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My best friend in the whole world is annoying me. I don't...

My best friend in the whole world is annoying me. I don't want to listen to her go on and on about inconsequential things anymore. Im tired. I dont know how to tell her that. Im an awful friend.

people think I'm a knob at school but little they know I...

people think I'm a knob at school but little they know I'm a very caring person inside (and out of school), and nobody ever cares about what I say or do :( also im sure I'm in love with a stranger, but I just don't think they are as into me as i am into them ❤️

I find myself feeling really hostile towards some of my...

I find myself feeling really hostile towards some of my old friends, none of whom I've spoken to in years. I had what amounted to slow rolling nervous breakdown and they weren't really there for me and acted like this was a step to far for them. Even though my bad behavior only amounted to a little bit of petty bickering with others. When I snapped out of it I decided it wasn't worth getting back in touch since they hadn't been there for me anyway. I thought I had been over it for years. The loneliness of a new city seems to have set me off though, besides which I apparently moved into the same neighborhood as my former best friend. It would be really awkward to run into him. I've got nothing worth saying but now I'm imagining telling him off for shit that happened years ago. I'd just rather leave this shit in the past.

I got kicked out of my circle of friends when I was 17...

I got kicked out of my circle of friends when I was 17 for causing too many problems. Most of them are the kind of people anyone sensible would have outgrown during their college years, and replaced with better friends. That's what I would have preferred, instead I was ostracized and it was very traumatic for me. A few years down the line I'd gotten so bad I needed anti-depressants and therapy sessions because I wasn't going to class, mostly because I was convinced that everyone there hated me. I'm 28 now, got better and am able to go out in public everyday without freaking out. I finished school and have the start of a good career going for me. However I never really managed to replace my worthless friends. I have work friends and I have family members I do things with. I'm seemingly incapable of forming stronger bonds with people because I'm afraid of a repeat performance. In terms of my social life there's a 10+ year gap that would be really hard to explain if anyone wanted to...

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I wish I never met you

Dear Lilly,

   Why did you have to do this to me? I trusted you with every single fucking thing in my life. I told you things that I really never told anyone. You turned on me. I wish you knew how you made me feel. It really hurt me, and I wish I never met you. I thought that I could trust you and I thought we were best friends. You called me names. A bitch, a cunt, an asshole and you did this pretending to be someone else. You thought I would never know it was you. But I found out and you tried to deny it. Now we aren't friends now and it really tears at me, but a part of me knows it was for the best. I should have known from the start that you were someone who would do this, but how could I have? You hid who you were from me, almost stole my boyfriend from me. You made him go a day and not talk to me because he thought you were too important. I hate you so much. I wish you could see this right now so you know how I really feel. I will never recover from this. What you said...

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Me and one of my friends were talking and he knows that me and his wife were good friends growing up. He asked me if me and her ever had sex together.  I told him no. I said I wanted to but just never got the chance. He said if you had the chance to now would i. I said yes. He told me well I'm looking for some to come over and fuck

best friend :I

ok i know its bad but i think i might love my best freind he is the nices guy ever and i dont want to rewin our freindship and i dont know if he likes me 

Hey friend, just so you know I had a slight liking...

Hey friend, just so you know I had a slight liking towards you ever since you pretty much confessed that you liked me. I know, awkward right?

-Yeah I'm not putting my internet nickname here.

Lovely unexpected moment with a secret crush

So, let's get this cleared out first: I'm in a committed and loving relationship and I will never, EVER betray my boyfriend's trust. However, there's this one guy friend who gives me butterflies in stomach...

We both sing at the same choir. I haven't made any kind of a move on him but we're friends nonetheless.

So, today we had our usual choir rehearsal and we practiced a song that has a very certain choreography to it: The song is basically a jolly folk song about men and women wooing each other and bragging about their wonderful love lives. The choreography could be described somehow like this:

1. first men and women stand in separate groups, gossiping, even flirting a bit with the other side etc.

2. both start acting aloof, playing hard to get, singing how they really aren't interested in the other

3. eventually both genders come around; every singer searches someone of the opposite sex and men pull women into half-hugs


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Just "Friends!"

 Back story:

I am a 28yo female. I've been married for 10 years.

My co-worker is in his mid-forties and also married.

I worked at "the facility" for 10 months and trained him 2 months ago.

Fast foreward 1 week ago:

I was just moved  back to the night shift and he worked 2-3 nights a week. His actual shift is on the weekend.  One night when we were working together, my pants kept slipping off my waist revealing my green underwear, i kept pulling them up as we stocked the linens onto the shelf.  Once we finished I went into the laundry room to fold clothes and he followed me.  

