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I am married to an amazing man. I am extremely lucky and...

I am married to an amazing man. I am extremely lucky and I love him completely.

I am extremely, palpably, magnetically drawn to another, who is a family friend. He and I had a very close call once, years ago, to the point of penetration... it stopped because we didn't want to be found out by my family. i was living at home, it was after a party, and the words were [me] "We have to be quiet" [him] "I can't be..." - and it stopped there. We went out once afterward, and that was that. Nothing more. This was well before I knew my husband. I think we both felt a little awkward for a time, a little guilty because of the complications.

Fast forward a few years. My husband and I are honest about our pasts. He knows about this, and we are all still casual friends. My husband knows I love him, but even he says that when the two of us (I and our friend) are in the room together there is tangible energy between us. We can't help it and don't think about it. It's just there....

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My wife was a virgin when we met. I have a 5 inch penis...

My wife was a virgin when we met. I have a 5 inch penis and like an idiot I went out and bought an 8 inch dildo.  I know she prefers that to me and I'm sure she has fantasized about having sex with someone that big. Now we are in a relationship where she is the dominant and I am a submissive. Part of me regrets buying it but another part of me loves the idea of being dominated. I only hope she doesn't act on her fantasy to have a real penis inside of her that is bigger than me.

There is one guys we being friend for about 2 yrs already...

There is one guys we being friend for about 2 yrs already. He nice but he like to curse a lot hahahah . We do text, chatting, share some story and he treat so nice and he like to tell story hahah, I'm the person who only listen and laugh and he looks lonely but in fact he has girlfriend but he never spoke bout it . I hate him because he gave me false hope on him . Why he have to treat me so dearly in fact he didn't like me. I wish i never met him, every time i see his smile i melt and his laugh to. I just pray for his happiness but the feeling inside of me it burn . I feel like i want to cry. i hope he stop treat me nicely. I cant expressed the feel now but i love him but he didn't realize that. That so painful i have to bare with this feeling. i hope you found your happiness A . 

I am getting married in March, that is love marriage. I...

I am getting married in March, that is love marriage. I know one guy since last 3 years but never became even friends and me, my would be husband and he working in the same organisation. Since 4th Feb we started knowing each other and became good friends. We started having bike rides, late night chatting, coffee, movie etc. and unknowingly started having feelings for each other. We used to flirt casually but now it became so serious. We can't stop our tears when we chat. During bike ride he continuously stares at me via the looking glass and same thing for me as well !!! He is coming in my marriage too as my would be husband has invited him. We know it's worthless still the days which we are spending together means a lot to us. He has promised that he will always be there in my need. And said those 3 magical words and I couldn't stop my tears. Can anyone please suggest me how to recover?

Dear Jake,...

Dear Jake,

To set the rumor straight, yes, I did have a crush on you at one point. I was heartbroken to discover you already had a girlfriend and I tried to hate her but she's actually really sweet. However, I realized soon after that it was only a crush and I still love Noah more.

I finally came to my senses and realized how much of a jerk you actually are. It's not nice to tease people for their weight, not knowing answers, or stereotyping. Don't try to correct a speck in someone else's eye when you have a log in yours.

I'm actually happy for getting my crush on you off my back because now, I can concentrate on other things.


Miss Angel

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Dear Andrew,...

Dear Andrew,

I know you've been waiting for a response for a year now and I apologize for taking so long to respond. I just needed some time, but then forgot. I kind of hope you forgot too.

I would've told you in person, but I don't have the heart to. I'm sorry, but I don't return your feelings. A small part of that is because of how you treat my friends. I have such a small friend group, but we're tightly knit. You hurt one of my sisters, then expect me to date you? I'm sorry, but that's not how it works.

I hope you forget your feelings for me so you can learn your lesson and you hopefully won't make the same mistake again. And, no, I won't be changing my mind.



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Dear Noah,...

Dear Noah,

I noticed you back in our 6th grade English class and now, almost 5 years have passed. And since then, I couldn't get you out of my head. Your short, untamed, curly red hair matches the blush on my face when we catch one another's stare. Your stunning blue-green eyes light up and sparkle when something good happens. Your adorable freckles add that playful, almost child-like, element to your being. Your contagious laughter echoes in my mind for hours on end.

