhere and I am so sick of it. It's not healthy to be in this tight relationship with parents and not allowed romances just because my neighbor's obese wife and obese kids didn't like me looking like an attractive mature adult woman in my 30s and they were all of 7 and 9 wrecking my love life. No more kens please, just no more.


Some times I just want to die but I can't do it

Want to have more friends

I am 40 years old and have a family and kids but I'm lonely a lot. I wish people wanted to be friends with me. I wish I knew what to do to make people enjoy being around me.


I'm a father to a beautiful 3 year old boy. I've lost virtually everything but him. His mom moving out of town and my shitty car not being able to make it back and forth, I'm losing him too.

Its been a long time since I've thought this way.. I shouldn't because I'm a father to a beautiful 3 year old boy.