Secrets about Spouse & Ex


I am married to an amazing man. I am extremely lucky and...

I am married to an amazing man. I am extremely lucky and I love him completely.

I am extremely, palpably, magnetically drawn to another, who is a family friend. He and I had a very close call once, years ago, to the point of penetration... it stopped because we didn't want to be found out by my family. i was living at home, it was after a party, and the words were [me] "We have to be quiet" [him] "I can't be..." - and it stopped there. We went out once afterward, and that was that. Nothing more. This was well before I knew my husband. I think we both felt a little awkward for a time, a little guilty because of the complications.

Fast forward a few years. My husband and I are honest about our pasts. He knows about this, and we are all still casual friends. My husband knows I love him, but even he says that when the two of us (I and our friend) are in the room together there is tangible energy between us. We can't help it and don't think about it. It's just there....

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Wife humiliates me

I love when my wife humiliates my small penis. She has gotten So good at it. 

My wife was a virgin when we met. I have a 5 inch penis...

My wife was a virgin when we met. I have a 5 inch penis and like an idiot I went out and bought an 8 inch dildo.  I know she prefers that to me and I'm sure she has fantasized about having sex with someone that big. Now we are in a relationship where she is the dominant and I am a submissive. Part of me regrets buying it but another part of me loves the idea of being dominated. I only hope she doesn't act on her fantasy to have a real penis inside of her that is bigger than me.

My awesome girlfriend, my not so awesome brother

Recently my old best friend Nick came back into my life. He and I had a huge falling out over a girl Celine, his ex to be precise. This girl had been one of my closets ever my best bestfriend. Nick was and is like a brother to me, he was dating her for awhile, but the relationship was really...bad. see Nick suffers from deep depression, but he's also very self-centered a lot of times. Whenever Celine talked about the problems that were going on in her life, Nick would always tell her how he had it worse and poor him etc. All the while Celine suffers in silence because she cant talk to her boyfriend about her life. She wanted to break up with him for a ling time but never did because he always talked about suicide and she was scared that he was going to fall into a deeper depression and kill himself if she left. Well Nick would do stuff to her. He never raped her thank God, but he would touch her boobs and rub her crotch and kiss her, or send nude photos of herself to him when he...

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Robyn B aged 14 England, female ruined my life and...

Robyn B, aged 14, England, female ruined my life and gave me depression


I like googling him. He was my hugest crush. Biggest love. I feel like a stalker and sometimes I get depressed because I know he rejects me because I'm disabled.

I sometimes keep his photo and all that signs that I'm not over the relationship. When I was in 12th grade I thought that we were like from watering heights. We had sex in his uni dorm. We separated after. I secretly love him. I burst into tears every time I think of him more than 1 hour. 

I wish I could say to him "hei Paul, we can work it out" but it's not happening. He can't have a relationship with someone that doesn't have a certain financial status.

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During my first marriage I cheated once...

During my first marriage I cheated once. We got married way too young but that's still not excuse. My wife at the time and myself went to a party. Everyone got really drunk by playing the game quarters. There was a beautiful , young lady there who was alone and all the guys at the table kept making her drink shots. My wife and I noticed what these guys were up so we kept an eye on her. As the evening unfolded we saw that this young lady was beyond drunk as she sat slumped over on the couch. This seedy looking guy cuddled up against her and then started to kiss her. She was way to drunk to know what was going on so my wife told this guy off and I chased him out of the party. My wife was helping to host the party so she asked me to take this girl home. She said that I was the only guy there that she could trust with this drunk girl so she helped me get her into the car. My mission was simple. Take this girl home, put her to bed and come back and pick up my wife after she helped to...

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Nobody but an idiot gets married to someone four months...

Nobody but an idiot gets married to someone four months after they know them. But i drove by her parents' house again tonight, as I've done many nights since we broke up, and i see "JUST MARRIED" on the back of her truck.

So angry. 

But she is living in her parents' basement at age 27, she is a former hard-core lesbian/crackhead who found Jesus and reclaimed her so-called virginity, she has an anger management problem, she virtually never reads anything and therefore doesn't know anything, she drinks too goddamned much, she has maybe a size 30A bust size - it was like sleeping with someone with buttons on their sternum - but lovely, shapely ass, I must say. I loved holding her, i loved looking in her eyes, i loved that she loved me. 

I really loved this woman, she was like a little broken baby in my arms, I felt so attractive with her, I opened my heart to her. But I cannot be with anyone right now for a variety of reasons, long term, that is,...

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I connected with a co-worker and he proposed a lunchtime...

I connected with a co-worker and he proposed a lunchtime rendezvous. I'm married, but for some reason, this seemed "ok" to me. Truth be told, my husband doesn't care about this anyway. Problem is, one thing led to another, and co-worker and I fell in love. I stayed with him for a few weeks and it was rather dramatic. Husband didn't see THIS coming, and was NOT ok with it. Long story short, I came home.

