Hi, it's nice to meet you. This is my secret so I'm only 12, and I'm not old enough to date, but I'm starting to question my sexuality, for you see lately I've been interested in women, at the start I thought I was Bi-Sexual, but lately I've been losing interest in boys, but I'm to afraid to admit I'm lesbian (I'm not homophobic, I support the LGBT community, because of my half sister being lesbian, but anyways) to my parents because they'll probably think I'm going through a "phase", or they might think I might have dated before being 16. I'm also afraid to tell my friends, because I feel like I might lose them.

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When I was about 12, I went through a phase where I was questioning my sexuality. I would look at pictures of beautiful women and say wow she's so pretty, but after I little while I realized that yes I was straight. So yes it could just be a phase, but if that is a choice you want to make then you should be proud of it. Try not to be afraid to tell people because it's a choice you made and if they can't handle it then you don't need them in your life. If people don't like who you are then that's God's way of telling you that you don't need them in your life. I just have to also say that I know it's weird that I'm giving you this advice when I am religious and I believe in God, but this is just how I feel. I actually have multiple friends who are gay. Even if I personally don't agree with your choice doesn't give me any right to yell at you and tell you you are wrong. You are your own person and you make your own decisions, and if anyone else can't see it that way then you don't need them.

You call them friends? Maybe it's better to leave them. It's likely not a phase but you never know.. I don't know how to help you with the religious guidance because I'm agnostic.. Sorry, and best of wishes.

I am also twelve and questioning my sexuality. I just came out to my beast friend as bisexual, and it felt so good to say it. Good luck in life.

hey I know what you are going through, and you just have to be yu. Labels are stupid, so if you like girls sometimes that's cool and if you like guys or not that's just fine. But never be afraid to be yourself.

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What am I doing HERE! I ain't got no business HERE! Ohhhh HERE! I ask myself what am I doing HERE! Oh GOD why am HERE! N I can't wait to break up outta HERE!

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