I bleed to dry out the pain

and my head gets dizzy and i am so tired

i have anxiety and depression

i have flaws

i am not accepted

and i love two genders

when i should feel incapable of loving one

i cut myself sore until my tears feel like blood

and i keep it in

and i am so sad

and until there is a point to the universe

i will look forward to nothing but death

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I have been a cutter for 15 years. I've been burning myself for about 3 years. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar and several other things and I just wanted to tell you it gets better

I know how you feel. I feel as if I have no one. I refuse to get help, but you would be so much better with the help. Never be afraid to tell your parents, because they would just want to help you.

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Life feels lonely and depressing

I don't want to post on social media about how depressed and lonely I feel, boz I don't want anyone to worry. I don't really want any attention. I don't want anyone to know I'm depressed... but at the same time, I wish someone knew. I wish I felt like someone cared enough to reach out to me. Instead, I'm always the one offering comfort and encouragement to my friends.

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I sometimes reflex on some thoughts...

I sometimes reflex on some thoughts Maybe:

¤ I am the one who is possessive and jealous of couples, this is why I am 27 and never had a boyfriend

¤ I am the one that is envious since I am 27 and never had a job even though I was fit for it

¤ I am the one who is controlling, people limited me to my bedroom (my bedroom was made into my cell)

¤ Also probably why I am the one stealing people' s freedom, and raining on their parade

¤ Maybe I am the evil one this why I need to be" dealt with inhumanity " 

Surprisingly when thinking those thoughts they all make sense, only by transcribing them they sound crazy now..

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I can't

I wish everyone would stop telling me it's whomever's loss when I am unwanted by a person or job. Maybe I'm actually unwanted by the world.

I am aprehensive about Mathew 18:15 but I confess I hate...

I am aprehensive about Mathew 18:15 but I confess I hate my neighboors . We used to coexist peacefully until a few years when they started meddling with my life all of a sudden. One of them , who is one month or months younger than me,in special, tries to make it clear to me he hates me and tries to make it clear that he has the right to meddle with my life, atacking me viciously when he eavesdrops whatever it is not of his likings. His teenager brother also medles with my life terribly and attacks me viciously also, indirectly.

Their dad is the worst, this one does almost whatever he wants to me. Now I try to be as discrete as I can and make my existence as unoticeable as possible as I can, specially now more than before but it hasn't been enough so I have to go out less and leave my bedroom less, because they stalk and appear where you are least expecting them(once the dad appeared in my parents car, they probably invited me because...

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I'm 16 about to be 17. I'm extremely sexually confused. I...

I'm 16 about to be 17. I'm extremely sexually confused. I don't know if I'm gay or not. I've been with a lot of men and women. I love the touch of a female but i love the felling of a man sleeping next to me and holding me.

I suspect people from my household incite my neighboors...

I suspect people from my household incite my neighboors to harass and stalk me, which they do. One of my neighboor who is probably 60 stalked me twice, I'm aprehensive it might happen again. I never gave him reason to, I don't do this to people nor am I acquainted to him, specially now that I know he is sort of a retired assassin. I pray asking God to not let him follow me when I go to church , buy bread or something. I really don't give him reason to stalk me nor am I judging him wrongly, since one day he starred right into my eyes, he appears all of a sudden. All of my neighboors' household probably meddled in my life at least twice, agressively, this when one of them won't send people against me to stalk me. The gangstalking movement is VERY REAL.

I dress gender neutral

i dress gender neutral because i don't know what my gender is. like i was born a female but my mind keeps saying "no that's only for girls" or "no that's only for boys" when i get dressed. so i can't wear feminine or masculine anything without hating myself for "lying" about my gender. i don't know what i'm supposed to be. i try really hard to be female though. that's what my parents want.

I want to end my life but my parents are always watching...

I want to end my life but my parents are always watching me. I don't know what to do. 

Most folks just see me as an object to be used and...

Most folks just see me as an object to be used and discarded. It's not a life phase. It started longer before than I used to think. I now realize how people moved me like a pawn and played me like a card and that was all. No utility after that. Once realized I didn't want to be played anymore, they started manipulating me or punishing me for not accepting to be USED and then stonewalling me. The few people I had a true friendship with of years now became different and distant, at any given chance being manipulative when they were not manipulators before, more like Capgras, however I know they probably still have soul. The only new few acquaintances I make only use me as well , when they don't try to stick me up in a figurative closet and lock me there until is time to use me or play me again.

I'm don't know if I should kill myself or not?!?!?!?!?

I don't know if I should kill myself or not. If I do people will be sad. But I hate the world. I'm fat, ugly, stupid and I'm know I'm a terrible person. I have a girl and I love her but right now I have lost all emotions. I can't feel I'm thinking of killing myself. I want to die so bad. So should I or live in a world which hates me. Please comment on what I should. 

I hate myself

The sad thing is... I don't care if anyone likes me... I hate myself. Sounds tumblry enough... but it is the truth.

I'm Scared...

I'm scared of myself. My family has a history of depression, and I'm afraid that I might inherit it. I don't think I have depression. I love who I am, and a lot of times I am so happy with my life and I love everything about it, but other times....

Other times I feel like crap. I feel like crawling in a whole and forgetting about the world. I just wish everything could go away. I am always stressed out. I always have someone to impress because my greatest fear is letting down my loved ones. And today my younger sister got accepted into a college level math program, and I have always been the smart one. So, now I feel inclined to test out of my next level of math in school. I have been working on it for a while, but now I feel like I have to because otherwise my younger sister is going to pass me up and my parents will never let me live it down. They will do it as a joke, but they will tease my about how stupid I am and how I'm not good enough. They don't realize it, but this...

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