The only time I don't think in killing myself is when I sleep. But rest Of the time is the only thing in my mind. I don't do it because I have no courage and every time , I have tried before it did no work I'm so useless than I can't even end my life. I such looser.

My life is a mess and it had geting worse since my husband die. I don't know why I'm here.

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I think that you should take some time to think about your passions are. Whether it is a sport, a musical instrument, writing, acting, dancing, teaching or whatever it is. If you can find something that you love (especially something that you can do with other people) will feel better focusing your time and energy on that.

Your not a loser because you can't kill yourself. The fact that you can't is a good thing because to be so stressed out to the point where you want suicide is never a good thing. This does not make you useless it means your natural human instincts are fighting against you so that you won't die. The human body will always be struggling to survive whether you want it or not. You need to live on though. If you need motivation just think of all the people who will miss you when you are gone.

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I know my mom went through a lot of stress raising my two...

I know my mom went through a lot of stress raising my two older brothers, going to school for her master's, and struggling to make ends meet while she was pregnant with me. Curiously, I'm the only one of my siblings that has multiple health/mental illnesses. I really think all that stress affected how I turned out and I know there's psychology/science to back that up. On nights like these, I lie in bed with insomnia, depressed because I can't hold a steady job, I'm broke and I wonder if I'll ever be able to quit the numerous medications I have to take. I have panic attacks because I worry so bad about "getting my sh*t together". Today, I didn't even leave my bedroom.

I feel a terrible guilt when unintentional rage boils up inside of me about how my brothers made off with the good genetics, and how  my mother's taking care of them gave me the short end of the stick.

I love my family. My brothers were my best friends growing up. But as the years pass and the...

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My mother allowed her fiance to molest/rape me since i...

My mother allowed her fiance to molest/rape me since i was 12 to the week before my 18th birthday, he still harrassed me after i turned 18.

Me and my dad went over to my uncle's house every weekend...

Me and my dad went over to my uncle's house every weekend. Me and my cousin was going skating with some of his friends. We got there and it was closed. We came back home and caught my uncle and dad fucking in the basement room. We both walked in and watched. My dad was all dressed up. Nice dress, bra, wig, stocking, shoes and makeup. They have been playing with one another for years.

Ditched my step dad

I ditched my step dad and destroyed his van completely. He used to hit my mother, me, my brother and sister and beat the crap out. He destroyed our lives and my mother was very scared to do anything about her life. It's been 10 years and we all are happy without you sick, drunk, pill popping psycho.

My friend will is hanging out with a girl with depression...

My friend will is hanging out with a girl with depression she broke up with her boyfriend last Wednesday and he is putting his hands on her I think he might be a rapist which pains me to say as we have been friends for 5 years now but ever since he said he wanted to kill himself, he has changed as a person and seems to be setting himself up to be hurt.

The Secret to a Happy Family

What makes a happy family? How do you know if you're doing a good job as a parent? Inspired by Zach Braff's latest movie, "Wish I Was Here" we decided to bring in real parents, with their children, to set up an experiment and find out more.

You sickies think you are the center of the universe...

You sickies think you are the center of the universe. All your family's money and energy go to keeping you alive, some what functioning, halfway healthy, and for what reason? I wish euthanasia were legal for humans. Why must we invest to prolong the life of a person who wont, cant, or refuses to give back or be functioning. A one time funeral is cheaper than lifelong healthcare.

You guys are the reason people like me walk out of the house upon your diagnosis. You are the reason mom and dad had to sell the house and move into grandma and grandpas. You are the reason we all have had to do without good birthdays and christmases. You are the reason we had to get jobs at 15. You are the reason we move three states away and mom and dad throw fits that we don't visit or help. You know what?


Its our turn!

We now have jobs that allow us to give us the things we lost because of you. Nice clothes, cool gadgets, fun vacations. And no,...

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Can't tell anyone

My secret? I think I'm lesbian. I've never felt anything beyond friendship with anyone before but within the last year or year and a half I have been rethinking it more. At first I though I might be Bi but after the initial realisation I was interested in anyone that way I found I was looking at other girls a lot more and what I thought was interest in the guys was just a passing thing because I've pretended to be interested all this time just to please others but really I have no interest. My problem? My parents are hugely religious an if they find out I'm dead. I'm trying to work toward freeing myself from them but I'm lost on everything and terrified of losing my cool and them finding out before I can break free enough. It saddens me that I'll have to choose between them and myself. They terrify me.

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby...

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby brother. she laughed out jello that she was eating... it was a mess. she was 2 rooms away from the baby.

I have a five month old baby boy...

I have a five month old baby boy. I wasn't sure who the father was until after he was born. The dad is an old friend I hooked up with one night even though he had a girlfriend. I'm sure he cheats on her every chance he gets just like he did with his ex wife. He got another woman pregnant while he was still married and now he did pretty much the same thing to his girlfriend. 

So the thing that's bothering me is this.... He won't take  the baby he says because there's no room in the 3 bedroom house he shares with his brother  and young nephew. I know this is a lie because he takes his other two kids there. So he's trying  to hide the fact that he has a kid. I think his girlfriend and brother not knowing about the baby is the ONLY reason he won't take him. So should I tell them both for him? I know it's a crappy situation but it's here and a baby isn't going away. Also should I hit him up for child  support? He's been buying diapers and formula but baby's take a lot more...

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I am sixteen going on seventeen

Soo I am sixteen going on seventeen and I'm not saying that I want a kid but if I had one I would be more than thrilled. I'm not going to try to make one but if I got pregnant I was be so happy.

I gave too much of pains for that girl and my family...

Jesus i fl myself got mad and i gave too much of pains for that girl and my family, friends and her family.

Plz i did too much drinks, smokes and using too much of bad words to others. I mental disturbing and doing these all. Sexual self and too much god plz forgive and take me to change as gud plz god my lord please forgive me.

And plz give life with her and start with gud job and loving family please god i need to live with her with gud job nd love and without past life