Melissa Rauch,  I saw you on the big bang theory and fell for you. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I hope you are a having a great time and a good day. Maybe someday we can meet each other. You are so pretty. I think we could become great friends and perhaps have a relationship.  Before I Knew your real name, I always referred to you as Bernie, well because that was your name in the big bang theory. So, I hope you don't mind being called Bernie. If you ever come by where I live,  feel free to stop by. Maybe if you don't have a valentine by Valentine's day, maybe we can both be valentines. Well nice talking to you and if you should get this, please feel free to respond.

Posted by Anonymous 29 Male Omaha NE

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Sharon Victoria Harvey of Penarth Vale of Glamorgan...

Sharon Victoria Harvey of Penarth Vale of Glamorgan Cardiff Wales. 

Point blank this girl lives a fake online double life. She is a liar and will fill your head with nonsense and bullshit and when you get hip to it and call her out she acts self righteous and says she only justifies herself to her and no one else. then she will blame you for everything and by that I mean if you react to her lies and then she blames you and cuts you out for being negative. She is a poisonous human being who is very much inhuman. Her peers don't even have a clue and she will play victim to them while lying about what it is she does and the lies she makes up. In the end she will blame you for everything and take no accountability for her lies because "she doesnt have to justify herself to anyone". If you are smart welsh fellas you will run away as fast as you can because she is a monster. Says everything good up front then truly will show herself in the end and blame you. RUN RUN RUN!!

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Forgotten Relationship

I once agreed to date a friend I hadn't seen in 4 years. I completely forgot and soon got a text saying he was breaking up with me. Is it bad that I was overjoyed?

I know

Everyone says there is someone out there for u and i know but no boy has the balls to ask me out like dam

Well i like this kid but he is dating my friend

Well i like this kid but he is dating my friend but her mom is making he break up with him but she can not tell him and when i go by him i freeze and for some reason its so important for him to know who i like and my fav color. What i like but we are great friends with a hate /love relationship. And i feel bad for having a crush on him.

i don't know what to do

There is this guy and i don't know if i like him. I had a crush on him for so long and then i just stopped and gave up and now i don't know if i still like him or i hate him. plz give me advice.

I'm a 3rd year Engineering student...

I'm a 3rd year Engineering student and I've a crush on a girl since 2 yrs, who is currently mine senior (now in final year).
I never had a single conversation with any of the girl from my college.I'm typically shy, an introvert guy and she is totally opposite of me, our religion and area of interest is also different.I had never indulge in any of the college activities except technical fest, but she participates in dance, ramp walk, and various cultural activities ,..etc. It was the evening of my college cultural fest, I saw the girl with my cornered eyes heading towards me. At the same instance, I don't know what happened to me, I just keep on watching her.Suddenly someone has whispered her name in my ear, stating that she is your senior.That night I felt something like restlessness and started thinking about that moment and about her....

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I will never forgive you Jay Shah Diyora for treating me...

I will never forgive you Jay Shah Diyora for treating me the way you did. Your love was so hollow and completely fake. You are a whiny nagging complaining puny person. You never loved me. THIS IS NOT LOVE . YOU ONLY CARED ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS AND TREATED THEM AS SOMETHING DIVINE . You just pretended to be 'oh so completely head over heals' into me and demanded a version of some stupid fairytale romance. You gave no window for me to grow and reciprocate. It was either your way or the highway. You wasted 6 months of my life with your nagging bullshit. And the worst part is that you lied so much about that whole thing with your friend. I was stupid to not realise your true self. I waited and hoped that one day we will stop fighting but you just kept going back to that episode even after I apologised for like 50 times.

You know are a very negative person who will never ever be satisfied with anything.

AND last thing. you always told me a happy relationship is all...

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I like someone

I like someone who will never in my lifetime or his think about me the way I want him to. I've only known him for almost a year but he's friends with the family. I feel like I make things awkward and that he wouldn't want me around when he visits but I'm always proven wrong. He includes me in every conversation. I'm not his type at all but I can't help it, he's stupidly cute. 

I really like this guy at school and he's really hot and...

I really like this guy at school and he's really hot and a little older than me I like him and all but he's kinda an ass what should I do?

Tre'... My Crush

 My crush is Tre'... I've known him for two years and really know that I like him now. He is a grade younger than me but I still like him!! I think he likes me back but I'm not sure. His brother told me that he said that I'm sexy..... There was this one time at church when we were in children's church (we were only there cause the adult service is boring and my grandma teaches children's church) but anyways she had a movie on, about easter and we didn't really have to pay attention cause we knew the Easter story so she said we could talk quietly so I said I like ur tie and he said thanks I had a dress on with a belt and I said let me see ur tie so I took it off him and put it on , than he said let me see ur belt so he put his arms around my waist and undid my belt, than he was sitting on the floor and I had to get up so when I got up I stepped over him and he saw up my dress and when I stepped over him he rubbed my leg. Than towards the end of church we were about...

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I miss you more than anyone else. You are there, just a...

I miss you more than anyone else. You are there, just a few feet away from me, enjoying your life and are moved on easily. Here I am, a total stranger to you, if I cry you are not affected, now you don't care at all. Never did you bother when I pleaded to talk and solve the matter, when I pleaded not to go, when I asked not to leave me alone, when I held your arm tight to prevent you from leaving, when I was broken, when I cried unceasingly in front of everyone. I know you ignore me because you hate me, but here I am, still spending most of my time thinking about you, not able to move on, loving you deeply, caring for you. I miss the old days, I miss your precious smile and your hand that supported me. I miss you....and yeah, I love you....

The MetaPhysical Secret - Law Of Attraction

The MetaPhysical Secret - Law Of Attraction