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please stop stalking us k and j . please stop abusing us...

Please stop stalking us k and j. Please stop abusing us jb and mary sp, rosy and black pawpa kblacky emolimo and we did nothing wrong to you. Get over it and grow up and stop abusing us. You're dirty jb, you're a dirty criminal yourself. Check your dirty file out. I am sick of being bullied by these scammers, enough already. Go scam someone richer and better but stop abusing me. I will check out your dirt files people will tell me their stories about you. Your time is up. We downtrodden want our day and revenge your power made and out of date! Lets just see how far you try to push it when I talk to craig pol and check your dirt files out!

I like this boy named pierce...

I like this boy named pierce, he's in my class but I asked him out in 2nd grade and he said I don't no some one asked me out to and then in 3 grade I asked him out then he said him and his brother had a secret about me so then I was nice to him and then we went to the movies for a field trip when we got to the  movies and it was over we where in line he cuted in front of everyone to get to me and then we sat by each other on the bus and we flirted and it was the BEST!!!!! Day of my life.....   Coming down below love you guise not to be weird k.


I honestly want to kill myself. When I was little I don't remember how old I was, I was raped and nobody believed me. I was harassed a couple of time by 14 year old and i'm only 11. My family hates me because I make mistakes a lot.

I love you

I Love You and I miss you so much, time is less and the distance is so large. You hate me but I love you. Please Come back.

I absolutely hate children

But life isn't simple, never is; we often learn this the hard way. And how'd I get my lesson? By accidentally getting pregnant.

Fear struck me immediately, anger followed soon, depression finished the kill. I was 20 years old at the time, always careful, always cautious - but you can never be too careful, now can you? Contraceptives such as pills and condoms didn't quite suffice, apparently. Perhaps I wasn't handling the pills properly, or the bad timing of a broken condom was the reason, but whatever the cause, the result was still the same; 6 weeks in, and there I was over the toilet bowl one morning, puking my guts out. I had my doubts, but the two cheap ass pregnancy tests I bought at the nearest drug store came out positive, and I can still remember my knees going weak in pure panic- I can't recall the last time I've cried so hard.

I haven't told a single soul, not to my parents, neither to my brother, nor my closest friends, not even my...

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A little while back I was with two little girls

A little while back I was with two little girls (btw I am a girl) and we were talking about love, and I am gay so I said do you guys know what being gay means? They answered me with being sad, lonely, or mean. These are all negative things, and I didn't know what to say. I wasn't offended because they were taut that  this was true and I had no control over that. But I actually had to explain what being gay meant. This upset me because these are just two of the little kids where there's probably millions that believed the same thing. What has world come down to. Lying to your children.

Everyday I am scared. Scared that my parents will find...

Everyday I am scared. Scared that my parents will find out I am demiromantic lesbian. Scared that I will fail school. Scared that I will get so scared I will break down in the middle of class crying. But should I be?

I need advice from girls

I want to ask out a girl but i don't know how. I would really really appreciate some help. Preferably a 13-17 year old girl to help my email is please help thank you.

I watch my best friend's dad masturbate

When I was 12 I walked in on my best friend's dad masturbating. It was an accident, I ran into her parents bedroom to get something, just as I had done many times before, only this time her dad was laying on the bed, with no pants on, masturbating. I stopped and froze just staring at his hand holding his erect penis. I had never seen a real adult penis before much less an erect one on a man I had known a good part of my childhood. I guess he thought the door had been locked because he was as stunned as I was. For some unknown reason I didn't scream or cry out or run out of the room. I just stood there frozen, staring, unable to take my eyes off of it. After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only about a minute, He began masturbating again. I still didn't leave, I just watched. I knew him, I had known him for a long time and I wasn't scared. I never felt like I was in any danger. I was just fascinated. After about two or three more minutes he began moving his hand faster...

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So I started dating this guy I have known for seven years...

So I started dating this guy I have known for seven years but we were only friends for like three months. Anyways before we dated he said some things that made me not want to date him any more and he apologized but I still was mad. About three weeks layer I forgave and asked him out. We dated for about a !other then we went on break  (from school) and I couldn't see him as much and he would always get mad. So to make me jealous he kept talking about other girls and after a week of that I was done and we agreed to break up. About 8 hours after we broke up he texted me a really cute picture of him asking me to take him back and he called me beautiful. I took him back because he is generally sweet and he apologized for what he did.

Well the next day I went to meet him at a park and some of our friends were there. He kept trying to kiss me and I turned it down once or twice but also kissed him back once or twice. I turned him down with kissing because I'm a private person and...

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Is it to early to date

Im 11 and im in a relationship. I dont know if I should be dating at the age 11. I really love my gf. Her name is chloe. She is everything. Plz tell me advice.


