alright i really like this kid he is handsome funny adorable athletic all the things i love about a guy. i can look at his smile for the rest of my life. he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend. yet i still think we connect. he got my number from my cousin... he texted me. we have the same birthday so i asked him what he is going to get me... he said how bout a kiss? i was suprised them he said a hershey kiss i was like oh ok... ill take one and now we r good friends he asked me about my relationship i told hime i have a boyfriend named..... he said ok... the other day he was like stop hitting on me. i was like wtf i wasnt hitting one you(i really wasn't) then  today he came up to me alone and said cane i tell you something... i said sure... he said i really like you.. i asked as a friend? he said more... we kissed and he broke up with is girlfriend but i havnt with my boyfriend. but i love him and i dotn want to hurt my boyfriends feelings

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Why me

Nothing I do is ever good enough, never right. All I do is cause stress, pain and anger to the people I love. They would all be far better off if I just...disappeared. I can't just pack up and move. There is only one way out. I have to die. Goodnight.

Valentine, I still love you

Dear Canadian Valentine (Ms. LIbman, a.k.a Fluttershy)

I told the whole world about you. How you were the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Then yesterday for Valentine's day, I sent you a message on instagram. Did you get it? It was a picture of Applejack sitting on a heart that said,  "Be my sugarcube", you didn't answer me and I was sad. Later on, you posted a picture of yourself holding hands with some random guy. I was devastated. Everything I had said about you. I sang your praises to everyone who would listen and then I saw the picture. It broke me in two. I didn't feel life was worth living anymore since you're the reason why I pressed on with life when I didn't want to.

Even though you wounded my heart badly, I still love you. In truth, I don't want to keep loving you and I just want to despise you because of the picture you posted, but I just can't. I just can't. I want us to be together. I feel life is meaningless without you. I try to move on to...

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I had this weird relationship where I was dating this guy...

I had this weird relationship where I was dating this guy and I stopped for a week and a half to date this girl. We had k kwn each other for a long time and I fell in love with the girl and I broke up with my boy friend for good to be with her. She broke up with me the same day and we are still friends. I have to look at her every day and know I can never have her because she doesn't love me.

Holding on!

21st March, '16

Let's not pretend that I'm not after you and you are not aware of it. Ever since I've met you, the world I used to be in got turned upside down. Every single minute I'm not busy doing something you are not involved in. You are constantly on my mind lingering around my head. For past 25 yrs I've avoided to be in this situation. It might sound insane but really I avoided being in a relationship just because my parents won't allow. Now that you happened, I don't know what to do or how do I  gain your trust. The moment you are in sight or literally hear your voice I go blank! I know you don't want this now. Just tell me if in future it's possible because I waited long enough. If it's not done for you, tell me how much time you need! I'll wait for an entire lifetime. Each time I reach out for you the plan backfires, you just end up the conversation. I don't know if you ever look back in time but I remember every sec spend with you. Specially December, when it...

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He's crushing SO HARD!

This guy really really likes me he's told me himself. I don't know if i like him the same way. We´ve kissed and even had anal. He's 2 years younger than me. His mom, younger and older sister all really like me, his dad died almost a month ago. I kinda wanna date him, I know He´ll treat me right, but, theres just something holding me back idk. My friends are all saying take a chance, He's still waiting for an answer and claims that he has liked me for four years. We've both graduated from high school. I haven't told my parents that he likes me yet. Idk what to do. I don't know if i wanna date him or just love being around him.

Gay attraction

I think gays lie to themselves about their sexual attraction and try to believe their lies

Missing college professor

My college professor is the best fuck I've ever had. I want to go back to him and ask him to take me back so badly, but I can not. My husband will kill me. But I can not stop thinking about private lessons and i really want one! ;-)

I have always gone for experienced partners and recently...

I have always gone for experienced partners and recently gotten involved with a partner with no experience. I am their first... EVERYTHING. They seem to be pleased but I don't know how to show them what to do and how to do it. It freaks me out. 

Well i like this kid but he is dating my friend

Well i like this kid but he is dating my friend but her mom is making he break up with him but she can not tell him and when i go by him i freeze and for some reason its so important for him to know who i like and my fav color. What i like but we are great friends with a hate /love relationship. And i feel bad for having a crush on him.

Okay, so... I like this girl, a lot. We hang out a lot,...

Okay, so... I like this girl, a lot. We hang out a lot, and she has a boyfriend, and so do I. She's straight, and I'm Bit, but I really wish I could tell her. But I'm also afraid. What do I do?

I feel like my fiancee is only with me for the sex..

I feel like my fiancee is only with me for the sex.. that's all he wants all the times..

How do I tell my gf that I love her?

I'm bi and dating my best friend, she's always telling me about how much she loves me. She means the world to me but I don't know how to show her I love her unconditionally. Help?