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Ughhhh where do I begin.... lets make it semi short....

Ughhhh where do I begin.... lets make it semi short.

with a guy

friends for 8 years 

have been dating for almost a year now 

whole family likes 

has a job, car and isnt an idiot 

supports me

listens to me 

is bacially everything someone would want in a partner


like I'm not attracted to him in the least bit

he is the polar opposite of what I'm attracted to

he was just there for everything 

he was always there

i always said I would never date him 

cause I knew this would happen 

but I gave in last year

I love him yes but I don't lust for him 

i dream about other guys almost everynight 

i get jealous of other girls in public who are with someone that's my type 

i fantasize about being with someone my type

I'm so fucked 

if I break up with him, I know I'll be ruining his life, he...

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Why do I feel this way?

I've been with my fiancé for 3 years, and I've known him for 8 years. I have never had a problem telling him anything before. And I've never had a problem with him having friends that are girls. Lately, it's been bothering me a lot. See, he moved around a bunch as a kid before I met him, so most of these other girls are from out of state and some of which, he hasn't talked to in years. Recently, he started talking to one of them again, as she has had some issues with her current relationship. She is his ex-best friends sister. She's also a model... now for some reason, it's bothering me. I've met her and never had a problem with her in the past. But tonight, something snapped. Now, to be honest, I have never had the best image of myself. My confidence and self-esteem have never been quite high. My past involved 3 separate abusive relationships. Only the one two years prior to my current, was physical. Now, I have some scars and that relationship in itself, damaged me. I only see...

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Well my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 6...

Well my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 6 months and well i really am head over heals and i want to kiss him in the up coming school holidays but i'm not sure this how i have it planned out:

With one of my friends i say i'm going to my friends house and me and her seek off to the local park near both our houses she invites her boyfriend as well i tell her of this plan and she hides as a witness i get him alone and boom i really hope he doesn't reject me if you have any ideas to help me make this work or like tell me could this work cause i really need some encouragement!


P.S i'm only 13 need guidance :)

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I let my gay college roomie blow me when I got drunk. I...

I let my gay college roomie blow me when I got drunk. I am a married man

Coming out

I am 17 years old and I need advice, my family is extremely religious but I have a girlfriend. We have been dating for 3 years and have had sex, I love her but I don't want to be disowned.

Sisters secret love

First off she's so sexy I hope she decides to go further!! U and those tight clothes mmmm lol well damn near anything u wear. Keep being a little tease for me at the right times when he's looking away or will be there in 2 min so I get a quicky tease, how u bent over the little bed so that lil booty was gonna get it lol I can't wait til we get to play that'll be one hell of a story!! Love ya an I know u love me keep peeking that ass up for me lol

My Secret Boyfriend

Well i'm only in year 7 but all my friends are dating then the boy of my dreams asks me out of course i said yes the thing is my mum still dose not exactly know and well i have tried to tell her but she just wants me to focus on school but I've been dating my boyfriend for almost six months and i got 45/50 on my last history test i think i'm doing okay i don't know how my dad looks at this because i don't really talk to him about boys but he's already pretty strict but what if i do tell my parents and i lose the best thing that ever happened to me i love my boyfriend and well i just don't want to put this at risk it's to much to just gamble away depending on the mood my parents are in besides i could tell them when i'm 18 i just hope he waits that long i will take any ideas right now.

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I cheated on my partner because I thought it would make...

I cheated on my partner because I thought it would make me feel better about him not loving/wanting me...

I was wrong. I'm even more miserable now and just want to die.

im in love with this girl that ive known for two years...

im in love with this girl that ive known for two years but my girlfriend of 3 years still oves me but i no longer love her

I'm overly jealous

I'm a girl dating another girl, and we have been together for almost 6 months now, though I can't stop getting jealous over the stupidest things... I trust my girlfriend more than anybody in the world, but I always feel like I'm not good enough, and that someone else is as in love with her as I am. I don't believe everyone is, but I just get jealous so easily. It happens with one of our close friends, whom my girlfriend used to have a crush on (she had a crush on her over a year ago, and only too her once she was over her crush, our friend is straight so of course she did not reciprocate the feelings). They always laugh so much when they're together, my girlfriend tells her her problems, they've had basically the entirety of both school semesters together (5 out of 8 subjects, whereas I only have 3 out of 8 subjects with my girlfriend), they text all the time, have many inside jokes... I don't know... Maybe i'm just being an overly jealous hoe, but it truly bothers me when I see...

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I am a girl (F15) dating another girl (f14) and we have...

