Sometimes I believe in God and sometimes I don't.

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I absolutely don't believe that god exists, there's never been one tiny shred of evidence to support their beliefs. When I was a child I believed in Santa Claus, why? Because the people who I loved and trusted told me he was real. I was told to be good a good boy if I wanted a Christmas present. Religion is exactly the same, your brainwashed from birth and that's what you will believe for the rest of your life. Religion is really child abuse. Your belief is more to do with where you are born. What organized religion is right about who is god. The true meaning of religion is to control people and to create guilt and fear as a control mechanism. Religion has caused nothing but war and death and little good to humans. I can't believe in something, if I have to have to kill a person who doesn't share my believe.That's not a superior being, that's obviously a human beings mind. If god exists he is a very simple minded, egotistical sadist. I don't mind saying. He has to be more of a presents to make me a believers.

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I am a fucked up person. I know how people are going to die and just by looking at them I can feel and see someone's going to die. It's horrible. Because I see a lot of people and I know how they all are going to die.

My best friend I am so sorry for. Because she has the most horrible death. Every time I see her I see and feel how she's going to die. It's horrible. I know how I'm going to die, it's because of suicide. And I have people in my head. Who try to make me have suicidal thoughts. I don't cut because I have a person who loves me so much and I love her. (I'm a girl) I think sometimes why do people live because the reason of life is to die. Well life is a game the first one to die wins and you can't cheat. Cheating is suicide. I want to leave this world so badly. But I can't not forever at least. Sorry for boring you with my problems.


So I'm a weird kid I am 13 and I see ghost and its to the point to were I have to keep my blinds and windows closed and i sleep with a blanket over my head and well ....   

I'm followed by a shimigomi and its creepy as hell and oi kinda hate it yet I like it at the same time and I don't know what to do and for is yoiu don't know what a shimigomi is the look it up on google.

I'm gay

I'm gay

A Christian

I self harm

My life is so messed up

Someone help me please.

I never knew what a Solar Plexus was but since I was a...

I never knew what a Solar Plexus was but since I was a little child I've always felt more tired after sleeping and napping and waking up feeling weak right in the middle of my abdomen It happened throughout my life and in by adolescence it got worst .By that time I started trying to make my own deductions about it and what it was.I deducted things but it wasn't it. For example I deduced it could be anemia but it wasn't. I started deducing it was soul draining, spiritual draining after I began delving into chakras. I now don't believe in chakras anymore, however sometimes I wake up feeling weak to the point of drowsiness and if I stand up less quickly it makes me see everything black as if about to pass out . Besides that it feels as if in the middle of my chest it's weak but not exactly physically. Some nights I wake up just with the weird feeling in the middle of my chest but not tired nor weak all over just in the middle of my abdomen. 

         In conclusion, I...

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There are many paths leading to God realization, our spiritual search starts from within through meditation.

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Transgenders and homosexuals deserve to die - God commands it

I want to drown a transgender woman in a pond by cutting off his legs, blinding him, and throwing him in the middle of the pond. Then I will spit-roast his severed legs over a campfire while watching his arms splash around in the pond in a feeble attempt to escape his fate. After finishing my meal and ensuring the transgender woman is dead, I will hang his corpse on a gay bar's sign as a warning to all those who offend God.

Religion class

I'm in my last year of religion classes at my church. I'm both happy and sad about it. Happy because ill be rid of all the annoying white girls that try to touch my hair and all the horny guys trying to hit on the only Spanish/Dominican chica. Sad because I won't have anything else to do on a Wednesday night other than get ready to look badass for class. I'm the girl who listens to Selena y los dinos and other Spanish music while all the white girls chat about how distinct I am from the group. I like going to religion class because I look soo amazing every time I go leaves me feeling pretty good after guys see me and try to talk to me. I know it's weird but hey, whatever!

I am the person

I am the person good things happen to.


so i'm a therian and i did wear my tail for half through the school year and a week after a teacher started working here it was banned to wear ears and tails. it was a huge distraction not being able to wear it because i kept astral shifting and i was depressed for 2weeks so my grade went down as well when it happened.

Do we have free will?

There is limited free will in our attitude and approach to situations, although our lives are governed by the destiny we have created during the numerous cycles of birth and death, due to our load of karmas.