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Coming out

I am 17 years old and I need advice, my family is extremely religious but I have a girlfriend. We have been dating for 3 years and have had sex, I love her but I don't want to be disowned.

Sisters secret love

First off she's so sexy I hope she decides to go further!! U and those tight clothes mmmm lol well damn near anything u wear. Keep being a little tease for me at the right times when he's looking away or will be there in 2 min so I get a quicky tease, how u bent over the little bed so that lil booty was gonna get it lol I can't wait til we get to play that'll be one hell of a story!! Love ya an I know u love me keep peeking that ass up for me lol

I knew one day I was going to get tired of masturbating...

I knew one day I was going to get tired of masturbating and I would do something crazy.I'm divorced now but I was married for 10 years to a beautiful lady. 

I had a fetish for real erotic photos of my wife, and being the horny little diva she posed for thousands of photos and a few home porn movies. But since our divorce some of our mutual friends have asked if I got any pics of my Ex they can look at. 

Our kinky secret!!2

So if my baby sis does secretly want me I hope she keeps it between us I guess...its her bday soon Idk what to get her but maybe shell ask for like 50 bux and buy a sexy pair of lingerie and when ...goes to work shell call me to her room and pose for me haha hopefully I'm messed up that'll make it fun haha I'd totally take a few pics!! Love ya anyways u know that

Our kinky game!!

I swear my lil sister loves to flaunt her sexy body in front of me..she's even done it perfectly in front of her bf so only she and I could of possibly known but constantly pretends she's clueless like when it's a nice warm day and she's wearing her tight pink tank top and her nipples poke through right as we are talking!! LoI hope i am right cuz its our secret kinky fantasy and if never think bad of her..who knows maybe someday ill get to fuck that cute little booty that is always pointing my way if she's bending over..ya I'm peeking lol

My wife

i have been teasing my wife lately by telling her to start being more slutty when we go out or i will look around for some fun elsewhere. now i have a woman i pay. my wife is not happy but now i can bend her over at my liesure and fuck her as god intended. now i am happy. i love watching her as i fuck her. she looks like a slut and i tel her. she married me for my money and security. now i want her to slut herself

I want to end my life but my parents are always watching...

I want to end my life but my parents are always watching me. I don't know what to do. 

My brother ran away last night. Honestly I'm glad. i love...

My brother ran away last night. Honestly I'm glad. i love him but all he does is cause my family pain. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. He had had flashes of anger and has hurt me and my parents. I am glad he's gone and when people asked me about my brother I told them what brother. I am very angry that he could only care about himself. I'm oretending as if K don't have a brother because I'm done with him and all that he has done to the people I love. 

I am a woman in my mid twenty. A wife, a mother, a...

I am a woman in my mid twenty. A wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and to few a friend. Just to clarify yes i am a woman who is married to a woman. Please dont take offense to that statement, it just something that i have learned to state because people in the past have misinterpreted what it actually means and dont respect it. Sorry if i sound cold or brutally blunt but honesty is the only way i know how to be. i couldn't tell a lie, even if it meant to save my life. i'm not going to go through every detail of my life, because to me, it is rather tragic and not one i can finish without breaking down or shutting down. Hopefully highlights work. When i was 18 i came  out to my family and friends as a lesbian, lost my family due, most of my friends, and my job within a two week period of time. I also lost a child, she would have been 9 this year. At first i took to drink drugs and sex to cope with my pain. After my 5th suicide almost successful attempt my wife at the time told...
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When I was 12, my mom told me I was a hypochondriac. A...

When I was 12, my mom told me I was a hypochondriac. A big word that means( and I recently found out is a anxiety disorder) I always think there is something wrong with me, which I translated to attention whore, super low self esteem not meant to offend anyone else. About a year later I found out I was gay, then 3months ago I developed anxiety because of being gay and a wholesome other problem, then I developed depression(self diagnosed). This all sparked my first ever major fear, that my brain is lying to me. Is that bad?

I am just a wimp who can't deal with life. 

My Subjects

So, I haven't told my mum or dad that I want to do something in the film industry- my dad would take it well but my mum is dead set on me doing English, maths, all three sciences, history, geography, graphics and computing for my GCSEs. I want to do drama, but she's highly opposed to the idea of me even thinking about anything creative, as "it won't help me in the future." I'm a really good student, in all the top sets and I was in a national general knowledge quiz a few years ago. Everyone expects me to be something amazing, but really I just want to make films that make people cry, laugh and just feel all the emotions. Even if I'm not on the main screen, I still want to do it.