Whenever I see you, it's like a volcano has erupted, spreading heat all over my face and neck. You're perfect in my eyes.

Though we've caught each other's gaze, I'm pretty sure you have not truly noticed me. I mean, why would someone as popular and handsome as you, notice a trend-defying, unpopular, outcast such as myself? When you could have anyone, why on earth would you choose me to gaze at?

Despite what some people have said, you've been so sweet to me since day one...

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My girlfriends keep getting younger and younger

I am the last sort of person who would specifically seek a much younger partner, but it just keeps happening and I am enjoying it.

I am 54. My first girlfriend in high school was my age, my next serious relationship was with a woman one year older. My wife of 14 years was 10 years younger, my girlfriend immediately after our separation was 19 years younger. (She pursued me - not the other way around.)

My current girlfriend of 2 years is 27 years old, but is very mature for her age and my mother adores her. 

I met a 23-year-old girl while out of town this weekend, and my heart just melted, I just wanted to lie down and hold her, she was so beautiful and kind and obviously was attracted to me.  I didn't want to cheat on my girlfriend even though she is long distance and I haven't seen her or touched any woman since Thanksgiving, but that's another story.

I just love women, I love everything about them, I want to kiss them like they are...

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My awesome girlfriend, my not so awesome brother

Recently my old best friend Nick came back into my life. He and I had a huge falling out over a girl Celine, his ex to be precise. This girl had been one of my closets ever my best bestfriend. Nick was and is like a brother to me, he was dating her for awhile, but the relationship was really...bad. see Nick suffers from deep depression, but he's also very self-centered a lot of times. Whenever Celine talked about the problems that were going on in her life, Nick would always tell her how he had it worse and poor him etc. All the while Celine suffers in silence because she cant talk to her boyfriend about her life. She wanted to break up with him for a ling time but never did because he always talked about suicide and she was scared that he was going to fall into a deeper depression and kill himself if she left. Well Nick would do stuff to her. He never raped her thank God, but he would touch her boobs and rub her crotch and kiss her, or send nude photos of herself to him when he...

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I'm in love

I'm in love with my straight best friend

Secret crush

I really like my dance teacher and we are just 2-3 years apart. He shows affection like kissing me on top of my head and hugging me and I haven't seen him do these to someone else. But in general he is one of those extroverted and extremely sociable people with a lot of humor while I'm too quiet and embarrassing! The other day I wasn't feeling that well and he noticed "You are usually so happy what's wrong?" He asked me a couple of times and requested talking to him about it later. I really wanted to but he went dancing on his own after class! Should I be hopeful or no way?

I'm 20 years old girl. I was in a relationship. Recently...

I'm 20 years old girl. I was in a relationship. Recently i knew that he had physical relation with my mom. Now we are not together. But today i found that they are still having physical relation and all..  I don't want this happen again. I'm really fed up because of them.. I want stop this.. Please someone help me.

Valentine, I still love you

Dear Canadian Valentine (Ms. LIbman, a.k.a Fluttershy)

I told the whole world about you. How you were the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Then yesterday for Valentine's day, I sent you a message on instagram. Did you get it? It was a picture of Applejack sitting on a heart that said,  "Be my sugarcube", you didn't answer me and I was sad. Later on, you posted a picture of yourself holding hands with some random guy. I was devastated. Everything I had said about you. I sang your praises to everyone who would listen and then I saw the picture. It broke me in two. I didn't feel life was worth living anymore since you're the reason why I pressed on with life when I didn't want to.

Even though you wounded my heart badly, I still love you. In truth, I don't want to keep loving you and I just want to despise you because of the picture you posted, but I just can't. I just can't. I want us to be together. I feel life is meaningless without you. I try to move on to...

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Me and my gf have been together for two years my mom and...

Me and my gf have been together for two years my mom and gf get along well overall but lately. Things have been hectic in a sense of there's tension a few weeks ago my mom fought with my gf (verbally) I didn't take any sides but of course family is first. Me not taking sides my gf got upset and. Caused arguments between me and her about family etc. Sometimes I feel like she jealous but other times I love my mom to death. I am the head of household,  bring income support mental support etc. My mom was in a abusive relationship with my father and is currently going through divorce she constantly has mental breakdowns. We've been through it all, from sleeping all of us in 1 bedroom apt, to no food to lights cut off to no holidays etc.