     He walks up to me, reaches down and says " I'm sorry it's been  bothering me. You're underwear are rolled up." He then proceeds to unfurl them as i stand there in shock.

Next night:

     He isn't working tonight, but I can't seen to get him off my mind. So I send him a text telling him how many patients we will have the following day ( I...

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Two weeks ago, me and  co-worker began flirting via...

Two weeks ago, me and  co-worker began flirting via SMS.

     Turns out we both had been low-key flirting with each other since we started working together but were both apprehensive due to having a significant other. It took a whole 60 minutes before we began sexting, sending each other nudes, and videos. 

     After 3 days of this, we were scheduled to work overnight with each other.  We would find any reason to be in a room alone and away from the cameras to fondle and kiss.  

     He now works a completely different shift than me but we are planning on ways to "meet and greet" without our spouses finding out.

Worst of all, neither of us feel guilty, it is a purely physical relationship built solely on lust on mutual unhappiness...

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Aside from the outsider friend groups of 4 or 5 people,...

Aside from the outsider friend groups of 4 or 5 people, there are two major social groups in my school; the popular people with all the drama, and the non-popular people who are either introverts or were forced into this social group because of how they acted years ago. My former best friend runs the popular squad, and I run the non-popular group. Sometimes I think if we were still friends, maybe our two groups could all be one group..

I've fucked up the most important friendships that I have since this year began

My wife no longer loves me and told me so. My best friend has stopped listening to my problems and now does not respond to my messages. Today I was upset with her. She was clearly not happy with me. Tonight I messaged her an apology. She has read it but has not responded. I can't deal with losing my wife and best friend at the same time. I hate myself and don't know what to do.


I have a crush on my Best friend. I don't think he knows, I think he has a crush on me. All my friends all guys, so I naturally get along with guys. But he makes me feel wanted, for the first time in my life.

Socially Awkward!

       I really want to be more adept socially but I usually fall flat on my face at times when it counts!

      And other times where things go well I go overboard, especially with girls I like, and the other person then thinks I'm weird!

    I wish my mom made me learn this stuff when I was little, not me self learning this after high school!!!

A few weeks ago I had a fight with my friends on the...

A few weeks ago I had a fight with my friends on the topic of my sexuality(I am lesbian and they already knew). I didn't talk to them for a week cause I was so hurt. I assumed after I forgives him I would stop feeling broken but I was wrong. I still feel like somethings eating me from the inside out. I tried to hang out with my friends more to get into the old groove but it just hasn't happened. I don't know if it was just a coincidence with being adolescent or what. I see a dark path that I am heading towards and want see help finding my way back.

I feel like I'm not really living. With my best friends,...

I feel like I'm not really living. With my best friends, I feel as if I'm having to try way to hard to fit in. When I am myself, no one seems to understand me. I feel fake. I have a very different personality between my groups of friends. That also seems to be a problem, I have many friends/ acquaintances, but no true friends. I used to love school so much, but now I feel as if I'm just complaining all day about school. 

I really don't want to continue my life not fitting in with anyone.

Girl online, going offline 

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I am almost kiss a girl another day while I have a girlfriend

When i was in grade 5,me n my friends, basically it was...

When i was in grade 5,me n my friends, basically it was me, we used to write love letters to a girl who trusted me,saying they were from our maths teacher, i used to manipulate her to give me her food (boarding school)...she left the school. She blamed me..the principal forgave me...but i still can,'t find a way to overcome the's not actually guilt.i just don't want my other friends to know about this....

When i was in grade 7,i kind of stole food(boarding school) from my room mate,it looked so tempting...

I might have stolen a few more things,because of temptation...

I had a huge fight with a few friends,but they deserved it too.

I am not really a bad person,i try to help ppl as much as possible..these things don't matter now..but somewhere in my mind i still feel,guilty...


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I was in second grade I used to have a friend named Chloe she was so nice and her hair was red and she was like heaven to me she was like my bff so me and Chloe at recess would make charm bracelets we made a pact "no backstabbing " unfortunately that pact was broken by her she started hanging out with Katrina another well known bully and then Chloe stopped hanging out with me so I was just done I told her meet me at recess she came she thought I wanted to talk nope I ripped all the charm bracelets she made me right in front of her eyes because she was also being a bully to me she was saying I was disgusting and got me in trouble she always embarrassed me aswell so she deserved what I did Chloe if your reading this you have been an idiot to me and I want u to stay away from me at all times u understand ?