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I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I...

I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I am asleep. Nobody knows this just me. I go to sleep feeling normal, only a bit sleepy of course. When getting closer to falling asleep I begin feeling weaker and some weird sensation in the middle of my chest.However wake up almost EVERYDAY feeling weak... something bad happens in my sleep. There is a possibility that maybe it is also an evil entity doing that. I pray and ask God to protect me from this but not always my faith is enough. I wish this evil thing stopped draining my soul every night.

May sound odd but. I know there is something THICK has...

May sound odd but I know there is something THICK has been trying to force me against my own, true, personal, nature. Really forcefully pushing hard against what God created me to be. If I am supposed to be one thing then something big is trying to force me into another (why big? because why would anyone care about somebody else's nature unless changing that nature served a greater purpose, not necessarily a positive purpose) 

Also, trying to make be/become the opposite of what I should act, think, say, feel, believe. 

Just pushing for the complete opposite. As if the "odds" had life on it's own , and had to fulfill orders to always make me be at the wrong time, at the wrong place, with the wrong person (even trying to make me be the wrong person to be at the wrong time and place), say/do/make/be/feel the wrong thing always at the wrong time and space of course. It is as if things, Everything actually, have been and ARE being inverted, or upside down. And the...

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I never knew what a Solar Plexus was but since I was a...

I never knew what a Solar Plexus was but since I was a little child I've always felt more tired after sleeping and napping and waking up feeling weak right in the middle of my abdomen It happened throughout my life and in by adolescence it got worst .By that time I started trying to make my own deductions about it and what it was.I deducted things but it wasn't it. For example I deduced it could be anemia but it wasn't. I started deducing it was soul draining, spiritual draining after I began delving into chakras. I now don't believe in chakras anymore, however sometimes I wake up feeling weak to the point of drowsiness and if I stand up less quickly it makes me see everything black as if about to pass out . Besides that it feels as if in the middle of my chest it's weak but not exactly physically. Some nights I wake up just with the weird feeling in the middle of my chest but not tired nor weak all over just in the middle of my abdomen. 

         In conclusion, I...

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Some people tried to tell me I was evil in a past life, a...

Some people tried to tell me I was evil in a past life, a person who did horrible things. Took it all in oh and how I took it,because I used to believe in reincarnation so intensely. Just by them insinuating it I believed it all, because I related all my "bad luck" and suffering "in this current life" to karma . LIVED HELL because of it. Because after they got me to believe it I became resilient to being everybody's patsy. People would abuse me and deep inside in my mind I would be thinking "Thank You for helping me getting rid of my karma "

Thankfully, it's been about a year that I've found out reincarnation is one of the biggest lies in the world. Since then a lot of abuse stopped. In addition, if what they insinuated was really real, they would be still rubbing karma on my face for not being complacent with abuse. However, since I've...

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Heaven exists

I saw Heaven in the sky.

I loved 3 priests

I loved 3 priests from my parish. Just feel like screaming because we didn't even talk about it.

Sometimes I look back at pictures of 3 priests. I just don't get it why I consequently romantically look at them this way. Feeling somehow proud. God is the only way, priests love God the most.

I don't know how to find solace. This loneliness is killing me.

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I'm 25 from Montana (US) but have been working in india...

I  m 25  from Montana (US) but have been working in India after my college since 2013, my work entails meeting different kinds of people and professionals on almost a daily basis. 3 years back I met this guy, he told me he was from Dubai, half Arab and half Indian Muslim..i usually don't encounter many people from other countries after meeting someone who had come here to work from outside.. we hit off almost instantly.. he acted so caring and supportive and he was very charming..I was smitten.our friendship soon turned into something more...he proposed and i accepted.. From there on we started chatting a lot on facebook, meeting whenever wherever we could, we would tell each other a lot about our lives in our home country, about our faith, politics just anything under the sun. His views always seemed so secular.. so humane.. so just.. so righteous.. it was almost surreal.

I began to trust him completely and we got to third base. That's when things began to...

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I feel like I'm losing myself. I'm a Christian girl who...

