Last month, I bought my first bikini in years. Literally, in 8ish years. I look fine in the bikini, but I just don't feel it, you know? My thighs are a bit bigger than other peoples at my age because being in a traveling dance group builds up strength. My butt is fine, I don't really care about it. It's my stomach that really bothers me. I'm perfectly normal for my height and age (5,6 and 14 y/o female), but I just feel fat (140 pounds).

I have a stress-eating problem and now, everything is catching up with me. So I'm eating less. I started off by eating everything later. Then I turned lunch and dinner into snacks rather than full meals. Then I started skipping lunch and breakfast became a snack. Now, I only eat a snack for breakfast, I skip lunch, and for than half the week, I skip dinner altogether.

My friends came over for a sleepover and found my weight keeping journal containing my weekly info on how much exercise I did and my weight at the end of the week. They asked me how I lose so much weight by sitting around on the internet. I gave an answer that avoided the question and they haven't asked again. The most I've lost in a week is 13 pounds.

Yeah, I starve myself because I'm fat.

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Hi. I just wanted to let you know I've been there. I've starved myself and I lost a lot of weight. This is the problem though. Anemia is a mental disease that you have now introduced to yourself. Take it from another teenage girl. It's not fun. Your entire world begins to revolve around your weight and you can often lead yourself to depression and suicidal thoughts. I was 20 lbs UNDERWEIGHT an I still thought I was fat. Your mind begins to warp and you will never think you are good enough. Please be careful and speak with a doctor about this. The last thing you want to do is be a shell of a human being. Love yourself the way you are. And actually for your height and age you are a healthy weight. And I'm sure you are a beautiful girl.

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