I'm fifteen and my 10 month old baby died a couple weeks ago. 

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You sickies think you are the center of the universe...

You sickies think you are the center of the universe. All your family's money and energy go to keeping you alive, some what functioning, halfway healthy, and for what reason? I wish euthanasia were legal for humans. Why must we invest to prolong the life of a person who wont, cant, or refuses to give back or be functioning. A one time funeral is cheaper than lifelong healthcare.

You guys are the reason people like me walk out of the house upon your diagnosis. You are the reason mom and dad had to sell the house and move into grandma and grandpas. You are the reason we all have had to do without good birthdays and christmases. You are the reason we had to get jobs at 15. You are the reason we move three states away and mom and dad throw fits that we don't visit or help. You know what?


Its our turn!

We now have jobs that allow us to give us the things we lost because of you. Nice clothes, cool gadgets, fun vacations. And no,...

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My brother ran away last night. Honestly I'm glad. i love...

My brother ran away last night. Honestly I'm glad. i love him but all he does is cause my family pain. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. He had had flashes of anger and has hurt me and my parents. I am glad he's gone and when people asked me about my brother I told them what brother. I am very angry that he could only care about himself. I'm oretending as if K don't have a brother because I'm done with him and all that he has done to the people I love. 

I don't like to be around my family

For a while now I have been trying to avoid my family, they aren't abusive that don't call me cursed names, they just blame me for things I haven't done, or try to make me stay out of my room, the reason why I stay in my room is to post secrets on here without them reading them, because they might there little amount of respect for me.

The very first time that I ever...

     The very first time that I ever flashed anyone...     My sister always let me go to her place through the heat of the day while she was at work and I often took her up on that.  Most of the time my 3 nephews were there and we almost always played Marco Polo.  So the day prior to this incident, hubby purchased a new bikini for me.  What I didn't know was that hubby had cut the lining out of both the top and bottom.  While it was dry it was a really nice silvery-grey but what I didn't know, (and still to this day I don't even know if hubby knew), was that once it got wet it became 100% transparent!

     When I got to my sisters I went around back to the pool and change hut, and sure enough my 3 nephews were already in the pool.  I went in the change hut and got changed.  I liked the way it looked and it was quite sexy, maybe a little too sexy to wear around family, but it was a solid colour and didn't show anything, (at least while dry).   I went out to the pool and...

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Scared of everyone dying and leaving me

I'm 46 years old man and lost my father and my best friend last year. Everytime the phone rings late in the night, I get scared that it is another bad news. I feel like everyone i know is going to die one by one and i'll be an old man sitting by myself besides few strangers, all waiting to die.

Me and my dad went over to my uncle's house every weekend...

Me and my dad went over to my uncle's house every weekend. Me and my cousin was going skating with some of his friends. We got there and it was closed. We came back home and caught my uncle and dad fucking in the basement room. We both walked in and watched. My dad was all dressed up. Nice dress, bra, wig, stocking, shoes and makeup. They have been playing with one another for years.


Dance is the one thing in my life that makes me feel alive. My dance crew is all the family I need. I was abused severely as a young child, and honestly dont even know how I am alive today. I was taken out of my home when I was 5 1/2 and then put into foster homes. After awhile, I was finally adopted. Life is better, but every day I feel like such a shattered piece of glass. I wish I had real parents. I wish my birth parents loved me. I wish they kept their promises that they would get me back. My birth dad is on warrant right now, and my birth mom dies of an overdose. i know I have 6 older siblings, but I haven't been able to meet them since i was a young child. Someday I hope i can meet them again, but the state wont let me. They say it's too dangerous. I wish I could just talk to them on the phone. I wonder if they still remember I was alive. I wish I had someone to talk to sometimes, because no one understands me. I like to make other people happy, but...

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I masturbate while watching porn under the covers even...

I masturbate while watching porn under the covers even when my sister's in the room. I'm even writing this while my sister is next to me on the couch

i seemed smart when i was a kid...

I seemed smart when I was a kid. It wasn't true, as I later found out, but it was the only quality of mine my dad ever valued. He never praised my kindness or determination or courage or resilience or work ethic or sense of justice or any other virtue a person might conceivably have. Only how smart I was. And he doesn't love me. He only loves the projection of me he's built in his head. The smart kid I was supposed to be, not the failure I am. He can't accept me for what I really am, so he keeps telling both of us I'm smart like it will make it true. I can't talk to him about my problems because it's just a wall of "You're smart, we'll figure something out" and lecturing me on changing things about myself I can't fucking change.

I'm just like this and he can't accept it. I would change if I could. I would be that kid if I could. I don't want to be this way. I don't want to be alive. I never have. Existence is like the shitty job I go into every day so my family doesn't...

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I have no self love ...

I have no self love. I need someone to tell me I'm pretty just to get through the day without thinking," Why don't people think I'm pretty?" Just to top that off, I feel like my older sister is prettier than me. I don't blame her for being pretty. It's just what she is. I know I am ugly. And I'm not ok with it. I wish I knew what it felt like to love yourself writhing comparing yourself to other people. I wish I had that kind of love for myself. I wish I knew how to love my body and mind. But I am clueless.

Sexting my best friends older brother

I have been sexting my best friends older brother for about two months and she doesn't even know I like him as a friend. We agreed to not tell her.

Our kinky secret!!2

So if my baby sis does secretly want me I hope she keeps it between us I guess...its her bday soon Idk what to get her but maybe shell ask for like 50 bux and buy a sexy pair of lingerie and when ...goes to work shell call me to her room and pose for me haha hopefully I'm messed up that'll make it fun haha I'd totally take a few pics!! Love ya anyways u know that