I connected with a co-worker and he proposed a lunchtime rendezvous. I'm married, but for some reason, this seemed "ok" to me. Truth be told, my husband doesn't care about this anyway. Problem is, one thing led to another, and co-worker and I fell in love. I stayed with him for a few weeks and it was rather dramatic. Husband didn't see THIS coming, and was NOT ok with it. Long story short, I came home.

Ever since - for six months now - former co-worker (I quit the job) has been emailing my husband, letting him know that this is not where I want to be. There's a lot more drama and craziness involved, but essentially, I care about both of these men. A big part of me wants to leave and give the new relationship a chance, but an equal part of me doesn't want to hurt my husband any further, or lose the comfort of our lengthy marriage. We do have kids - both grown, but living at home. They're fully aware of the situation, and not pleased with me, of course. I'm scared to even contact the "new guy", because he always reports it to my husband as "evidence" that I want to be with him, and I don't want to rock the boat if I'm not prepared to swim. But... I cannot get the new guy out of my head and it's driving me crazy and tearing me apart.

What have I gotten myself into? How did I get here?

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I think I want a divorce

I love my husband but this has been a very bad year for our marriage. I feel like I'm the only one who's involved in this relationship. I get no help with the kids, no help with the housework and very little help with the bills. It feels like I have to make ALL the decisions in our lives that he has relinquished all responsibility and control to me and has become just another dependant. I am struggling with long term health issues in too of all this and am at the end of my rope. There are many days I want to just get in my car and drive away and never look back.

I should have told you I liked you

I should have told you I liked you when you first came to me with that smile instead of being an asshole. Just wanted to let you know I'm sorry that I let you get away without seeing what could have been

I miss you :(

I love you brother. I know it's not gonna affect you, neither it did when i broke in front of you, when i holded your hand and begged to not leave me alone, when i texted you, when i asked your forgiveness, when i needed your support the most, when my pillow was wet every day, when i lost my appetite, when there was none but you. You will never know what i face and bear. I pretend not to care for you at all, but that is utterly fake. I love you and i will not gonna obey you when you said, forget me. It's hard for you to move on, i know. But it's even harder for me to move on. Miss you a lot. Please come back soon, no one knows for how long since now i will be able to make it...

I have a confession

I have a confession.  Now this isn't going to be easy for me, but here it goes.

I am head over heels in love with a Canadian voice actress named Andrea Libman.  It all started when I was watching my little pony and heard her characters talk.  At first, it was just a crush, but then it changed into more.  Since we are in two different countries; her being in Canada and me being in the USA, we haven't seen each other.  I understand she comes to the USA and participates in what are called Bronycons I think or whatever they are called.  She has seen many of her fans except me and I wish that she would come see me.  I try to talk to her on facebook and on Instagram, but she doesn't really respond to me, but that's okay.  It's always nice to read what she has written.  She is 31 and I am 29.  She is just so pretty and so beautiful.  I'm not sure how long it will be before I can meet her, but I will wait; I hope that I don't have to wait much longer though.  ...

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Dear Andrew,...

Dear Andrew,

I know you've been waiting for a response for a year now and I apologize for taking so long to respond. I just needed some time, but then forgot. I kind of hope you forgot too.

I would've told you in person, but I don't have the heart to. I'm sorry, but I don't return your feelings. A small part of that is because of how you treat my friends. I have such a small friend group, but we're tightly knit. You hurt one of my sisters, then expect me to date you? I'm sorry, but that's not how it works.

I hope you forget your feelings for me so you can learn your lesson and you hopefully won't make the same mistake again. And, no, I won't be changing my mind.



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I just want that someone loves me

I need the feeling that someone cares about me. that someone likes me. 

So i make out with every boy, who 'likes' me. If they don't, but i'm feeling good about the fact, that they are okay with the fact, that they kiss & touch me. but i'm a virgin.

I'm a hoe. and i'm fine with it.

Nobody knows it, they just think i'm a shy girl, who likes reading books and is a little bit too nerdy & weird.

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I am transgender. I started to come out about Christmas...

I am transgender. I started to come out about Christmas of last year. I've only told some friends. I still have yet to come out to my girlfriend and family. I'm really scared though. Should I do this? 


i live with my partner whom I love a whole lot but feel distant sexually. I met someone online who is also in a long term relationship and having some problems like me. We r open and honest with each other and have been able to discover lots of things about ourselves and each other this way. We have used Skype for virtual sex and often pleasure each other this way. I'm gonna visit this person and we are both anxious abt meeting and scared that we may actually cheat on our partners. I'm scared because he has said he is now sure that he will fuxx me after months of thought. i want him to but I don't want to betray my partner... I really don't it would devastate them.I never thought that in my relationship I would be a cheater. I feel like I've already gone too far by becoming involved with this person. I can't stop myself from meeting them but am praying for strength to not go any further.

My daughter's boyfriend

So me and my daughter's boyfriend get on well and we flirt and it's all fun and games until I walked in on him naked and I was shocked he turned around and I could believe how he looked naked I just started quivering instantly wet I never seen a penis so long and fat and his body he was gorgeous and he just stood there and he could tell how I felt and I just walked out and that same night I could not get the image of him out of my head his flop was bigger then most erect penis I've had he has so much confidence in his self so I just had to play with myself thinking of him on me and in me I orgasms so much squirted and I haven't done that in ages there's a 20 year gap so I don't know if his interested but he said joking before he would fuck me what do I do I need to experience one that big and fat and just excites me please help please I can not cope much longer!!

i dont wanna be a virgin 2

hi guys. 

Today i am going to meet the guy at his own house and idk how to feel about it. First of all he is 19 y/o and then he dosen't love me and i'm only 14. maybe i block him on whatsapp. but i wanna have sex with him because he is so cool and stuff. 

i'm confused.

what should i do?


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This love towards him is breaking me down each day every...

This love towards him is breaking me down each day every time i see him, touch him or even talk to him.. I've tried so much for us to be happy but never works out.. were always arguing and stuff and i'm tired of having to deal with this but i have no other choice because i love him .. even though people say its not love well i think its is because I've almost been with him over two years now but dealing with problems.. those problems come and leave but they will always be there or us trying to separate us... 

I love cheating!

I've never dated anyone I've not deceived. I love the thrill. For me it is like a high, and as long as my partner is not getting out, as it generally improves the passion in my relationship. I tried to straighten out a long time ago, and my boyfriend is a great man, because I honestly have gone 4 years in their current relationship.
A month ago we got a new guy at work. I never thought much about it, but we started talking on the break, and a few days ago, we did some things in your car. He can not let it go, and I can not seem to let it go. I think it gets out of hand before I must finish it, but I'm addicted to the rush of it.
On top of it, one of my best friends has just admitted that he likes me, and one of my expenses tried to walk back into my life, and where I am with him, because I leave me alone The two used to tell everyone I'm now finding it hard to do.
I started to feel like a terrible domino effect. I thought I knew where to get help for it. As a...

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