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I bleed to dry out the pain...

I bleed to dry out the pain

and my head gets dizzy and i am so tired

i have anxiety and depression

i have flaws

i am not accepted

and i love two genders

when i should feel incapable of loving one

i cut myself sore until my tears feel like blood

and i keep it in

and i am so sad

and until there is a point to the universe

i will look forward to nothing but death

I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I...

I suspect someone I know drains my vital energy while I am asleep. Nobody knows this just me. I go to sleep feeling normal, only a bit sleepy of course. When getting closer to falling asleep I begin feeling weaker and some weird sensation in the middle of my chest.However wake up almost EVERYDAY feeling weak... something bad happens in my sleep. There is a possibility that maybe it is also an evil entity doing that. I pray and ask God to protect me from this but not always my faith is enough. I wish this evil thing stopped draining my soul every night.

Wish I was dead

I really wish I was dead

Non playable characters

Sometimes it seems the street where I live is real but it is artificially animated.This may sound as lunatic but sometimes certain individuals near where I act like NPCs (non-playable characters). I know they are not cg animated, of course.It is that they act exactly as if they had no "player", they act as if they had no soul and instead just a couple of sentences/phrases and just a couple of animations, that is, restrict programmed (and scarce) actions. For example there is a guy who always shouts the same things over and over. Sometimes the animation vary a bit. Just like some NPCs are programmed to only do and say certain pre-programmed things. For example: In a computer game a certain NPC character is programmed to alternate between saying "Hello!" And "Welcome", usually connected to what their function or personality is. However the difference is the people in my street seem to say the same things over and over and in the same way as"Hi!", "Hii!","Oh, oh!" "What?" And those...

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I am a female and I don't really understand why I am...

I am a female and I don't really understand why I am called a dick too many times for a lady. It doesn't even make any sense when analysing my behaviour and manners, attitudes etc

Dear Lucien,...

Dear Lucien,

It was so awesome to finally meet you after emailing back and forth for several months. I really enjoyed hosting you for two weeks! How did you like the US? How different is it from Paris?

At first, I thought I had a crush on you, but it turns out, you're more like a brother! I feel comfortable around you but you don't give me butterflies in my stomach. You're easy to talk to!

Love from the US, Miss Angel

PS You and Camille are a popular ship among our friends

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My awesome girlfriend, my not so awesome brother

Recently my old best friend Nick came back into my life. He and I had a huge falling out over a girl Celine, his ex to be precise. This girl had been one of my closets ever my best bestfriend. Nick was and is like a brother to me, he was dating her for awhile, but the relationship was really...bad. see Nick suffers from deep depression, but he's also very self-centered a lot of times. Whenever Celine talked about the problems that were going on in her life, Nick would always tell her how he had it worse and poor him etc. All the while Celine suffers in silence because she cant talk to her boyfriend about her life. She wanted to break up with him for a ling time but never did because he always talked about suicide and she was scared that he was going to fall into a deeper depression and kill himself if she left. Well Nick would do stuff to her. He never raped her thank God, but he would touch her boobs and rub her crotch and kiss her, or send nude photos of herself to him when he...

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If you need to stay in the USA and can't because of Trumps immigration crackdown..

Hello ladies not a secret but a proposal... If you are in the USA and need to stay and are having difficulties due to immigration issues, I will marry you.
Hello ladies, I am Louis. I am 46, never married, no kids. I am independent, confident, spontaneous and creative.
With Trump coming into office, it could be hard for someone to stay in this country, if you are here illegally. That is where I come in, I will marry you so you can stay in this country.

Looks aren't that important to mean, it can't hurt though, lol. A good personality goes a long way. Contact me if interested. I am not in any way associated with any law enforcement, state or federal. I am serious, this is no bullshit.

If interested email me here:

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I don't think envy is that bad, it is only bad for the...

I don't think envy is that bad, it is only bad for the one who feels it . Envy is only bad when the envious put their envy into action/act it out. By committing injustices against the object of the envy or attacking the object of envy . Envy by itself is normal (when reasonable). Everybody feels envious, with reason, at one point or another in life. However everyone also might feel envious without reason at one point or other more than once in life. However even when I have reason to feel envious I feel remorse when nobody ever feels remorse or confess having felt envy of me without cause.

So sorry

I am sorry

Robyn B aged 14 England, female ruined my life and...

Robyn B, aged 14, England, female ruined my life and gave me depression

I keep thinking about running away, starting a new life,...

