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I crashed into my friends range Rover..

I crashed into my friends range Rover.. PS - im POOR

I love my best friend but the worst part is she knows it...

I love my best friend but the worst part is she knows it and still wants to be my friend. I don't understand why anyone would do that?

The universe knows what I did, and the universe knows...

The universe knows what I did, and the universe knows what you did. 

I am not trying to lay blame, nor seek any forgiveness, as I don't see it as a way forward. 

in fact I still don't know what it is that I want. 

But what I do know is that you flicked a switch in me the one fateful morn - I was off to the dirty warehouse, running late, and in you at full attention tending to your morning tree. Shocked, awed, and very much titillated, i tried to play it off as if it was nothing, but it nothing it was not. 

I couldn't stop thinking about it, i didn't know how to act upon it, and frankly wasn't so sure if I wanted to act on it - hence my regression. 

It wasn't until I heard your cries, that shook me to my core, did I realize the damage that I wrought, and by then it was too late. 

And for that i will for ever be sorry, that you do know. But I think you're lying to yourself. I think on some levels you wanted to be...

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I'm falling for one of my coworkers....

I'm falling for one of my coworkers.

He's already spoken for, and she's funny, sweet, and I consider her a colleague. My main problem is they both know, and I think she believes that I'm jealous of her in an angry, bitter way. But I swear, I'm not. I'm just... Sad. Terribly, achingly sad.

I know that movies and pop songs like to express hateful, nasty thoughts about hating your love's girlfriend, wanting them to break up, wanting to get back at them, things like that. There are a million stories and songs with the sentiment "I'm better than her, you should be with me." But I just... I don't feel that at all.

I'm happy to see him happy. They're wonderful together, and I hope they stay with one another for a long time. He deserves it. She deserves it. I just wish the feelings I have for him would go away.

I feel guilty for liking him, and guilty for still being close to the both of them when I feel this way. I know it's dangerous to...

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I went through educational system mainly cheating at exams

I can't learn much because I have schizophrenia. So until college 12th grade I passed exams mainly by copying from internet or colleagues. Fate brought me in a state of consciousness that tells me that I deserve merits and should have a better opinion about myself.

I am writing this note knowing it will be...

1.36 PM: I am writing this note knowing it will be erased. I have written notes like these did not help.

Worse they tempt me more, I thought that ill do laptop for only 1-2 hrs. Little did I know that I will end up doing it the whole day.

I betrayed my friend Aditya Bansal. I betrayed myself. I once again knowing I might fail take a promise to:

a) Not betray anyone ahead in my life.

b) Not watch pornography or do anything addictive for a year.

On my mother, sister and fathers life I promise. Hope I don't break it. No ones even listening I hope the computer understands.

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House mates

I wish my female house mate would let me feel her all over. I am over 50yo she is a delicious 23yo. She put it on me a year ago and I knocked her back saying that I felt she was too young at the time. About a month later she tried again and again I said you're too young. 

A whole year has passed since then and I now get hard looking or thinking of her naked and being my play thing. I wish she would give me another chance.  I want her now so badly.

I need some advice

Hi, I'm a 20 year old girl and I have a crush on a boy, but he's 17 and I don't think he likes me that way, and I doubt he ever will. But he's so attractive and I can't stop thinking about him, unless I'm actively doing a task and trying not to think about him. I know his whole family too and when I try to imagine what it'd be like if we were actually together, I just know that it would be so awkward with his family. We have many mutual friends as well and other people we both know, but I don't think any of them could see us together and I know that shouldn't stop me, but it sort of does. Also because I really don't think he's interested in me and I only want to tell him about my feelings if he's at least somewhat interested, which I don't know. I don't know what to do, all I can think of is to do nothing and it's kind of bothering me, does anyone have any relevant advice?

I love you

I Love You and I miss you so much, time is less and the distance is so large. You hate me but I love you. Please Come back.

I have mental issues. I have never been tested for any...

I have mental issues. I have never been tested for any but I know I have them. My mom doesn't know or anybody in fact. My first problem is that I have psychopathic tendencies. I act on impulse without thinking about the consequences or how it could hurt me or someone else. Reality seems more fake than real to me and when I snap back to reality I get depressed and realize I am wasting my life. I am only 13 but every day I think of this. I don't have good grades, I break the rules, and I do what I want. I want to fight people a lot, heck I almost asked somebody today if they wanted to fight me. I feel like a disappointment to my parents. They do so much for me but I don't give a crap about it. I lose friends faster than I make them. I argue a lot and bully my friends. I make crude jokes about sexuality, gender, other lewd things. I lack empathy for others unless I really start to think about it. I don't know how to love or what it is. I like being with my parents but I know I don't...

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I love you

I love you Garima

I miss you more than anyone else. You are there, just a...

I miss you more than anyone else. You are there, just a few feet away from me, enjoying your life and are moved on easily. Here I am, a total stranger to you, if I cry you are not affected, now you don't care at all. Never did you bother when I pleaded to talk and solve the matter, when I pleaded not to go, when I asked not to leave me alone, when I held your arm tight to prevent you from leaving, when I was broken, when I cried unceasingly in front of everyone. I know you ignore me because you hate me, but here I am, still spending most of my time thinking about you, not able to move on, loving you deeply, caring for you. I miss the old days, I miss your precious smile and your hand that supported me. I miss you....and yeah, I love you....

