Melissa Rauch,  I saw you on the big bang theory and fell for you. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I hope you are a having a great time and a good day. Maybe someday we can meet each other. You are so pretty. I think we could become great friends and perhaps have a relationship.  Before I Knew your real name, I always referred to you as Bernie, well because that was your name in the big bang theory. So, I hope you don't mind being called Bernie. If you ever come by where I live,  feel free to stop by. Maybe if you don't have a valentine by Valentine's day, maybe we can both be valentines. Well nice talking to you and if you should get this, please feel free to respond.

Posted by Anonymous 29 Male Omaha NE

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My girlfriends keep getting younger and younger

I am the last sort of person who would specifically seek a much younger partner, but it just keeps happening and I am enjoying it.

I am 54. My first girlfriend in high school was my age, my next serious relationship was with a woman one year older. My wife of 14 years was 10 years younger, my girlfriend immediately after our separation was 19 years younger. (She pursued me - not the other way around.)

My current girlfriend of 2 years is 27 years old, but is very mature for her age and my mother adores her. 

I met a 23-year-old girl while out of town this weekend, and my heart just melted, I just wanted to lie down and hold her, she was so beautiful and kind and obviously was attracted to me.  I didn't want to cheat on my girlfriend even though she is long distance and I haven't seen her or touched any woman since Thanksgiving, but that's another story.

I just love women, I love everything about them, I want to kiss them like they are...

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I'm 13 and I like this girl with my heart. The problem,...

I'm 13 and I like this girl with my heart. The problem, she's 16 and has a boyfriend

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I have had sex before marriage

I have had sex before marriage

Im 21 and the longest time I've been looking for a daddy....

Im 21 and the longest time I've been looking for a daddy.  No not my father (which I have no sexual or physical attraction to so calm yourself) a Daddy Dom. Like DD/LG. My little is around 4-7 years old. She only comes out when no ones home (and very very rarely at that) because my family is very judgemental. So I do have a strong wall built up so that she stays safe and protected. If you want to meet my little then you're going to have to try hard. Ive been hurt a lot by men who call themselves Daddy's but in reality just want to fuck. Or are doms but can't handle a little or taking care of someone. I'm not into the dom slave thing. I just want some one to take e of me and love me and give me cuddles and let me get clingy and will let my little go free. Like letting me play and taking me to a fair or an amusement Park. Or letting me play or color near you while you work. I want sweet love and not someone who immediately asks for nudes or trys to take advantage of me in my little...

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My crush got a boner

I was hugging my crush Caden M and I felt his boner brush against me. I'm like its just a boner. While we were in math class he put my hand by his dick an I felt it. He said "I got this from you".

I guess I'm sorry for being too emotional, for being...

I guess I'm sorry for being too emotional, for being insecure. I'm sorry you don't care about anything,I guess I'm sorry you never put in effort, or show comfort. I'm sorry I'm  jealous. I'm sorry for being sensitive because my past, I'm truly sorry for the way I look. I'm sorry you have to hide things from me, I'm sorry you have to lie to me. I guess I expected so much, or maybe it's that I get to little. No.. It's me, you're perfect. I'm sorry you have to deal with a broken person, I mean what do YOU expect. I let you inside and you don't seem to care either,I'm sorry you're embarrassed to tell people who I..think I am to you. I'm sorry you never have time for me, and when you do its for other people. I'm sorry all the other guys you talk to get me mad/jealous. I'm sorry that you don't want a future together,I'm sorry for this pain you inflict upon me. I'm sorry you have to hide me from other people, I'm sorry I bother you with my thoughts or feelings. I'm sorry I annoy you when...

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Good or Nah?

Though most people don't believe this I'm 20 years old and never been kissed. I've never even been on a date. 

Yeah, I admit to secretly dating long distance online before, which ended up with me having lustful thoughts and being over 700 miles away was too hard for me. Everyone seems to hate me here. I guess I'm ugly or something. 

So I'm single, I'm 20, a virgin. Watching all my friends and family in their relationships, some having kids, others getting married. Which makes me feel so lonely.

Is being a virgin at this age a good thing or Nah??? 

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I miss you because I truly enjoyed loving you. I didn't...

I miss you because I truly enjoyed loving you. I didn't need you to be perfect. I didn't need any condition in place to send you love from the deepest part of my heart. I simply enjoyed loving you. I could gaze upon you and feel a love of the ages. I didn't need to hold you back or hold you down to feel any sense of control. I just enjoyed loving you. You were easy to love. For me. Loving you made it feel like everything was right in the world even if it wasn't. And that's what it is to "fall" in love. It is to gently fall into the already current, everlasting flow of love that exists in this world that every heart has experienced ever. This beautiful current exists. That's why they say love never dies. It's an infinite flow. You helped me find it. And I thank you. You changed my life, just by loving. Just by loving you I got to be the receiver of a very elevating experience. So much so, I still can't help but flow love to you, if only from afar now. Thank you, my friend. Thank you...

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My Boyfriend Can't Get Enough

So I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years and one night he asked if it was possible to sneak over to tell me something that needed to be said in person... It's a 2 hour walk to his house. But with my worried and anxious self. I did. I was tired and soaked from rain when I got there. He made sure I rested and ate some food. After massaging me, he asked if I wanted to take a shower. I was a mess so I agreed. He gave me a towel and made sure I had a change of cloths. In the middle of washing myself, I hear him come in and I asked without turning around "Honey, is everything okay?" That's when he opened the shower door... Naked... And hard. He tells me that I missed a spot and starts washing me and feeling me up. (You know where this is going, this isn't 50 Shades of Grey) After having sex for some time, we both finish. He carries me to the bed and he holds me in the covers. I remind myself of the reason I came over. I ask "What did you wanna tell me, baby?" He then shifts...

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So on friday evening i decide to drink rum and vodka...

So on friday evening i decide to drink rum & vodka with my boyfriend and our mutual girl friend everything started out ok

having fun talking about old memories until we get really drunk the 3 of us are casual smokers so they tell me they want to go

outside for a cig (apt doesn't allow inside smoking) so i tell them ok i'll meet them outside after i use the bathroom and finish my drink, after i done all that i start putting on my shoes and jacket because it's cold af outside, sometimes i do this thing where i have a smoke by myself in the parking lot behind our apt building so i didn't feel like sitting with them at the side of our apt so i decide to smoke by myself and at this point i finished my full cig and im so drunk i feel like having another one so i pull it out

of my pack and wonder why haven't they came to find me yet? it's been like 20 minutes sitting by myself so i get up and walk towards the front door and from a distance i see my bf and our...

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I got a crush on this girl now and she could be straight. I hope she isn't because I really do want to get to know this girl and maybe have a long term relationship with her. I don't it just happened when I walked into the room and just saw her from a glimpse and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her for a while. She is the most beautiful that I have seen on the campus yet and if we don't end up becoming a couple it will be okay with me because at least I know if I am friends with her that I am friends with one of the most beautiful girls on campus. I will get to see her tomorrow and I will hopefully have the courage to talk to her tomorrow.

I need help

I think I'm bi or lesbian and I REALLY want to mess around with a girl.