I'm fifteen and my 10 month old baby died a couple weeks ago. 

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I am terrified

I can't sleep because I'm worried my 4 month old son will stop breathing. I struggle to breathe just thinking about it. I can't tell my husband because he has a lot going on and I don't want to burden him. I feel so lonely because of this. 

Open yet shy

Ok so I don't really know what to say but basically I am a 16 year old girl and I don't talk to new people to much but when I'm around people I do know I'm really open and kinda weird. But now my sister is worried I'm becoming antisocial so she said maybe I should talk to someone that I didn't meet in person first so yeah. Let's see how this goes and please don't be a creep.

The Secret to a Happy Family

What makes a happy family? How do you know if you're doing a good job as a parent? Inspired by Zach Braff's latest movie, "Wish I Was Here" we decided to bring in real parents, with their children, to set up an experiment and find out more.

I watch porn im 14 and thunk i might be bi

Hahah lol fml

My first sexual experience

I had sex with my cousin when I was 12 we promise we would never tell anyone and were not blood related but she was raised by my dad's cousin me and her talk often and we still find each other attractive is this bad and how much on a one to ten

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I had a dream about committing suicide and me mom walked...

I had a dream about committing suicide and me mom walked in on me, lying on my bed, bleeding to death. I then wake up in a hospital and my mom walks in. She tells me that I'm a huge disappointment and she should of let me die. Then one by one my family members come in and they all say how much of a disappointment, that no one ever loved me or cares about me. That they would be happier if I was gone. I begin to cry and everything goes black and I wake up, in real life. I sat up and I realised I was crying in real life as well. I have been thinking about suicide for a long time now but I have never have had a nightmare about it. I was going to tell my mom about it but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I am not sure what to do.

After I came out of a friend's birthday party, I had to...

After I came out of a friend's birthday party, I had to cover my mom while she took a piss behind the car cause she couldn't hold it and couldn't move. I would have died if someone saw.

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby...

My friend this morning farted loud enough to wake my baby brother. she laughed out jello that she was eating... it was a mess. she was 2 rooms away from the baby.

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the...

Sometimes, I wish that somebody cared a fraction of the amount I care for other people, and sometimes I wish I wasn't so scared or hurt all of the time. People always say "Just choose not to be scared and upset." It is just not that simple. My parents got divorced and ever since then I have been so scared of being hurt, and nobody understands. I try to help others to feel good about themselves to fill the void. I just don't know what to do anymore. People keep trying to get me to talk to people about it, but I just feel like I want to talk to someone who I don't know and my family doesn't know, and they don't know my name so I am not so scared.


I honestly want to kill myself. When I was little I don't remember how old I was, I was raped and nobody believed me. I was harassed a couple of time by 14 year old and i'm only 11. My family hates me because I make mistakes a lot.

Sexting my best friends older brother

I have been sexting my best friends older brother for about two months and she doesn't even know I like him as a friend. We agreed to not tell her.

My Female Cousin Molested Me As A Child

My female cousin molested me as a child on a few occasions. She made it a game. She said one night I would play the role of the boy and I would play the role of the girl.  Each night, which switch roles.  Until one night, her mother, which is also my cousin happened to walk into the bedroom and caught her daughter, my cousin, kissing on my back with my nightgown pulled all the way up to my neck.  Her mother gave her a whipping that seemed like it lasted forever.  I was scared that I was going to be next, so I pretended to be asleep.  That was the last night my cousin and I slept in the same bed.

I've carried this pain for over 29 years and I had so many questions like:

1) Why me?  How did she know I would agree to the "game" she told me about?

2) Why didn't I tell anyone until I was an adult?

3) Why didn't her mom inform my mother of what happened?  Did she not care about me? Was she protecting her daughter? Did she bury it to keep...

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