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Our kinky secret!!2

So if my baby sis does secretly want me I hope she keeps it between us I guess...its her bday soon Idk what to get her but maybe shell ask for like 50 bux and buy a sexy pair of lingerie and when ...goes to work shell call me to her room and pose for me haha hopefully I'm messed up that'll make it fun haha I'd totally take a few pics!! Love ya anyways u know that

I used to like a girl in class 9th well its not even like...

I used to like a girl in class 9th well its not even like , she was my love for the first time . I always like to help her admire her since i was in class 6th . I used to be her best ever friend for all the time ,one day i forced myself to tell her that how much i love her and i did it after the final exams of my class 9th , but i never thout that will be my worst day of my life . She left the town and me not even giving a message last thing i saw was her crying face when i proposed her. I was a strong guy so i thought i should leave that and move on so i also left that school and went to a new town new school. For two years i never got in a relationship but in starting of my 12th i got a sweet girl who loves to read books and other stuffs. I started being friends with her , proposed her after 1 month and she accepted me . Everything was going good but whenever i try to show up my feelings for her that girl's crying face always relives my memory in my dreams . During that two years...

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The SSL certificate has expired!

The SSL certificate has expired!

I sniff my neighbor's panties

I moved to a new apartment months ago and I recently discovered I had a spare key of my old apartment, in the same building. The tennand on my old apartment is a beautiful Japanese girl who is a teacher, she's about 26, small with firm tits. When I discovered my spare key all I could think of was about sneaking into her place and sniff her panties, which I did and still do on a kinda regular basis. She's very conservative (as Japanese people generally are) so I was surprised to find so many different thongs in her laundry basket. I LOVE THEM and I LOVE her smell. Apparently her pussy is creamy all the time because the thongs and panties have a lot of discharge on them. Sometimes I lick it off the fabric even when it's dry. 

She has the perfect pussy scent. 

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I'm unsure of my religion

Ive been following the religion of the wiccans and as I've never met another follower I'm unsure of my practice and if I am following it to the best of my abilities so as of now I am unsure of how to continue?

Pretty sure someone is conciously,remotely and...

Pretty sure someone is conciously,remotely and spiritually molesting me. I keep trying to imagine who would randomly stimulate other people's genitals...Maybe it's male, or female?Is he/she old? Why would anyone do that?It is just so different from being touched, it is unexpectedly unpleasant , and a torment. It's unbearable, everytime it happens ugh

If a person who I am nothing to, nothing stimulated my genitals and just aleatorily just sticked the fingers in my genitals and sexually stimulated me I could scream"TAKE YOUR FINGERS OFF MY LADY PARTS PERVERT!". But I don't even know who is doing it, all by myself in my room and being sexually stimulated by "nothing". I mean "nobody".It makes me hate my body and unconciously myself because I thought it is wrong to masturbate

I once read so much Percy Jackson that I had a dream that...

I once read so much Percy Jackson that I had a dream that I was a half-blood. I woke up crying because I wasn't a half-blood.

Im a 18 year old ftm human. I hate being "ftm" it sucks!...

Im a 18 year old ftm human. I hate being "ftm" it sucks!!1 I've been trying to change it but, its really  hard for me, i really need help. I need to learn to be a normal person, i don't want to lose my family, friends, and god's love. Please, someone help me. Im also obsessed with super heroes and guys stuff. This needs to stop. i want a happy life, not a lonely life.. 

I was molested by my grandfather when i was in grade 7-8...

I was molested by my grandfather when i was in grade 7-8 He tickles me i thought we were playing but he started pressing my breast i didnt want to sleep with him because he would hurt me. my parents used to ask me to sleep with him because he is old and sick they didnt know

 i didnt want to but i lied down and he molested me again i didnt know whom to tell how will mom react or sis i kept it within me till today. When my boyfriend annoys me and tickles i get that memory.wanted to open up so bad thanks secrets cafe 

I swear there's an irritating invisible hand that likes...

I swear there's an irritating invisible hand that likes to randomly tickle my privates. It isn't really arousing or fun. Actually I sometimes wish I didn't have a vagina and an anus just while the molestation is happening of course. I believe it believes it is arousing or pleasant because it likes it, not caring if the favour is unwanted and  undesirible molestation simply put. Wish I could tell it "Please stop touching my female part it is not pleasant, not enjoyable, not arousing me. You just don't know how to touch a woman down there. And please don't consider it a challenge for you to improve your fingery female arousal methods which are actually molestation since you are forcing me  to accept my genitalia to be touched, it makes me feel like ripping off my clitoris along with my whole vulva off and my anus too, so not pleasant it is.Alright". I think I know now why certain many people fidget a lot . It's because the invisble molestor hand attacks others or there are more...

