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I'm a 14 almost 15 year old girl who loves makeup. I've...

I'm a 14 almost 15 year old girl who loves makeup. I've gotten multiple jobs in the makeup field so far. I've worked at The Children's Theater, The Stages Theater, school plays and dances and several free-lance jobs.

I want to end up having a career working with makeup, but I don't really know any good beauty schools in the US for it. I'm thinking about college already because I want to know what options are out there and I see so many people (including my older brother) stress about college applications.

Please don't tell me things like "You know that makeup don't pay that high, right?" Yes, I know, but would you really want to be stuck doing something you HATE for tons of cash? Or do something you LOVE for a bit less?

Any good beauty/makeup colleges (that have a reasonable tuition)?

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Dear Noah,...

Dear Noah,

I noticed you back in our 6th grade English class and now, almost 5 years have passed. And since then, I couldn't get you out of my head. Your short, untamed, curly red hair matches the blush on my face when we catch one another's stare. Your stunning blue-green eyes light up and sparkle when something good happens. Your adorable freckles add that playful, almost child-like, element to your being. Your contagious laughter echoes in my mind for hours on end.

Whenever I see you, it's like a volcano has erupted, spreading heat all over my face and neck. You're perfect in my eyes.

Though we've caught each other's gaze, I'm pretty sure you have not truly noticed me. I mean, why would someone as popular and handsome as you, notice a trend-defying, unpopular, outcast such as myself? When you could have anyone, why on earth would you choose me to gaze at?

Despite what some people have said, you've been so sweet to me since day one...

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Crush on my teacher

Her name is Mary Ann and honestly she could totally get it (except she's married oops)

My female teacher handed out heart candies for her...

My female teacher handed out heart candies for her students. She put mine on my desk and it said te necesito. So i asked the other people what there candy said and on some of them it said eres unika. I also think she knows I have a crush on her. Should I confess my love to her?

There's a new girl in my class and I want to kiss her...

There's a new girl in my class and I want to kiss her. I have absolutely no feelings for her. I don't want to date her. I just want to kiss her. I am a female.

I may be the student... but I just can't help liking him....

I may be the student... but I just can't help liking him.

He has beautiful brown eyes and such a delicate nose. 

His lips may be thin... BUT I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT STARE!

I feel really shameful when it's so obvious that I like him 




SEE WHAT Makes him tick. 

Examine his naked body AND NOT IN THE SEXUAL WAY but as in like.. SEE THE STRUCTURE THE BUILD 

Literally just see him from the basic building blocks..

His entire self excites me and I just want to pinpoint the exact place..

I wish I could fully stop staring, but I just care WAY TOO MUCH.

My high school art teacher

Like many, I fell hard for my high school art teacher. I was 15 when it first happened...

I was going through some very rough stuff at home and also the prodromal phase of paranoid schizophrenia. He was always super nice to me. He let me talk to him sometimes.

I was fat, pimply goth chick. Sometime after I began to realize that I was crushing on him, I went vegan and walked 4 miles every day. I lost 150 pounds and I looked really good. I had a nice, big firm round ass and big full tits that I accentuated with push up bras, tank tops, and super tight jeans.

I had a dream one night where he told me, "Everything was going to be okay," and he took my hand and put it down his pants.

I noticed him looking at me more and more, communicating with me, clearly showing favoritism. 

Sophomore year he told me I could come hang out with him during his prep period if I wanted. It was just us. It became an everyday thing, always just us...

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I went through educational system mainly cheating at exams

I can't learn much because I have schizophrenia. So until college 12th grade I passed exams mainly by copying from internet or colleagues. Fate brought me in a state of consciousness that tells me that I deserve merits and should have a better opinion about myself.

I like this boy named pierce...

I like this boy named pierce, he's in my class but I asked him out in 2nd grade and he said I don't no some one asked me out to and then in 3 grade I asked him out then he said him and his brother had a secret about me so then I was nice to him and then we went to the movies for a field trip when we got to the  movies and it was over we where in line he cuted in front of everyone to get to me and then we sat by each other on the bus and we flirted and it was the BEST!!!!! Day of my life.....   Coming down below love you guise not to be weird k.

I need relationship help

There is this girl I like (we can call her Izzy) and I don't know how to approach her. She is friends with a person I hate who, if we got together, could ruin the relationship. They don't hang out often but it could happen. She doesn't speak much, infact I have never heard her voice. We have the same math class together and I can't help but look over at her. She I cute and beautiful at the same time. She doesn't seem shy but rather doesn't like to talk. She is also taller than me, what do I do?


