I crashed into my friends range Rover.. PS - im POOR

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Gay crush on my roommate

I have a massive crush on my roommate right now. However, we are both girls and she has a boyfriend in which they are in love. I cannot stop thinking about you and I cannot stop wanting to be more than acquaintances. I do not know what to do. It is distracting me a little bit from my studies.

I feel happy when she comes back to the room, but obviously she does not know I have a big gay crush on her. I'm sorry I feel this way. I just wish something more could happen but I understand you have a boyfriend. I will respect that, but I may accidentally tell you at the end of the semester.

I lie. Lie of being happy, smiling but crying inside...

I lie. Lie of being happy, smiling but crying inside. I don't understand myself.I self harm. People around me don't understand me tell me to stop. These scars are like battle scars for me. Battles I've fought with myself. Yes, I hate myself. I'm an Indian and a bisexual. When some people came to know,they said 'Chhi'. It hurts a lot.

Chhi is a way of saying ew in hind-a way to display disgust.

That disgust is because of me, which makes me hate myself more.

I have fake friends. Or maybe I used to have some. One of them broke my trust, one doesn't care about me, she only talks about her crush. Two of them are just greedy because I'm rich and they want stuff. One of them sided with people who destroyed my birthday. I don't understand why. I chose the wrong friends? That makes me hate myself even more.

I am lonely in school. And also without knowing, people hurt me. For example, my classmates which are kinda fine (the girls), they only...

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I need frens please

Hey I just joined Kik messenger I need frens please lol I begging for that it OK tho my name is Danyella DaSilva


So I think I have a crush on my friend but I don't know if she A' Likes me back and B' If I don't like her... But I am sure I do but I don't know for sure!

Fights n schools

Every time I like a guy, I be mean and have fights with him because I'm scared of being rejected and laughed at for my feeling. I think fights start conversation.that just goes to show how stupid my dumbass is. But I'm going to a new school this year and I'm going to change that. If I like a guy, I'll be nice and see where it goes. I want be the strong confident girl who you can be cool with but shouldn't piss off.

do not remember what happened to me that drunken night

I totally do not remember what happened to me that drunken night. The day went on, I remembered a lot of what happened, but some parts are still missing. I just know that he was my best friend and now I'm not sure what to think. He was calm and I certainly was not. He is 18 and there are a lot of things to consider I'm still 17. I do not know how to define the situation or remember what I can't recollect.

annoying thing

My best friend who lived in the US right now just got a boyfriend about a month ago. Since the day that she has been taken, she always talk about my life to me that I should get one. It is kinda annoying. I have told her that I don't want to talk about it but she said to me that it is time to talk about my love life because I'm going to graduate high school soon. Like seriously? why graduating high school related to the relationship? lol. We are living so far away from each other and the timezone is also different, plus it is hard for me to get to talk to her about everything that she doesn't know but whenever I we finally talked her she always ask me how's my love life? Ughhhhhh. Sometime it pissed me off, but i cannot do anything i just rolled my eyes and said her that I'm okay with myself. LOL

Heartless monster

I love this guy. I didn't know how I fell for him. I just do. He's not as good looking as you thought he would be but I still love him the way he is. The problem is, I always think that I am coward. I didn't have the courage to confess to him because I thought "Hey, I'm a girl. I shouldn't make the first move." So I went to my friend's house to hang out with her. I asked her whether or not it's a good idea for me to tell him about how I feel. And so she said that it wasn't a bad idea and that if I really love him I should just tell him before it's too late. And if he rejected me, at least I wouldn't have hope to be with him and it would be less hurt. Guess what? I chose not to tell. So I started finding another guy (Let's call him with initial letter, M.) M is my best guy friend. Like literally the best friend you could ever imagine as a guy. A friend that you could comfortably talk about things, hang out with and just being ourselves when we're together. And then I had an evil...

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I need help!!!!

I go to a school that has a disco 3 times a year. One is coming up! I have a crush I want to ask to it called Charlie but he thinks I am just a friend and I blush a lot when I'm around him! Please help! Please comment advice! Thanks.

The two companies NM Holdings in London and Event Horizon...

The two companies NM Holdings in London and Event Horizon in Monaco have a middle manager by the name of Marta G who is a Narcissist. She has all the classical narcissistic behavior such as abusive calls, constant out of hours calls, interrogations and sexual harassment.

Tre'... My Crush

 My crush is Tre'... I've known him for two years and really know that I like him now. He is a grade younger than me but I still like him!! I think he likes me back but I'm not sure. His brother told me that he said that I'm sexy..... There was this one time at church when we were in children's church (we were only there cause the adult service is boring and my grandma teaches children's church) but anyways she had a movie on, about easter and we didn't really have to pay attention cause we knew the Easter story so she said we could talk quietly so I said I like ur tie and he said thanks I had a dress on with a belt and I said let me see ur tie so I took it off him and put it on , than he said let me see ur belt so he put his arms around my waist and undid my belt, than he was sitting on the floor and I had to get up so when I got up I stepped over him and he saw up my dress and when I stepped over him he rubbed my leg. Than towards the end of church we were about...

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I am telling you thousandth time that i love you...

I am telling you thousandth time that i love you, i love you my brother, my buddy, my support, my guide, my everything. Even when we are not blood Brothers, you are greater than that and i love You deeply. You can't imagine how hard it is now to see you everyday but not being able to talk. I don't know which actions of mine hurted you and you lose your trust in me. I just wanna say that i can never wish or do your bad. You are my buddy. It's hard to live with memories when we used to chat till 3 am. But now, you don't like to see my face even. Please talk with me and clear amy misunderstandings. Please come back my brother. I miss you and Time is less just 1 month left for which i can see your face and hear you voice. Please buddy come back, I love you Bro.