I am a girl (F15) dating another girl (f14) and we have both told our friends that we are dating. My girlfriend is bisexual, but has had more crushes on girls recently (before we began dating), one of which was our close friend. I identify as heteroflexible, which is pretty much "i like guys, but shit happens". Anyways, this friend of ours (she was and still continues to be a close friend to the both of us) accepts both of us and our relationship. My girlfriend has told me countless times that she cannot see our friend the way that she did when she had a crush on her, over a year ago, and that she loves me and only me. I trust her with all of my heart and don't doubt that she loves me, but i can't help but get jealous whenever they talk and laugh with one another, or when they lay their heads on one another in a platonic way (this friend does this to me too). I don't know, it just bothers me. Like, a whole fucking lot. I felt like smashing my phone today because of it... I don't...

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I'm a 3rd year Engineering student...

I'm a 3rd year Engineering student and I've a crush on a girl since 2 yrs, who is currently mine senior (now in final year).
I never had a single conversation with any of the girl from my college.I'm typically shy, an introvert guy and she is totally opposite of me, our religion and area of interest is also different.I had never indulge in any of the college activities except technical fest, but she participates in dance, ramp walk, and various cultural activities ,..etc. It was the evening of my college cultural fest, I saw the girl with my cornered eyes heading towards me. At the same instance, I don't know what happened to me, I just keep on watching her.Suddenly someone has whispered her name in my ear, stating that she is your senior.That night I felt something like restlessness and started thinking about that moment and about her....

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I am a female and I am extremely turned on by watching...

I am a female and I am extremely turned on by watching two men have sex I don't know if that's normal or not but I get so horny about gay men and gay men having sex.

I have dreams where the boy I hate the most at school is...

I have dreams where the boy I hate the most at school is my love interest and is a loving and wonderful person.  I also have a boyfriend who has suspected me of cheating on him with said boy I hate.

OKAYYYYYYYYY Since I don't have anymore idea on where to...

OKAYYYYYYYYY Since I don't have anymore idea on where to confess about this...I decided to confess here...I'm 14...Basically,I like this one guy who's 2 years older than me a.k.a 16..U guys must probably think "aww~so cute..High school crush~" etc BUT!!!!!!I am in love with my own BEST FRIEND's CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this happened when she started talking about him 24/7 to me...I do think I just like to look at him cuz he's handsome and all...but slowly,I started to like him...I always find for him during recess time and assembly time...I always waited for him to walk in front of me when we go back...I am so scared as my bff likes him A LOT...I feel so guilty...I told her I like other guy..I just can't bear listening to her 'moments' with him anymore..I am so jealous...But I know I'm the one who's wrong cuz she likes him first...

Please help me..I don't know what to dooooo.....Should I confess to him?Stop feeling that way towards him so that I won...

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this may not be very interesting


 So. I met this guy at a camp I was on. He has the same name as my brother. I began to develop a crush on him. I'm still thinking about him. I just don't know if he likes me... why would he even? Sometimes I am just kinda... insecure. I really like him. Next time I see him. I just might tell him.

Our kinky game!!

I swear my lil sister loves to flaunt her sexy body in front of me..she's even done it perfectly in front of her bf so only she and I could of possibly known but constantly pretends she's clueless like when it's a nice warm day and she's wearing her tight pink tank top and her nipples poke through right as we are talking!! LoI hope i am right cuz its our secret kinky fantasy and if never think bad of her..who knows maybe someday ill get to fuck that cute little booty that is always pointing my way if she's bending over..ya I'm peeking lol

I used to like a girl in class 9th well its not even like...

I used to like a girl in class 9th well its not even like , she was my love for the first time . I always like to help her admire her since i was in class 6th . I used to be her best ever friend for all the time ,one day i forced myself to tell her that how much i love her and i did it after the final exams of my class 9th , but i never thout that will be my worst day of my life . She left the town and me not even giving a message last thing i saw was her crying face when i proposed her. I was a strong guy so i thought i should leave that and move on so i also left that school and went to a new town new school. For two years i never got in a relationship but in starting of my 12th i got a sweet girl who loves to read books and other stuffs. I started being friends with her , proposed her after 1 month and she accepted me . Everything was going good but whenever i try to show up my feelings for her that girl's crying face always relives my memory in my dreams . During that two years...

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Last night I slept in another mans bed 

Last night I slept in another mans bed 

I'm 16/F and i love older men

I can't help but to masturbate to the 

thought of a older man tying me up

and raping me

I already had sex with my 3rd older sister's fiance

I crave more

I just want to be the sex slave of a hot older male 19-27

Bvb4life011198 at gmail

email me if your intrested

im in the austin tx area