Ever since - for six months now - former co-worker (I quit the job) has been emailing my husband, letting him know that this is not where I want to be. There's a lot more drama and craziness involved, but essentially, I care about both of these men. A big part of me wants to leave and give the new relationship a chance, but an equal part of me doesn't want to hurt my husband any further, or lose the comfort of our lengthy marriage. We do have kids - both grown, but living at home. They're fully aware of the situation, and not pleased with me, of course. I'm scared to even...

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Make out


My wife the sexy babe

When I was married I would make my then wife model for me so I could take photos of her being sexual, erotic, naughty, kinky so I can get them out at my leisure, look at her being a total slut and then masturbate.

We've since separated but we both agreed I would keep the photos on the condition I never upload the to the web. 

I kept that promise but recently a mutual friend popped over and after a few drinks I pulled out my photos and started showing him.

I told him I knew he perved on my wife. I said I have some very sexy photos of her if he's interested but he's got to look at her here. He got to see my wife in all her glowing best. He ended up pulling out his cock and flogging it so hard for her. She would never say she is getting horny knowing other guys are getting off over her but in the privacy of her own house she fantasises him fucking her. I love showing her naughty pics to male friends.

A guy I dated on and off for 2 years finally moved in...

A guy I dated on and off for 2 years finally moved in with me in October. On December 17th I came home and he moved out. No note or anything saying why. In that two and a half month span he put me in 6 grand of debt. His last words when I left of work the night before he left, love you. I will never be ever to trust a man again.

I told my wife Julia, but need to say it louder...

I told my wife Julia, but need to say it louder. i'm Nicky C from Omagh, Northern Ireland. I cheated on her with a local girl Clodagh B for years, she knows I am sorry but I need to say it loud I am so sorry.


I fucked a girl. Even though i have a wife.

My love life sucks

Every boy breaks up with me and god knows why but who cares about dating. There are only to boys who like to fuck with my love life.

Jordan C, he is 11 years old and lives in Littleton Colorado he has a gf named Chloe M. Kaden JM, he is 11 years old and lives in Littleton Colorado and his house is right by Ralph M aka Diego's house and he also has a girlfriend named Chloe P. They both are in love with Chloes and they both have ruined my life. If anything I wanna kill myself because if u think about it all the pain goes away when u die. Plz comment and give me advice!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello my name is Rozeene and I hate when people gossip about me saying who they think I like I am in love with my boyfriend Jayce and there are some girls and boys that are saying I like some boy named Brendan and some girl wants to post something and act like me and say that I like brendan but I dont and if someone wants to keep saying that or gossiping about me then they must have a crush on me I am done dealing with bullys and I am done with girls that hate me but then love me when I have a secret and they want to know I am just done with FAKE people just done and then I post something about FAKE love because this boy named Jordan aka ex boyfriend and he said he wont break my heart and he did and he has the nerve to comment and say how do u know it was FAKE love well I know because someone who really does love someone they dont break there heart and gets a new girlfriend right after and his girlfriend Chloe use to be my BEST friend but then she now hates me and God knows why?...

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I think I want a divorce

I love my husband but this has been a very bad year for our marriage. I feel like I'm the only one who's involved in this relationship. I get no help with the kids, no help with the housework and very little help with the bills. It feels like I have to make ALL the decisions in our lives that he has relinquished all responsibility and control to me and has become just another dependant. I am struggling with long term health issues in too of all this and am at the end of my rope. There are many days I want to just get in my car and drive away and never look back.

My wife have an affair

My wife have affair with a man who is bit elder. 

Only My Ex Can..

I have had both male and female partners. But after loving and losing my ex, i developed a problem. No matter who i have sex with I am never satisfied or relieved. So one day while my bf was home I did something I never have done. Not that I am against it but masturbation never worked. So I drew a hot bath and pulled up a picture on Instagram of my ex. 2 fingers and 10 seconds later I achieved a huge "O" moment. So my bf and I had sex a few days later. I was so bored he was good at what he did but i couldn't release at all. Then my ex pops in my head and its like a waterfall down there. That was 2 years ago. And even after all this time no one gets me off, only pictures of my ex in my head. But my ex will never be a part of my life again. So do I just live a lie or tell the truth to my bf?

Regret Is A Vile Creature

Never leave any regrets in your life. They eat you alive over time. Ten years ago I was 18 and met a guy and we got married after dating 4 months. But he was cheater and liar. I left him soon after we got married. But I have regretted it ever since. Its been 10 years and I still love him. But after I left him I messed my life up bad. Did a lot of dumb things that would be toxic to any relationship. He told me he still loved me last year but I turned him down. My mistakes would ruin his life. I want him to be happy even its w/o me. I have a current bf but in my heart I dont love him fully. He knows this though, he tries to help me move forward. I try to get over my ex husband but I cant. Its a real contradiction. Now all that is left is regret and it is destroying my sanity.