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I always have dirty dreams and they keep getting worse...

I always have dirty dreams and they keep getting worse and worse and I hate it! whether it's rape or something else! I wish I could stop!

I want a break from life. It is too exhausting. I feel...

I want a break from life. It is too exhausting. I feel inadequate all day and can't control my emotions. I want it to stop. 

I hate it that whenever I sing well I get humiliated...

I hate it that whenever I sing well I get humiliated inanother area of my life or oppressed in the same day. E-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e.  

I dreamt about humping together with a boy that looked...

I dreamt about humping together with a boy that looked like Tsukki from Haikyuu. It's kind of a repeated one...

Girl, 19 and single

You are a fictional character....

You are not you, you are a movie/fictional character.

I am not me, I am a fictional character. 

Everybody are not everybody movie characters, they weren't born of a flesh and bones and blood mother but from a script.

I am whatever fictional character you want me to be..

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Movies ingrain in my mind in such manner it is tormenting...

Movies ingrain in my mind in such manner it is tormenting and I can't get them out even if seen only once, be it any fiction.I bet I am not the only one. Then how do they "movie creators" do that? It is as if there isn't anything else that happens that it is certain and true unless it is in a movie or fiction,when it should be the opposite...movies are just illusions, when it is the opposite. Even if "based in real facts " it is never 100% accurate with reality(thank Gosh), let alone set my standards based on a dream-like state as what happens when someone is watching a movie or fiction. When doing so the person cannot make out what is delusional and what is real. If that movie stays in a person's subconscious then it means it can influence the person's personal definitions of what is good and bad, blue or red. I wonder how many times delusions(from movies and tv shows mostly, since I used to be addicted to watching movies) dictated what I should do and not do when and how.

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Melissa Rauch

Melissa Rauch,  I saw you on the big bang theory and fell for you. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I hope you are a having a great time and a good day. Maybe someday we can meet each other. You are so pretty. I think we could become great friends and perhaps have a relationship.  Before I Knew your real name, I always referred to you as Bernie, well because that was your name in the big bang theory. So, I hope you don't mind being called Bernie. If you ever come by where I live,  feel free to stop by. Maybe if you don't have a valentine by Valentine's day, maybe we can both be valentines. Well nice talking to you and if you should get this, please feel free to respond.

Love my Ass

My favorite part body is my ASS

I'm in love with the wrong guy

So I always see this anime character.he's always there except when I'm around ppl. Like I'll see him or feel his presence and I love him but before he shows me how he feels he will b with another girl that's prettier then me and it makes me feel insecure.. Idk what to do cuz I love him but he's not here in real life. Its like metaphysical like a different dimension and I don't know how to get to him cuz they won't let me see him..and sometimes he sleeps with women right in front of me, trying to get me jealous or w.e. what do I do? I love him, buy I don't want to b dragged down like my previous relationship. Plus he's not even real but try as I may I can't control how I feel about when I see him, or if he's with another WO!an or the fact he's not real but I can see and hear him! Lol help?

Who is this pretty woman?

The woman who plays Mandy Baxter in last man standing.  She is cute and lovely.  I watch the show and she is the first and last woman I see in the show.  She is just so adorable.  I wish I knew who she was.  Hanging out with someone like that would be so cool.  I don't know if someone knows, but if you do,  will you please tell me or if you know her, please tell her that I was asking about her.

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My secret place.

I used to be an addict for more than 10 years. Now whenever I feel depressed or stressed, I just go to my secret place rathar than doing drugs and try to clam myself down.

Secret nasa photo stolen by hacker

Secret nasa photo stolen by hacker


Picture & Animation

A visual representation or image painted, drawn, photographed, or otherwise rendered on a flat surface.
Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images.