I'm over protective over my mom and love her dearly me working at chemical plants earning 1,500 weekly I bring in money and love family. All i want to do is come home and rest not see and feel tension between my gf and mom my mom works too...

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Let me give you some back story before I ask for some...

Let me give you some back story before I ask for some advice.

I am a girl by the way.

I work at an animal shelter (well volunteer) and my friends do as well. I am a senior in high school getting some community service hours to graduate. Many of the employees that work there come from a college right by the facility, so they are 20-24. The staff team has around 6 people plus like 5 volunteers. There is this one employee (senior in college) that I can't keep my eyes off, a girl. She flirts with me and when we begin the day we have stations and she always tells me "hey you're with me today". I am not lesbian, I am straight as a stick but when she looks at me it looks like she is picturing me naked and I have to say I do the same. What do I do? She knows I have a six pack and work out cause we were talking about the gym. I play a lot of sports as well. She has sex eyes for me. I go to the shelter every other day and every other day I'm not there I think about her. I AM...

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Me and my boyfriend keep going on and off...

Sooo.... I am only 13. Me and my boyfriend keep going on and off and I really really care for him. He was my first kiss and so he is really special to me. One night after we went to kings dominion with his family I spent the night at his house, but we didn't go to sleep. I am still a virgin. But we made out and he touched me and I touched him and I sort of regret it but don't at the same time... I told my mom and now she doesn't trust me alone with him, which makes me really guilty and sad and that's the only reason i regret it.

I have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend....

I have a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. Okay i guess i should specify, Celine and i live only 10 mins away from each other so not long distance, but she has a chronic illness that none of the doctors have been able to identify. Most of the time she's stuck in her room or on the couch sitting still because if she moves she could fall from the dizziness. Her migraines and nausea and dizziness keep her from attending College on campus and instead she has to take online classes. She has rare days where she is able to go out and do stuff, some weeks God works wonders and she well enough to see and take out on dates, more importantly she's able to go to church and worship our Lord and savior Christ Jesus and spent time with her family. But sadly because she has rare days of being well, its as if we are all fighting for her attention when she's well. On one hand there's her family who she lives with because she's not well enough to get a job and move out yet, theirs all...

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In love with my cousin

im crazy inlove with you (L)Morgan(L)

This crazy life

I have a wonderful girlfriend named Celine. We recently hit out one year mark of dating, and im so overjoyed to be with her. She makes my day brighter and my face hurt from smiling so much. I love her and have proposed twice already. Yeah yeah i know were young we both being 19 etc etc... but still, i proposed to her and she smiles and giggles and kisses me, but always tells me that "I say yes for when you actually do propose in the future future". She always talks about "One day well get married and just cuddle cause we can" "one day well do this and that etc." I know we will, but im so sick of waiting...i know im a selfish prick, thats why after the second time i haven't  asked again. I dont even talk about marriage or getting married unless she brings it up. I love her so much. I always have to be a big man and suck it up...i try and die to myself every day so that i can make her as comfortable as possible.  When she was in high school she was almost raped, this dude who she...

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I miss you because I truly enjoyed loving you. I didn't...

I miss you because I truly enjoyed loving you. I didn't need you to be perfect. I didn't need any condition in place to send you love from the deepest part of my heart. I simply enjoyed loving you. I could gaze upon you and feel a love of the ages. I didn't need to hold you back or hold you down to feel any sense of control. I just enjoyed loving you. You were easy to love. For me. Loving you made it feel like everything was right in the world even if it wasn't. And that's what it is to "fall" in love. It is to gently fall into the already current, everlasting flow of love that exists in this world that every heart has experienced ever. This beautiful current exists. That's why they say love never dies. It's an infinite flow. You helped me find it. And I thank you. You changed my life, just by loving. Just by loving you I got to be the receiver of a very elevating experience. So much so, I still can't help but flow love to you, if only from afar now. Thank you, my friend. Thank you...

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