Today I accidentally rammed into a two wheeler while going to the university. And what's worse is that I sped away upon seeing two policemen approaching the exact way that two wheeler had fallen. By the time the policemen could make sense of what happened I sped away. In the rear view mirror I constantly kept on looking for anyone who might have followed me from the accident spot. Although I had a collision at low speed and the injuries wouldn't have been serious, I still sped away. I felt bad for what I've done and promised myself that the next time I'm driving I wont be so reckless.

I guess all of us were lucky enough to escape without any serious injury. Never ever will I drive with loud music blazing through the speakers of my car. I still remember the very moment it happened... Katy Perry song was just about to end. I was happy and almost smirking thinking how cool I would look to those who were coming to attend the university. But as soon as I bumped into the two wheeler while trying to occupy a vacant parking spot, everything changed. The smirk changed into a frown. Paranoid, I took a couple of turns while speeding away just under the speed limit, making sure no one followed me or had a chance to note down my number plate characters.

Today is also the first time that hour of guilt I gave money to a beggar on the road. I felt it would somehow make the wrong I did go away with the help of a little good deed.

I ask for forgiveness from all of you and I hope that you'll pray for me.

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My mom had this boyfriend and it was 12 at night and his phone went off, of course I read the text and I saw he was cheating on my mom with a girl named Alice,