I don't think envy is that bad, it is only bad for the one who feels it . Envy is only bad when the envious put their envy into action/act it out. By committing injustices against the object of the envy or attacking the object of envy . Envy by itself is normal (when reasonable). Everybody feels envious, with reason, at one point or another in life. However everyone also might feel envious without reason at one point or other more than once in life. However even when I have reason to feel envious I feel remorse when nobody ever feels remorse or confess having felt envy of me without cause.

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I want to watch porn but it wont turn on so will someone post a porn video

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i dont usually go on websites like these... but it's...

i dont usually go on websites like these... but it's really been bugging and idk why bc it usually never does

so i like to read fanfics (dont shame me, some are really good) and i usually shy away from angsty ones because i dont usually like the outcomes and they make me sad. but from time to time i do and someone posted a screenshot of a fic on twitter and it looked really good. the screenshot only had about 2 paragraphs but it was so good and i was hooked. so of course i had to read it, i knew it would be angsty but i thought it'll have a happy ending or something neutral, which i could handle. so let me describe a bit of the fic for you. it was a kidnapping/stalker fic and i've read others before and they usually go like this: main guys gets kidnapped, kidnapper threatens to kill family and friends, main guy still tries to find a way out, fails, someone comes in and rescues them and you know they get therapy and eventually get...

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Basic Hair Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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     I came home early and heard my mom having sex with one of the girls she usually hangs out with. I wouldnt really mind it if my mom was a lesbian but its fucked up because shes still married to my dad. I just left and never talked to her or my dad about it because im so scared of confrontation. Its even more fucked up because they were in my bedroom.

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