I crashed into my friends range Rover.. PS - im POOR

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I wish I never met you

Dear Lilly,

   Why did you have to do this to me? I trusted you with every single fucking thing in my life. I told you things that I really never told anyone. You turned on me. I wish you knew how you made me feel. It really hurt me, and I wish I never met you. I thought that I could trust you and I thought we were best friends. You called me names. A bitch, a cunt, an asshole and you did this pretending to be someone else. You thought I would never know it was you. But I found out and you tried to deny it. Now we aren't friends now and it really tears at me, but a part of me knows it was for the best. I should have known from the start that you were someone who would do this, but how could I have? You hid who you were from me, almost stole my boyfriend from me. You made him go a day and not talk to me because he thought you were too important. I hate you so much. I wish you could see this right now so you know how I really feel. I will never recover from this. What you said...

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Me and one of my friends were talking and he knows that me and his wife were good friends growing up. He asked me if me and her ever had sex together.  I told him no. I said I wanted to but just never got the chance. He said if you had the chance to now would i. I said yes. He told me well I'm looking for some to come over and fuck

I think I may possibly be in love with my best friend but...

I think I may possibly be in love with my best friend but I swore to myself that I would never ever tell him how I feel in the fear that our friendship could be ruined. 

I'm currently in a relationship with someone who loves me more than anything and I think he's unbelievably kind. Despite this, I don't think I love him anymore but I'm afraid that if I breakup with him he will more than likely end up severely depressed. I don't want this to happen to him as he hasn't done anything wrong and I don't have anything against him, I've simply lost interest. We met up to discuss where our relationship is going but I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I'm ready to move on. I really wouldn't want him to become depressed, I know what it's like. He said if I met someone else he would completely cut himself out of my life as he couldn't handle that which is very understandable. It could end up slightly uncomfortable if he still loves me and we stay friends.

If I do...

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I am almost kiss a girl another day while I have a girlfriend

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby...

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby brother. she laughed out jello that she was eating... it was a mess. she was 2 rooms away from the baby.


I have a crush on my best friend but I'm already in a relationship

Wish to see him under the stars

I secretly hope he would be in the parking lot waiting for me when i get off work and leave the building. I imagined to lightly brush his face under the stars... Thats it, nothing else... If he asks again, i really will tell him to come see me, but he seems to be busy... How nice would it be to see each other under the moon and stars? It would be a great memory.

Lovely unexpected moment with a secret crush

So, let's get this cleared out first: I'm in a committed and loving relationship and I will never, EVER betray my boyfriend's trust. However, there's this one guy friend who gives me butterflies in stomach...

We both sing at the same choir. I haven't made any kind of a move on him but we're friends nonetheless.

So, today we had our usual choir rehearsal and we practiced a song that has a very certain choreography to it: The song is basically a jolly folk song about men and women wooing each other and bragging about their wonderful love lives. The choreography could be described somehow like this:

1. first men and women stand in separate groups, gossiping, even flirting a bit with the other side etc.

2. both start acting aloof, playing hard to get, singing how they really aren't interested in the other

3. eventually both genders come around; every singer searches someone of the opposite sex and men pull women into half-hugs


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Friends - Funniest Moments

Friends - Funniest Moments. I do not own the content in this video.

do not remember what happened to me that drunken night

I totally do not remember what happened to me that drunken night. The day went on, I remembered a lot of what happened, but some parts are still missing. I just know that he was my best friend and now I'm not sure what to think. He was calm and I certainly was not. He is 18 and there are a lot of things to consider I'm still 17. I do not know how to define the situation or remember what I can't recollect.

I need help!!!!

I go to a school that has a disco 3 times a year. One is coming up! I have a crush I want to ask to it called Charlie but he thinks I am just a friend and I blush a lot when I'm around him! Please help! Please comment advice! Thanks.


Escape The Friend Zone With The Girl You're Attracted To & Get Her To Stop Thinking Of You As A Nice Guy, Wussy Boy! Here Is 1 Secret Trick That Will Help You Avoid The Friend Zone And Get The Girl Of Your Dreams To Finally See You As More Than Just A Friend! 

There's Nothing More Frustrating Than Having A SUPER HOT Female Friend You're In Love With Tell You She Just Wants To Be Friends While She Continues To Date Jerks! The Friend Zone Is A VERY COMMON Place For Nice Guys Who Communicate Their Attraction Too Early.

If Your Crush Tells You She Just Wants To Be Friends And Only See's You As A Friend, Or Worse....Thinks Of You Like A Brother, You Can Change Her Mind By Simply Applying This 1 Secret...

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