I feel like I'm losing myself. I'm a Christian girl who truly does believe in God and wants to do right. I know we all fail and stumble but I feel so fake. I've made plenty of mistakes but recently decided to get back on track. This was going well until I fell for this perfect guy (smart, handsome, sweet etc). I really thought he was the one and I fell real hard for him. Fast forward a few weeks: I had sex with him, found out he was married (but separated) and that I was pregnant. I was so conflicted and broken, but after much inner turmoil we decided to have an abortion. I knew it was wrong, but I was scared. Scared of what people would say, my future, my academics, everything seemed to be against it. The guy in question was not even supportive and just paid for it and last minute cancelled on me. I had to go alone. When I got to the abortion place the man who helped me out with it was very sweet and caring. He would continually ask me out and would check up on me several times a...

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I met a couple from Ohio who were very concerned about...

I met a couple from Ohio who were very concerned about the growing absence of Christian faith in our daily lives. They offered me a goblet fashioned from Donald Trump's skull, and I drank greedily of their transgender daughter's blood. Darkness engulfed us like a thousand crows fleeing the onset of an oncoming storm.

Today's poll shows that 7 out of 15 underaged girls will be publicly stripped naked in the state of Wisconsin, nullifying the attempted suppression of freedom of religion. I have been to the boarded up tenements where the patrons ritualistically remove each others' hearts. I have seen the derelict offices of Apple and the skinned bodies hanging inside them.

Is all of Judeo-Christian civilization wrong? The Destroyers are to the Gods, as the Gods are to men, and men are to insects, cold and vast and unsympathetic. This is the Hanged King's tribute: Yehom te ehal.

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I am the person

I am the person good things happen to.

I fully intend to see physical evidence in my here and...

I fully intend to see physical evidence in my here and now of my financial abundance TODAY. It will be. Amen.

I wonder what it is like to make $100,000 a year ...

I wonder what it is like to make $100,000 a year. I wonder what it is I could do to make that? I think it would be cool to make that. Amen.

Life is suddenly going very well for me ...

Life is suddenly going very well for me. I always wanted to know what it would be like to come into a sudden windfall of a nice sum of money! And well... now I do! And now that that's happened, I just have to happily ask-- whats next? :)

I am an atheist but my friends and family don't know ...

I am an atheist but my friends and family don't know they still think I am a God fearing person but I don't believe in that crap and fairy-tale anymore...

I left the mormon church

So I left the mormon church (uncapitalized on purpose) about 6 months ago, and I've had a lot of if firsts that I'm super excited about. I watched my first R rated movie, then my first R rated horror movie IN THEATERS, I wore my first open back shirt and today I bought my first bikini. This has all gone such a long way toward getting my confidence where I want it and I'm really happy 

Is God real?

Sometimes I believe in God and sometimes I don't.

I'm gay

I'm gay

A Christian

I self harm

My life is so messed up

Someone help me please.

Religion class

I'm in my last year of religion classes at my church. I'm both happy and sad about it. Happy because ill be rid of all the annoying white girls that try to touch my hair and all the horny guys trying to hit on the only Spanish/Dominican chica. Sad because I won't have anything else to do on a Wednesday night other than get ready to look badass for class. I'm the girl who listens to Selena y los dinos and other Spanish music while all the white girls chat about how distinct I am from the group. I like going to religion class because I look soo amazing every time I go leaves me feeling pretty good after guys see me and try to talk to me. I know it's weird but hey, whatever!

Ghost inside of me

I saw a ghost when I moved into a new house and it disappeared for about two months and then a FEMALE voice in my head popped up. Call me crazy but Juliet (the ghost) helps me get to conclusions me alone would have never got to. Btw she has a taunting voice sometimes and I feel like she is trying to make me irrational and bloodthirsty


so i'm a therian and i did wear my tail for half through the school year and a week after a teacher started working here it was banned to wear ears and tails. it was a huge distraction not being able to wear it because i kept astral shifting and i was depressed for 2weeks so my grade went down as well when it happened.