I hate myself, like literally. Everything about me is horrible. I don't give two shots about what anyone thinks of me cuz I don't like me. I'm 60 pounds over weight, I have anxiety, I'm on anti depressants, my thighs and stomach are too big, I'm whiny and annoying, Ima bitch to everyone, I have insomnia, and when I do sleep I get nightmares that make me awaken in fear and drowning in tears and sweat. I hang out with bitch people, and I think I'm fake. Can anyone tell me how to make myself feel better and love myself cuz I'm sick of hating myself.

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If u are 15yrs you have a whole life ahead of u. You hate your self CU's you are growing up wrongly, wrong ideals, wrong friends, wrong food, wrong almost everything. Change every thing. Now before its too late. netoplay@yahoo.com If you see my point, den I can help you, I know I can.

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Hiding cut marks with full sleeves

I had cut myself earlier and unless I'm in the shower, you will never find me wearing short sleeves.

Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh.......yummy yummy yummy...

Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh.......yummy yummy yummy yummy ..God I want him so freaking bad

I told my wife Julia, but need to say it louder...

I told my wife Julia, but need to say it louder. i'm Nicky C from Omagh, Northern Ireland. I cheated on her with a local girl Clodagh B for years, she knows I am sorry but I need to say it loud I am so sorry.

When I was twelve I tattooed myself...

When I was twelve I went over to my friends for a sleep over. My two friends that I stayed the night with got out a diy tattooing kit. They said that they got it from one of their grandparents renters who moved out and left it behind. Yes I know I could get a really bad disease but I didn't at that time. I was sitting with my friends on the bed and they began tattooing red hearts in there bathing suit area on the side of their hip. After some time I began to think that if I got a tattoo I would be cool. So i began doing a black cross on my hip where no one could see. I was tired and didn't know what I was doing. After I was done imprinting the tattoo we went to sleep. When I woke up my senses came to me about how dumb that was to do so I began to cut it out with something kinda like a ninja star that my friend had by her bed. I cut it every day for about a week trying to get it out. There is still some ink in my side today but it just looks like a bruise that will forever stay on...

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I want sex. I'm going to go hump my teddy bear.

Not a mother

the first and only time i got pregnant, i was fired from my job immediately for unspecified "performance issues" that had never been brought up until i told them i was pregnant. the child's father didn't have a job at all, and wasn't putting up any money for an abortion. so i feebly tried to end the pregnancy using a wives-tale method of inducing miscarriage by over-consuming vitamin C tablets and using parsley tampons for a week. it didn't work, and i carried a pregnancy i never wanted to term. the father refused to allow an adoption to take place, and now has the child. i never emotionally bonded with the child that came out and i feel guilt about it every second of every day. making abortion inaccessible to the poor doesn't create loving, happy families; it creates children with unwilling parents who can't love them and don't know why.

Hole in the wall.

So my sister and I were wrestling and I by mistake elbowed the wall and made a huge hole, so we covered it up with a poster. My parents still haven't found out. But they will sooner or later I guess.

I'm a girl, but I love gay smut fan fiction. I just want...

I'm a girl, but I love gay smut fan fiction. I just want Destiel to be cannon.

My first sexual experience

I had sex with my cousin when I was 12 we promise we would never tell anyone and were not blood related but she was raised by my dad's cousin me and her talk often and we still find each other attractive is this bad and how much on a one to ten

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I pretended to be someone else so I can have...

I pretended to be someone else so I can have conversations with this person. The person was known to be a 'sex-pest' and he has harassed my friends on social media, sending innapropriate pictures and asking for some in return. I don't know if I did it for revenge, to see what it was like to get something like that, or to teach him a lesson to be more careful and less reckless. I suppose it was a mix of them all, and half way through our conversation , I regretted it a lot. I tried to back out but he was begging for me to stay. I felt trapped so I continued anyway. It resulted in him sending a picture of his genitals (which I never saw). He wanted me to send a picture back and he was very forceful with it. So I blocked him. I don't know if what I did was illegal or not, bit I am feeling so guilty. It always goes through my mind and I hate myself for doing it. What should I do?

Am I a bad person? For years, I have been having this...

Am I a bad person? For years, I have been having this same occurring dream about a particular event that happened in my life. It haunts me and makes me feel even guiltier (I don't know if this is a word or not) each time it happens. When I was 12 years old, I went through a phase. I didn't want to go school or anywhere at that time. I felt somewhat empty on the inside and unloved. One day I came to school with just tears rushing down my face. I did not want to be there, I just wanted to be left alone from everybody. The next day I had to talk to the counselor about why I did not want to come to school. Was my home life bad? No. Am I being bullied? No. I just feel didn't feel like going but I guess that was not a good enough answer for the counselor. The counselor asking me which frustrated me to the point where I began to cry. She finally asked me was I being molested and for some reason I said yes. Nobody has ever molested me, I just wanted to stopped talking to her and said yes....

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I sometimes reflex on some thoughts...

I sometimes reflex on some thoughts Maybe:

¤ I am the one who is possessive and jealous of couples, this is why I am 27 and never had a boyfriend

¤ I am the one that is envious since I am 27 and never had a job even though I was fit for it

¤ I am the one who is controlling, people limited me to my bedroom (my bedroom was made into my cell)

¤ Also probably why I am the one stealing people' s freedom, and raining on their parade

¤ Maybe I am the evil one this why I need to be" dealt with inhumanity " 

Surprisingly when thinking those thoughts they all make sense, only by transcribing them they sound crazy now..

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