I keep thinking about running away, starting a new life, abandoning people and responsibilities. I need to stop fantasizing about this or I'm afraid I might do it!

My family hates me. From my looks, to interests, to...

My family hates me. From my looks, to interests, to lifestyle, they always find some imperfection to tease me about. They team up and beat me down verbally. My dad's side of the family is so judgemental that at a very casual event if you wear a sundress and heels, it won't be enough. I don't own very many dresses or dressy clothes, so I stick with leggings or jeggings a band tee or pastel watercolor-like shirt, and a pair of combat boots or badass high heels. At parties, they tell me I'm fat and I need to lose weight. I quote "You've lost some weight I see, but you're still pretty round. Don't you think? I mean, how much do you eat?" Is that really appropriate for anyone, let alone a family member, to ask?

I've built myself armor and they don't really get to me anymore. However, they've stolen so much confidence and happiness from me that I find it hard to motivate myself to finish school.

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Something invisible tries to sexually stimulate me without purpose...

It's been a couple of years now. Randomly something invisible tries to sexually stimulate me without purpose. Really out of nowhere I am sexually stimulated and have been into confusion with other people because of this. This "invisible"/spiritual forced sexual stimulation happens in public and at a couple of times I've been into unnecessary arguments and seemed angry with other people when it was actually with the sexual molestation I was angry with because it is not refreshing nor pleasant it's got like chinese water torture onto me. Sometimes in winter I go through cold showers just so my clitoris will go dormant and I won't feel anything. Even if I was someone sexually active it would be tormenting. It feels as if someone is tickling, sometimes a soft shock, sometimes a pressing my clirtoris and it lasts about 1 second and happens randomly. It's been about three years and sometimes I commit self injure in my privates by punching/hitting my parts or put ice on it so it will go...

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I found a site where there are a bunch of homestuck rpers...

I found a site where there are a bunch of homestuck roleplayers and I think I wanna die.

please stop stalking us k and j . please stop abusing us...

Please stop stalking us k and j. Please stop abusing us jb and mary sp, rosy and black pawpa kblacky emolimo and we did nothing wrong to you. Get over it and grow up and stop abusing us. You're dirty jb, you're a dirty criminal yourself. Check your dirty file out. I am sick of being bullied by these scammers, enough already. Go scam someone richer and better but stop abusing me. I will check out your dirt files people will tell me their stories about you. Your time is up. We downtrodden want our day and revenge your power made and out of date! Lets just see how far you try to push it when I talk to craig pol and check your dirt files out!

Some people tried to tell me I was evil in a past life, a...

Some people tried to tell me I was evil in a past life, a person who did horrible things. Took it all in oh and how I took it,because I used to believe in reincarnation so intensely. Just by them insinuating it I believed it all, because I related all my "bad luck" and suffering "in this current life" to karma . LIVED HELL because of it. Because after they got me to believe it I became resilient to being everybody's patsy. People would abuse me and deep inside in my mind I would be thinking "Thank You for helping me getting rid of my karma "

Thankfully, it's been about a year that I've found out reincarnation is one of the biggest lies in the world. Since then a lot of abuse stopped. In addition, if what they insinuated was really real, they would be still rubbing karma on my face for not being complacent with abuse. However, since I've...

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I have been to a chatting site...

I have been to a chatting site. Won't repeat it in my lifetime. I am changing now... gud bye to all social networking except g+. its harmless. Gud bye fb,... i confess.... i pledge i wont repeat.... promise god... promise my teachers... promise dad...

Mum had a blue with joe and the coles truck of delivery...

Mum had a blue with joe and the coles truck of delivery. They said the order and payment had gone through in the morning on the phone but when the order came they wanted her to pay again, saying it didn't go through. Why should customers have to do their admin work, its a service - then they should provide it and do the follow up work, they should have told her on the phone that it had not been paid. She doesn't get paid to do their admin work.

I am not human, many do not believe but they do not have...

I am not human, many do not believe but they do not have to. Many believe even less that we are out there. In time things will begin to happen to prove we are out there. Most of us mean no harm whereas some of our other species are unruly and live for the violence. I am not here to tell my life story for that would take far too long. I am here to speak to those who will listen. I have watched the future become history and history become legend. Some of human history has been covered and unspoken. It is up to those who dare to venture beyond the safety of their own path to pick up on the world that is around them. I do not force belief nor will I blame you for wanting to keep to your own safety, but do understand, we are out there.