So.... I've kissed a girl before.... I was in 1st grade when it happened...okay yea..... I'm a girl...but I'm not lesbian....  Okay bye..

I still cut myself the same way that my friend erin...

I still cut myself the same way that my friend erin showed me in grade 7.

She was already an expert.

My friend will is hanging out with a girl with depression...

My friend will is hanging out with a girl with depression she broke up with her boyfriend last Wednesday and he is putting his hands on her I think he might be a rapist which pains me to say as we have been friends for 5 years now but ever since he said he wanted to kill himself, he has changed as a person and seems to be setting himself up to be hurt.

I have a five month old baby boy...

I have a five month old baby boy. I wasn't sure who the father was until after he was born. The dad is an old friend I hooked up with one night even though he had a girlfriend. I'm sure he cheats on her every chance he gets just like he did with his ex wife. He got another woman pregnant while he was still married and now he did pretty much the same thing to his girlfriend. 

So the thing that's bothering me is this.... He won't take  the baby he says because there's no room in the 3 bedroom house he shares with his brother  and young nephew. I know this is a lie because he takes his other two kids there. So he's trying  to hide the fact that he has a kid. I think his girlfriend and brother not knowing about the baby is the ONLY reason he won't take him. So should I tell them both for him? I know it's a crappy situation but it's here and a baby isn't going away. Also should I hit him up for child  support? He's been buying diapers and formula but baby's take a lot more...

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Nightmares of the past

When I was six years old, I was molested. My older step brother J, and his friend at the time Robert were watching me while my parents were at the store. We were having fun we were shooting bb guns, and just hanging out. Later that evening, my brother went out for a smoke, it was just me and Robert in the house. He told me to come sit on his lap, I said no. He kept saying it's all right I'm like your brother in a way, I said no your not. He wouldn't leave it alone so I sat on his lap, being only six I didn't think much of it. Then he started touching me, I told him to stop, he kept doing it I kept saying no stop, i tried to get off of him, he wouldn't let me. He didn't let me go until he heard my brother coming in. Later my parents come home, I tell my mom what happened I was confused. She had me call my gma w, and my Gma w, called the cops. I had to go talk to some people at the courthouse about what happened and they explained what it was. Robert didn't go to jail or anything no...

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When I was in Year 8 I went on a trip to France...

When I was in Year 8( UK) I went on a trip to France and one day we were on a beach. Some girls were wearing bikinis and I remember on of the girls had their bikini a bit loose on the upper half. I looked round to find my friend and I accidentally caught a glimpse of one of a girls small boob. Ever since I really want to confess to her but I fear it's going to make her think I'm super creepy. I'm now in year 9 and she's in lots of my lessons. I've never actually fancied her though. Should I confess?

I was 13 when I moved in with my father. He was a born...

I was 13 when I moved in with my father. He was a born again Christian forgiving himself for years of neglect toward me and my sister. He had gotten out of prison 3 years before and had married his ex girlfriend he knocked up before going to prison the first time. He was a born again Christian, forgiving himself for all the years of neglect towards his children and only God knows what else. He had found peace in his 6 year long faith found inside the brick walls of an unforgiving prison cell. I had lived with my father for almost a year now and I hated my step mother, she was always jealous and needy. Increasingly annoying within the last couple of months always laying in bed and wanting him to join her. I always asked myself why she wanted my dad in their room so bad when she had a huge purple strap on under her side of the bed. I wonder how that works, or who it's for. Lmfao. She had herpes so obviously it was when she had breakouts or something. Anyway she went through my things...

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Standard guy at 34 yr old stock drooling over a need for...

Standard guy at 34 yr old stock drooling over a need for underage teen flesh but terrified to act of course. Life is getting consumed and it's growing to an unhealthy obsession. And I'm actually good looking, week hung and don't need for sexual attention.... Crazy I've desire for 15 yr old!!!!!!!!

Well I just went to a new school ..

well I jus went to a new school and I'm already well known but by mostly. 

Some of my friends think its cool but not me.(NO I'm not a lesbian)I don't like being noticed. ANYWHO IM ONE OF THOSE BOY crazy girls and jus some guys I will never like and shouldn't it's just weird. So I Like this kid who MAY like me I'm not Sure some people say he does . but this one girl who knows I like him who is supposed to be my friend is all like "Oh well you can't like him he likes me.". Ugh just he likes you and someone else you little brat . any who I may also like aboutbfive other kids like what but I'm just excepting I like the first kid and not just cuz he is cute cuz he has a potty mouth and he is sweet and nice to me oh I missed one so like I may like 8 other guys. Just someone help me