I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I am asleep. Nobody knows this just me. I go to sleep feeling normal, only a bit sleepy of course. When getting closer to falling asleep I begin feeling weaker and some weird sensation in the middle of my chest.However wake up almost EVERYDAY feeling weak... something bad happens in my sleep. There is a possibility that maybe it is also an evil entity doing that. I pray and ask God to protect me from this but not always my faith is enough. I wish this evil thing stopped draining my soul every night.

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The only thing I really want in life is to be financially...

The only thing I really want in life is to be financially secure. I've done most everything else and aside from having and raising kids, nothing else was all that exciting. I think I'd like to know the experience of being financially secure. It's something I haven't tried yet and I'd like to have the experience just to know what it is like.

I am in love with a member of my big family...

I am in love with a member of my big family

No relationship by blood of course

First time i met her when we went to college together and we started like brother and sister

I kissed her several times with love..yes pure love and not lust...not even once

But then again, probably she told someone and in the end we were separated by distance

She was still my fave and i do love her until now and probably forever...even though we are having our own family

She will be my flower...my untold secret...and i do hope we will meet again in better life at next reincarnations

Love you J

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i dont usually go on websites like these... but it's...

i dont usually go on websites like these... but it's really been bugging and idk why bc it usually never does

so i like to read fanfics (dont shame me, some are really good) and i usually shy away from angsty ones because i dont usually like the outcomes and they make me sad. but from time to time i do and someone posted a screenshot of a fic on twitter and it looked really good. the screenshot only had about 2 paragraphs but it was so good and i was hooked. so of course i had to read it, i knew it would be angsty but i thought it'll have a happy ending or something neutral, which i could handle. so let me describe a bit of the fic for you. it was a kidnapping/stalker fic and i've read others before and they usually go like this: main guys gets kidnapped, kidnapper threatens to kill family and friends, main guy still tries to find a way out, fails, someone comes in and rescues them and you know they get therapy and eventually get...

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My weight

Yes I'm smart yes I'm funny yes I have passions and sadly yes I'm overweight. I weigh in at 218.6 pounds today I mean I'm down since I've been eating better and doing color guard but my dumb body isn't losing weight fast enough. The worse part is that people say way to go you rock but I'm still over weight I want to weigh less so much.

Even though i'm known as being very unemotional and not...

Even though i'm known as being very unemotional and not very romantic, am a hopeless romantic deep down who loves to watch really heart warming stuff.

Suicidal Thoughts

I constantly feel these suicidal thoughts... But I have had them for so long you would think I would be over it by now. All I can really think about is how much I want to die. I listen to sad music, hoping one day that it will be the last song I hear. I cry when no one is looking, and I hide it all away so they don't put me away. I just wish someone would kill me already... I am a very annoying person and I just get in the way. No one really cares, because if they did they would just end my suffering. I am an awful person who doesn't deserve life. I just want it all to end. I want to just disappear... 

My husband looks really geeky today

My husband looks really geeky today

Crispy Fried Shrimp - Southern Restaurant Secrets for Home Cooking

This is how you make perfect restaurant quality Southern Fried Shrimp. It's so easy it will blow your mind. All you need is some raw shrimp, a few simple ingredients for the Shrimp Batter, and some cooking oil for frying!

SIMPLE Breast Exercises

Simple Breast Exercises to help Lift, Firm, and Shape your breasts. For even great result use Triactol Bust Serum :) Breasts are the BEST!!!

The SCP foundation is real...

The SCP foundation is real

My name is Michele and I work at a place that has many similarities to the fictional online idea of the SCP foundation. We collect new creatures and slowly realise information about them until we give the media full permission to access all archives on the creates naming it a "newly discovered animal, plant, fungi or bacteria" we have found every creature on this planet but we haven't given you all the details on them yet. To prove to you that this is true I will tell you this in at the end of the summer of 2017 a new plant will be found and so will two water based bacteria.

I felt it was my Job to tell someone but I was scared that whoever I told would be hurt.

You should know that this kind

of thing would be going on I mean come on

ur government controlling you, you should


i hope someone understand me.

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5 CRAZIEST Occurrences During Live Streams

5 CRAZIEST Occurrences During Live Streams

I have been to a chatting site...

I have been to a chatting site. Won't repeat it in my lifetime. I am changing now... gud bye to all social networking except g+. its harmless. Gud bye fb,... i confess.... i pledge i wont repeat.... promise god... promise my teachers... promise dad...