Oh yeah, and I'm really good at hacking, so my other option is to do something with that... but I am no way becoming a government agent.

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I have way too much pride it's like it hurts me me to ask...

I have way too much pride it's like it hurts me me to ask for help. Everyone around me except me to to have everything together but the truth is I don't and I hate everything about myself. This is not a pity party I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm 22 and I'm still a virgin sad yeah I know but that my reality. Im just a distance person because I lost my mother when I was 9 and i never felt alive after that. I somethings just feel like I don't bellong here any I thought of killing myself but I didn't want my brother and sister to see that way I'm supposed to be strong for them. I feel like this is the only place I can talk and not be completely laughed at I need help. 

My parents make me want to kill myself sometimes. They...

My parents make me want to kill myself sometimes. They think that letting me go out to eat (by myself) is a luxury. My dad tells me I'm stupid all the time and my mom doesn't care. I just dread spending time with them. 

Every time my sister meets a guy, he's the ONE. Within a...

Every time my sister meets a guy, he's the ONE. Within a week or so she's in love; talking about moving in together; making long term plans. She's had 3 boyfriends in the last two years like this. And each one we knew wasn't THE ONE. We get tired of hearing about these guys, but how do we tell her without hurting her feelings? Or do we just let her continue on this path of whatever it is? 

My biggest black star

All last summer my 17 year old cousin sexually abused me.... I had always seen him as my older brother and best friend..... I do t know what to do... I want to tell my parents but don't know how........


Hi everyone... 

My secret is...I'm planning to go abroad for studying but sometimes when i think deep down i don't like to do anything and i hate myself because of that cause i know how much money my mom is going to spend for me but i can not tell her that the only reason that i want to leave is to get the chance to have chance to date with asians...i feel like a fool... My whole family is so well educated and i feel this pressure...but at the end of the day i just want to meet an Asian guy and date him and then get married...i don't know what to do... I just feel awful cause what if i go and don't study hard and waisting my time there and don't even meet anyone...there are so many what ifs on my mind

she touched me

When i was little, I am coming to terms with the fact that I was molested, by my mom.

I am a girl

Me and my girlfriend moved in with her mother to help her...

Me and my girlfriend moved in with her mother to help her out. I was watching tv and her mother came in and asked me to rub her shoulder.  She had a robe on and nothing else. She sat down in a chair and I started rubing her shoulders. I kind of moved the robe so I could get to her shoulders better. Her robe fell down and I just kept rubbing her. I started going down the front of her to her tits. She didn't say anything so I started rubbing her tits. She asked me if we could go in the bedroom to let me rub her back. She took off her robe and laid down. She was face down on the bed. I took off my pants and underwear.  I got on top of her and started on her back. I moved my hands down to her butt and opened up her legs and I put myself inside her. I started fucking her and fucked her for about a hour and came inside her. She said that we needed to do this more offen 

My middle child hates me and wants me dead....

My middle child hates me and wants me dead.

I never told her that she is actually my favourite of the three children. She is jealous of her older sister who always got the most attention because she is autistic. So my younger two children moved in with their father. I still see my son who is the youngest of the three, but not my middle child. She refuses to contact me and I now have no way to contact her.

I love all three of my children and when they were all with me I strove not to show favouritism. I did it too well, which is why I lost my middle child. How could I tell her though, it would devastate my eldest child.

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My whole life has been really fucked up,you ever seen...

My whole life has been really fucked up,you ever seen that show shameless? My life in a nut shell. My dad is extremely addicted to meth,my mom is a raging alcoholic and does meth as well. When my brother was 15 he started doing meth and became very distant. My sister at 14 started smoking cigarettes and hated school,she contimplated suicide. But that was just the beginning of what I knew. See I was only 6 when they were going through this and I didn't understand why life was bad it just was. And now that I'm 14 I see things much more clearly,but I'm so very depressed. I woke up this morning and ask my dad how he slept aND he said he hadn't slept,I say "figures you've been high on meth" he just chuckles. This don't bother me,like people would think. What got me thinking hard today was the fact that my dad asked me why I hate him so much,all I said was I don't know,but I do know,I hate him because he had kids,I hate him because he's abandoned me for years on end,I hate him because he...

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