I miss you :(

I love you brother. I know it's not gonna affect you, neither it did when i broke in front of you, when i holded your hand and begged to not leave me alone, when i texted you, when i asked your forgiveness, when i needed your support the most, when my pillow was wet every day, when i lost my appetite, when there was none but you. You will never know what i face and bear. I pretend not to care for you at all, but that is utterly fake. I love you and i will not gonna obey you when you said, forget me. It's hard for you to move on, i know. But it's even harder for me to move on. Miss you a lot. Please come back soon, no one knows for how long since now i will be able to make it...

On the surface, my life seems quite happy, straight A’s,...

On the surface, my life seems quite happy, straight A’s, lots of friends and a happy family. But underneath, it's sad. At least to me it is. I only have one real best friend and about 2 real friends. One of my “friends” is a total jerk that ditches me all the time. Another “friend” complains about everything and keeps trying to suspended someone just because they're annoying. A group of my “friends” are keeping a former “friend” out of their group for literally no reason. That's all pretty messed up and annoying. And I would tell those “friends” that I don't want to be friends anymore, but they're all friends with my best friend, and if I told them I didn't want to be friends, my only best friend would ditch me. I also have the fear of being forgotten or abandoned. I often feel alone since I can't tell anyone this, because they won't understand. My life is pretty boring other than that. I'm scared that since I'm boring, my best friend will abandon me. I'm also...

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I can't get over how I feel

Around 10 to 15 years ago I met this guy who was the younger brother of a good friend of mine. We hit it off and started spending more time with him. Anyway, long story short, I used to go to his house and we just hung out. One day he said that he was feeling stiff and could use a massage, which I obliged and it became a regular thing. It got to the point where if I called him to say I was coming round, he'd be naked on the sofa waiting. My hands then started wandering, and since he didn't object they settled 'there' and started doing what comes naturally. This became our routine until he started seeing his now fiancé (who hates me even though I have done nothing to deserve it) and now I haven't had any contact for about 5 years. I miss the closeness we used to share and I think he does as well.

I have a very close best friend at uni...

I have a very close best friend at uni. We have a very strong relationship, and both of us acknowledge there's a connection stronger than friendship. He's said that I'm like a sister to him before, so we're very close. I don't want to date him or anybody else (aromantic) and he's in a relationship. We're often physically intimate beyond the norm, cuddling and hugging very often, and we've had sex three times, relatively recently. He's the first person I've had sex with, so this is all really new to me. His girlfriend doesn't know, and has said before that she's fine with me hugging and relying on him a lot. I'm not hugely guilty, but I worry a lot that he will be. He's instigated every time, though, even if I was always happy to go along with it. I'm just worried I'll lose my best friend because he suddenly starts caring about this and starts distancing himself from me. I wouldn't be able to cope if that happened and I lost somebody that close to me. He's the most important person...

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Today i got placed with good package...

Today i got placed with good package in MNC.
Everyone is happy but except my one close friend. I dont think he is feeling as everyone and show very less interest on my placement. He was also in recruitment process but he fail.
Tell me how i should react bcoz he matters....

I have recently got into a very bad fight with my friend ...

I have recently got into a very bad fight with my friend (who I will name Jess) and her friend (I will name Kate). The fight started of over a group chat were Jess was showing a video of her friend dancing badly (it was sfw). She said I probably masturbated to it, even though I didn't. I told her no that's gross and I don't like her friends looks. Kate replied with "awe screw you". I was starting to get angry as they kept on saying what I masturbated to. I can't recall exactly how the fight started but I went in guns blazing. Kate mostly said comments about how all I do is sit in my room and watch 18+ content all day. My replies where much more harsh. I asked if her some explicit question about her genitals and comments of such. (I was tired as hell by the way so I wasn't thinking straight). I made a remark about her shoving a gun up her butt and pulling the trigger and other things that are explicit. She was saying things about me being lonely and and wasting my life away. But the...

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There's this girl I like, or love, I think she is the...

There's this girl I like, or love, I think she is the coolest person ever, everyday I think about her, I wake up dreaming of her in which I kiss her spontaneously, dance with her, I talk to her sometimes but we are just normal classmates or not so close friends. I wanna be with her so much. I always think I am not good enough for her, I can't shake off this feeling that I'm not good enough for her. She's so fascinating, it kills me every time I think of her. I just stare at her photo and think of her. I sometimes turn mushy when I read john greens line : if people were rain, I am drizzle and she is hurricane. Im so in love, I think of making my move but fear takes me over, I wanna be too subtle, I love her.

Obsession for celeb boss taking over my life

My job as assistant to a celebrity is taking over my life to the point of obsession. I absolutely adore my boss and love being around her, in fact I even have sexual fantasies about her. But I'm feeling like it's getting too much and I may have to quit.

When I started working for her 8 years ago I was so happy as I admired her already. The sexual obsession came later as I became more immersed in her world and closer to her. On that front I'm not kidding myself - she's straight (I always thought I was too!), divorced and dating, and really more than that it's a status gap - I'm her girl that runs about organizing her life for her, and she appreciates me, but that's my level. And I'm cool with that, being part of her life it's own reward.

It's been an incredible ride! My boss lives between London and Switzerland, and travels a LOT - work trips to the US and lots of holidays to places like Italy, Thailand, the Bahamas, the Caribbean... I've seen places and...

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