Last month, I bought my first bikini in years. Literally, in 8ish years. I look fine in the bikini, but I just don't feel it, you know? My thighs are a bit bigger than other peoples at my age because being in a traveling dance group builds up strength. My butt is fine, I don't really care about it. It's my stomach that really bothers me. I'm perfectly normal for my height and age (5,6 and 14 y/o female), but I just feel fat (140 pounds).

I have a stress-eating problem and now, everything is catching up with me. So I'm eating less. I started off by eating everything later. Then I turned lunch and dinner into snacks rather than full meals. Then I started skipping lunch and breakfast became a snack. Now, I only eat a snack for breakfast, I skip lunch, and for than half the week, I skip dinner altogether.

My friends came over for a sleepover and found my weight keeping journal containing my weekly info on how much exercise I did and my weight at the end of the week. They asked me how I lose so much weight by sitting around on the internet. I gave an answer that avoided the question and they haven't asked again. The most I've lost in a week is 13 pounds.

Yeah, I starve myself because I'm fat.

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