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Are my neighbors the worst neighbors or what

I hate my neighboors because they have no reasons to persecute me, but however they do it with a passion.I confess this here knowing I can't tell this to anyoneelse or anyone trutworthy I wish I had though.God forgive me if by denouncing this situation here I am sinning.

My neighboor and his sons really seeth with anger well just because I am alive?They are the worst neighboors .I suspect some of them do some nasty stuff in our garden in order to not let the anger for me build up. I believe one or two of them procedes to their business in our garden, yes their lovely natural healings and needs, however they do have other vicious ways of attacking me(because they usually jack off near my bedroom wall, thankfully outside, again not 100% sure) I am talking gangstalking , murder attempt and even suspicion of pet murder but I don't have any evidence nor do I have any pets left to use as bait for the pet serial killers in order to prove my point.In my opinion a person who kills...

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...nothing far-fetched. Many of those who invested...

...nothing far-fetched. Many of those who invested themselves into this... joyride... wouldn't have the chance to redeem the life they abandoned for the sake of discovery, for the sake of... knowledge, perhaps. Frankly, the motives of the volunteers just don't make any sense. They abandon, literally, everything... just for the sake of experiencing the life as alien beings on the planets that proved to be extremely hostile to the very definition of diversity. But then, the growth, "the upgrade" their energy blueprints receive after such experiences... make them nearly invincible, make them equal to gods, in a way. They become, as the beings from the twin planet formulated it aeons ago, the particles of existence. They could, as these beings claimed, become the masters of the observable universe. But, given their refined nature... the volunteers are not interested in any kind of "power", except the power to create. They become Architects. The beings working with the timelines, in the...

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Imaginary friends

I have many imaginary friends, but they don't always stay.  There might be days/months

They can give me advices but some of them are a bit mean, they say things like I am not worth of anything etc..

They are all not just humans, they can be almost anything. But mostly humans or animals, or dolls.

I also hug one of my dolls, cuz I think that if I don't the doll is get be sad.  Sometimes I am of the imaginary friends, and I behave like them, I can say or do things that the normal we wouldn't.

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Um well, this is really awkward but here we go. So I've...

Um well, this is really awkward but here we go. So I've had this obsession with Gerard Way, and it's really bad. In total I've spent about 2000$ in just merchandise but thats not what I came here for. Um well how do I put this, I kinda masterbated to him moaning on stage (he does that a lot) and um well, that was the best sexual experience I've ever had in my life. And I'm kinda engaged,  I know it's bad but It's okay, I think I'll take a break from celebrities for a while....



This isn't really a confession. Gotcha! But it's three am, I can't sleep and I've run out of hope that I'll find a serial killer on here. Is being a narcissistic little bitch a bad thing? I don't know. 

My only confession really is that my life is so mundane that I actually wish for something bad to happen, shake things up you know?

I'm sure there are a dozen or more supposed 'messed up' people on  here but more than half are just emo. Or just suicidal.

I can assure you I am neither. I know I am special. 

But what do I know? I might be a side effect of some overweight loser's mind.

Who knows?

If you read this through, congrats on wasting like 20 secs of your life. If you think we might get along or that you understand this, Kik me at asven440 or email me at

PS, don't be a weirdo. That gets old.

Ciao darlings.

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I had landlady in her mid 50's, she's a matured, plump...

I had landlady in her mid 50's, she's a matured, plump widow.

20 years ago, I rode her almost every night for the six years I lived there. I was 18 then, no girlfriend and horny as hell.
My landlady was willing to provide in my needs and never refused me. I had her in every thinkable position she could handle and she loved it but her favorite was riding me on top. 

After all those years I've visited again her last month and although she's much older now I've rode her again for good times' sake. It still felt as good as then, strangely.

Humans are so weird. They have the ability to feel every...

Humans are so weird. They have the ability to feel every emotion at the same time. 

can't believe this happened....

So it's pretty crazy and awkward that a girl who I slept with a lot in high school is now related to me...yeah found that out today while I was in the store with her

I believe I killed an elderly person with internet...

I believe I killed an elderly person with internet connection rage.
I piggyback off my neighbors wifi and I believe him or his wife just died.  Anyways, Ive only been doing this for last two weeks.  Whne they started using it I would make a point to slow their internet speed.  They have always left their wifi unlocked and no password even on the router.  The perfect conditions basically.  Another neighbor was also using im pretty sure, locked them out lol.  Anyways after two weeks of me turning off their entertainment center, and computers; One of them dies.  


breastfeeding and fucking

i really get turned on watching my wife brestfeed are baby and fingering her self one time i nursed on the other nipple while the baby was feeding and started fingering her then i hate her pussy while baby was sucking on her tits and she came i even let her ride me reverse cow girl while she was feeding came so hard