alright i really like this kid he is handsome funny adorable athletic all the things i love about a guy. i can look at his smile for the rest of my life. he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend. yet i still think we connect. he got my number from my cousin... he texted me. we have the same birthday so i asked him what he is going to get me... he said how bout a kiss? i was suprised them he said a hershey kiss i was like oh ok... ill take one and now we r good friends he asked me about my relationship i told hime i have a boyfriend named..... he said ok... the other day he was like stop hitting on me. i was like wtf i wasnt hitting one you(i really wasn't) then  today he came up to me alone and said cane i tell you something... i said sure... he said i really like you.. i asked as a friend? he said more... we kissed and he broke up with is girlfriend but i havnt with my boyfriend. but i love him and i dotn want to hurt my boyfriends feelings

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU A LOT !!!!!!!!!




My Boyfriend Can't Get Enough

So I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years and one night he asked if it was possible to sneak over to tell me something that needed to be said in person... It's a 2 hour walk to his house. But with my worried and anxious self. I did. I was tired and soaked from rain when I got there. He made sure I rested and ate some food. After massaging me, he asked if I wanted to take a shower. I was a mess so I agreed. He gave me a towel and made sure I had a change of cloths. In the middle of washing myself, I hear him come in and I asked without turning around "Honey, is everything okay?" That's when he opened the shower door... Naked... And hard. He tells me that I missed a spot and starts washing me and feeling me up. (You know where this is going, this isn't 50 Shades of Grey) After having sex for some time, we both finish. He carries me to the bed and he holds me in the covers. I remind myself of the reason I came over. I ask "What did you wanna tell me, baby?" He then shifts...

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this may not be very interesting


 So. I met this guy at a camp I was on. He has the same name as my brother. I began to develop a crush on him. I'm still thinking about him. I just don't know if he likes me... why would he even? Sometimes I am just kinda... insecure. I really like him. Next time I see him. I just might tell him.

SECRET crush

I have this crush on this boy and his name is Jordan but he is dating a girl named chloe i never met her but and I dont ever talk to him plz give me advice on at least talking to him.

My never ending love

This night.

All my memories are like water that is flowing back

and reminding me how my life went through.

I have a younger brother who's age is 20 and a sister who's 7.

My family is quite unique. My Siblings and I have the same mother

and different mother.

So I want to tell the world how my life have been from the past 21 years.

It started at the age of 7-13 years old. I was a victim of child abuse.

I've been abused sexually by my tito (uncle)

It stopped February 14, 2012

As I remember, I thought it was only a game. 

We usually do it after school.

As time goes by, I was adjusted w/ that kind of activity.

I don't know I was raped for  7 years.

I did not tell my parents about this because I am ashamed of myself.

And i don't want my parents to destroy the harmonious relationship we

have in our family. We are an extended family. We have our...

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I finally blocked/removed my emotionally abusive ex on...

I finally blocked/removed my emotionally abusive ex on everything. I feel freed.

How's bruh

SoBrian thinks he slick. First he was talking to some other girl without me knowing and then I see him crying all red eyes mcpuffy with my friend Marisol about the girl he was secretly dating. So now they are dating lowkey and she posted on Snapchat "Mark what's yours" with a hickie on his neck. They're both whores  

I masturbate on a daily basis even though my boyfriend...

I masturbate on a daily basis even though my boyfriend and I have sex on a nightly basis... I'm addicted to sex and really hate to be a whore but I need more penetration and pussy eating in my life...


After my last relationship, I feel like I can never trust my single friends around anyone I'll date. Although it's been a year it still feels like forever. All I can think or ask these days is " will i ever be enough for someone ?"

Sisters secret love

First off she's so sexy I hope she decides to go further!! U and those tight clothes mmmm lol well damn near anything u wear. Keep being a little tease for me at the right times when he's looking away or will be there in 2 min so I get a quicky tease, how u bent over the little bed so that lil booty was gonna get it lol I can't wait til we get to play that'll be one hell of a story!! Love ya an I know u love me keep peeking that ass up for me lol

I am a student of 21 and I live since September last year...

I am a student of 21 and I live since September last year with a landlady, a fat widow in her sixties. Previously I had three girlfriends and the relation of the last one was finished because I found me a room for my study in another part of the country.

When the widow heard I had no girlfriend anymore, she told me that she would feel very privileged (yes, so were her words), to provide me with my needs. I didn't need to be ashamed to let her know I was horny because she still knew very well how young men are in this. I would not regret it, she promised.

Out of curiosity that night I had sex with her. It was amazing, I had several times sex with her and the widow let her go completely and gave me the best sex I had ever experienced.

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Is love about bravery?

Whenever I try to break up with my boyfriend, I love him more after. And imagining my life without him doesn't work the same way. I am scared of commitment, and I am scared of being alone. I am scared of wasting his time. I am scared of mine. I don't know if the greater act of bravery is breaking up or staying together. Is love about bravery?