I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I am asleep. Nobody knows this just me. I go to sleep feeling normal, only a bit sleepy of course. When getting closer to falling asleep I begin feeling weaker and some weird sensation in the middle of my chest.However wake up almost EVERYDAY feeling weak... something bad happens in my sleep. There is a possibility that maybe it is also an evil entity doing that. I pray and ask God to protect me from this but not always my faith is enough. I wish this evil thing stopped draining my soul every night.

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Hope to get some advices from ...

Hello everyone. Hope to get some advices from you all. I've been married to a man for 11 years. He had promised  me to be supportive  throughout  my life. I had some domestic issued with my family, because of which I was always frustrating to my mom n Bro.we had frequent fights at home, me n my mom, n my hubby was always blamed by my mom.But I always supported him coz  I knew  he was right . Slowly our problem got  sorted out .After my Bro was put in Rehabilitation, financed by me n my hubby. NOW everything is OK. We are in my hubby village. We both working but  problem now is we don't get maid here. So I'm facing  problem with house chores .Mostly it's me cleaning, cooking ,kids , my job .sometimes little veg garden too. Maybe it's not too much of work.But before my mom would help, now she is with my Bro. And I am not used to  all the works.

My hubby  used to  help me before n now I'm alone.He helps his bro during his free time with village work, I'm ok with tat.but even...

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