I hate myself, like literally. Everything about me is horrible. I don't give two shots about what anyone thinks of me cuz I don't like me. I'm 60 pounds over weight, I have anxiety, I'm on anti depressants, my thighs and stomach are too big, I'm whiny and annoying, Ima bitch to everyone, I have insomnia, and when I do sleep I get nightmares that make me awaken in fear and drowning in tears and sweat. I hang out with bitch people, and I think I'm fake. Can anyone tell me how to make myself feel better and love myself cuz I'm sick of hating myself.

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If u are 15yrs you have a whole life ahead of u. You hate your self CU's you are growing up wrongly, wrong ideals, wrong friends, wrong food, wrong almost everything. Change every thing. Now before its too late. netoplay@yahoo.com If you see my point, den I can help you, I know I can.

Your problems are all solvable, you have to love yourself despite what you feel is wrong with yourself. You appear to be not very motivated, and that could be the root of your problem. You don't need drugs, they really effect your emotional well being, and become an addiction. I think getting a lot more exercise would do a lot for your physical image you have of yourself, and more importantly, your mental and emotional health. It's that simple. Only you can change what you don't like. I'm sure if you started to walk a mile everyday, then two miles. You would feel 100% better. And when you lost the first couple of pounds, then a couple more pounds. Your whole life would change. A little bit of exercise will get you off those nasty pills , that could be part of your problem with your mental outlook. life sucks, many people agree with that. But life is what you make it. Get mad, get tough on yourself, push yourself if you want change. Nobody else can make you change. Get happy my friend, it's something that is possible, and it's something that you can do. I love you and I don't even know you, you do love yourself to. Get moving.

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A man loved me. He loved me in every possible way, he...

A man loved me. He loved me in every possible way, he loved me as much as he can. And I ditched him. I can't forgive myself in this life. I gave my level best to love him. But every time when we came close I accepted him as a very good friend. His love gave me strength, confidence, will power, everything. But I was unable to love him. I tried to love him, I said "I love you" to him, I touched him but never loved him. I thought this is okay to be with someone or to marry someone who loves me even when I don't. Then a man came in my life. I felt his aura, his soul. Finally I felt love for a person and came in a relation. I am sorry. I am really sorry that I hurt you. You were a person, who once took all the important decision of my life, you are a god-gifted person.. I can never forgive myself for doing such a sin. Please forgive me if you can. Please forgive me. I break in tears when you show your anger, your hatred towards me. Please forgive me.

Be genuine and true, never be fake- consider advise from others.

Being true

This Is a very important thing in life. Be content on what you have. 

I have lived in disgrace, and failed to live up to the standards. And it hurts. 

Can't even continue with my story coz I'm in tears. Will finish it someday soon.

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My wife was a virgin when we met. I have a 5 inch penis...

My wife was a virgin when we met. I have a 5 inch penis and like an idiot I went out and bought an 8 inch dildo.  I know she prefers that to me and I'm sure she has fantasized about having sex with someone that big. Now we are in a relationship where she is the dominant and I am a submissive. Part of me regrets buying it but another part of me loves the idea of being dominated. I only hope she doesn't act on her fantasy to have a real penis inside of her that is bigger than me.

The hurt

I don't get it.  I put everything I had into a relationship, I loved her, I loved her more than I had ever loved anyone in my life. 

Every day, she was all I had on my mind, I stayed up late talking to her, I encouraged her, I helped her through anything she'd ever needed help with. And she was all I needed. She made me smile, she made me a better person, and she filled a gap in my life I didn't even know was there. I had really thought that she had been, the one. I would have done anything for her, I gave up opportunities that I can never get back, just so I could stay with her. I was determined to keep us going, and it worked. We spent days laughing, chatting, and sharing some of our deepest feelings, at least I did. Then one day, out of nowhere, I heard her talking about someone else. It hurt, it hurt more than I could have imagined. We talked. She told me it was a hard decision, and she needed time to think. And I encouraged her to do what made her most happy. All I...

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What's the first thing that come through your mind when...

What's the first thing that come through your mind when you wake up in the morning?

coffee? what to eat breakfast? works? family? friends?how to spend the money?

Do you ever feel like wanting to never wake up in the morning? to sleep at night and never wake up? then you'll be a goner.

That's what i feel almost every morning. yeah, almost... because i still know that i have responsibilities, to my family, to all of my closed relations. The thought was always there since i don't know when.

That thought, is not because i feel afraid to face the world, but because whats the used of me living in this world, without me the world will keep going, my family...i think they will be fine.

I have nothing to lose, those beautiful dreams and goals, i killed them a long time ago, the time i realized that i am nothing, and everything around me seemed so fake. All the smiles i was given turned into a backstabbing mock. All the things that maybe i could enjoy by...

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Ok I'm ashamed when I was 7 I was dating a boy in my...

Ok I'm ashamed when I was 7, I was dating a boy in my class let's call him *Jordan* and we had been dating for like a few years and he asked me to show him my vagina and breasts(even thought I didn't have any) or he would break up so I was stupid and showed him. And he asked if I want to see his penis ( I said no) but I wish I said yes kind of? I know that's  horrible. Also i told my best friend and when I told her the story I said that I didn't show him even though I did. Also he had people *guarding* outside while i was showing him we kissed too. I don't know if I should tell anyone or not because I'm only ten but sometimes I cry about it and say I'm a slut. What do I do? help.

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Alright so my ex was my first kiss and It was the end of the year I was on a field trip I was sitting by this guy on the bus I was tired so I fell asleep on his shoulder and everybody took a picture and my bf at the times best friend was sitting in the seat across from mine and he sent the pic to my bf at the time and he asked me if I was gonna break up with him for the guy I fell asleep on I said no and later that day he broke up with me. I feel like I deserved it did I?

I am disgusted

I am purely disgusted with how I look. 

Am I wrong?

When my friend came out as transgender, we were so happy for her. But when he came out to his mom, she lashed out. Now his mom won't talk to him and I hate her for that. Is it wrong to hate her?


When I was nine,I was raped and molested and I told my mom and the police came and arrested him and I told everyone I hated the rape but it actually felt kind of good. Does that make me a bad person if I liked it??!! I feel terrible, I am a terrible person!!!

I start my Christmas shopping now, when people ask why ...

I start my Christmas shopping now, when people ask why I just say it's because I have a lot to shop for. Truth is I'm a kleptomaniac and I have less control over it with every bag I carry.

sometimes i wish i could kill myself because i get shitty...

sometimes i wish i could kill myself because i get shitty teammates in a game named league of legends