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Hacking people online, buying things with their money...

Well, I don't even know how to say about this.. This is what I've been up to some years... Been hacking, watching people online, having access to their computers, information, credit cards, accounts, etc... Buying things off they're "hard work" money... Its like an addiction, i'm very sorry to all the people that I hacked, stole their money and bought things with it.. Be careful the internet is a dangerous place. Stay safe and smart when using the internet.

Secret to stealing an online account or mobile password

If you are standing close to someone and want to find out their password, below is the best way of doing so. Really helpful in stealing mobile, online account or WiFi password of your roommate, spouse or office administrator.

1. All you need is a mobile phone with camera.

2. Ask someone to forward you an email or contact from their laptop or mobile. Switch on your phone camera and pretend to do something on your phone. Capture their password typing in a video. Close the video.

3. Use VLC or any other player to slow down the video. If you don't have the required video player on your phone, transfer the video to your laptop. Avoid uploading it online, unless you want everyone to know the password.

How does it work?

It does not matter how fast they type the password or how complicated the password is, if it captured on a video, remember that the video could be slowed down as required, to steal the password.

How to avoid it...

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Confession of a hacker

I used to a big time hack few years back.. starting from phishing, password cracking, fake accounts of social networking, automated clicks and emails to spamming and sending invites to millions of users.

Now that things have changes, I've settled into different job profile.. I still miss old days of the golden rush.. Well, all of it was just out of curiosity if I could get away by doing it. I never meant to harm anyone or steal anything.

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