I got a crush on this girl now and she could be straight. I hope she isn't because I really do want to get to know this girl and maybe have a long term relationship with her. I don't it just happened when I walked into the room and just saw her from a glimpse and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her for a while. She is the most beautiful that I have seen on the campus yet and if we don't end up becoming a couple it will be okay with me because at least I know if I am friends with her that I am friends with one of the most beautiful girls on campus. I will get to see her tomorrow and I will hopefully have the courage to talk to her tomorrow.

I am still waiting for you...

We had a few classes together at xxx university. From the very first day I saw you I thought you were beautiful. 

I had been to middle eastern counties, with majority Muslim inhabitants. I was there in a military capacity for years. I didn't tell you this, how could I? I knew eventually I would need to. But I couldn't yet. My experiences left me very confused about how arab women felt about American men. I had met and seen impossible beauty in tiny villages. Women who with their look alone would have men lined up for their favor. Most women avoid us at all costs. I cannot blame them. Often the punishment for seeming to friendly with Us could be painful, humiliating, and sometimes deadly. I am not denying the fact that many women hated us. We were the cause of death, sorrow, and anger in many cases. We spent hours everyday patrolling through the towns and farms. And sometimes the situation could develop into violence quickly. But there were other women who cold pierce...

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I like the guy that my friend likes. And worse, he was...

I like the guy that my friend likes. And worse, he was also the ex boyfriend of another friend of mine. This is totally messed up and I swear I've never felt this guilty over something. So everyone in our circle knows that my friend likes this guy and they keep teasing her about him. Meanwhile, there's me on the corner. What makes me feel guilty is that I already slept next to this guy for like two times (just plain sleeping) and at night when I peek, I see him peacefully sleeping and I tell myself 'how can you not love this guy?' Plus we have an upcoming trip to an island and my friend was sad because she won't be able to come. I feel bad for my friend because I know she wants to go. But deep inside me, I feel abnormally happy because finally, this guy and I will be together without me having to think about what my friend will say when they see us. So next, the other friend. He was her ex and I don't know much about what happened to them. All I know is that my friend broke up with...

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I've had a crush on this guy in my university who's in my...

I've had a crush on this guy in my university who's in my department and two years senior. I'm normally a social person but when it comes to his presence, I fail to be my normal self and become this shy girl who speaks seldom. We consider each other friends but I have a hope in my heart that he might realize how I'm always interacting with him and not talking to the rest of his friends. Being a girl, it seems kinda awkward to confess and difficult as hell for a shy person like me. I really want him to know that I've developed feelings towards him but I'm too afraid of being rejected and singled out. I just need him to realize this somehow that somebody loves him and wants his attention but their insecurities prevent them from fessing up.

Studying forensic medicine, going through the stages of...

Studying forensic medicine, going through the stages of death and what happens to the body in details, I can't help but think about my brother who passed few years now. I'm sorry, I don't know what to do. 


Not to be mean but i hate everyone at my school no joke EVERYONE!!!!

My teacher yelled at me for being violent...

My teacher yelled at me for being violent. I accidentally made a weird face. She noticed. When she finished talking she said "Go" angrily. I hate him. Sorry Teach. I just can't stand you.

I have a crush.

I have a crush on a girl, but I'm too terrified to make a move, because I'm afraid of staining my reputation. I just feel like my class just isn't ready for all this. Am I?

I like him

I like one boy and he is so cute..

So, yeah. My confession is that I fell for my social...

So, yeah. My confession is that I fell for my social studies and history teacher.

And, yeah. I'm 14 years old, so most of you will be like: "Nah, it's just a crush you stupid kid."

Oh, trust me. It's not anymore. Took me about 4-5 months to develop those feelings, then it took me a quarter to realize them and again half a year 'til I kinda accepted it. Beside that. It's his personality that makes me feel what I feel.He just has pretty much every single quality I look for in a man. Intelligent, funny (in a sarcastic and self-irony sense), polite, friendly, he's able to convice me (which is very important 'cause I'm a stubborn pain in the ass), he's laid-back and lazy, which is great 'cause I can't live with someone who's 24/7 on his feet and yeah. There are some more things but... You know.
Of course I'm ain't going to tell him, Jesus. Nobody actually realized one thing by me yet, 'cause I'm really good at hiding what's going on inside of me (my parents went...

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