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I love receiving ear kisses

I love receiving ear kisses

Secret crush

I really like my dance teacher and we are just 2-3 years apart. He shows affection like kissing me on top of my head and hugging me and I haven't seen him do these to someone else. But in general he is one of those extroverted and extremely sociable people with a lot of humor while I'm too quiet and embarrassing! The other day I wasn't feeling that well and he noticed "You are usually so happy what's wrong?" He asked me a couple of times and requested talking to him about it later. I really wanted to but he went dancing on his own after class! Should I be hopeful or no way?

I live in an non eu state

I live in an non eu state and I'm meeting a volunteer guy from America. I don't know how to react because he is working as a teacher and I'm only 18. That's the problem why we can't have sth. I mean we are not even talking it's been a lot. Can anyone give me advice?

I wish everyone had good parents

My heart aches for everyone who feels like they don't have anyone in this whole world who cares about them. I was so lucky to have been raised by two wonderful parents. I know my parents love me unconditionally and won't ever make me question their love for me. I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to have good parents in their life. Knowing that and seeing that seriously makes my heart ache. I didn't always get along with my parents, and yes during my teenage years, I said I hated them. But, because of the way they raised me and my brother, we both appreciate what we have, are willing to do what we can to help people without expecting anything in return. I am no saint, by all means, and I do have so many flaws it's not even funny, but I am proud of my flaws and imperfections, and I accept who I am. I know everyone is different in their own way and everyone was raised different, and I love and accept people for their differences. I was always given positive feedback and...

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Teachers are a wholes

my teacher always tells us how we are ass wholes and how we are her she always pairs me up with no working slobs that do NOTHING. so i purposely screw up her desk when she leaves the room and when no ones looking and she gets so mad and i also stick chewed gum on her desk. still get a's, no regrets.being a girl is awesome because she always blames the boys high school is awesome but can suck.

Secret to stealing an online account or mobile password

If you are standing close to someone and want to find out their password, below is the best way of doing so. Really helpful in stealing mobile, online account or WiFi password of your roommate, spouse or office administrator.

1. All you need is a mobile phone with camera.

2. Ask someone to forward you an email or contact from their laptop or mobile. Switch on your phone camera and pretend to do something on your phone. Capture their password typing in a video. Close the video.

3. Use VLC or any other player to slow down the video. If you don't have the required video player on your phone, transfer the video to your laptop. Avoid uploading it online, unless you want everyone to know the password.

How does it work?

It does not matter how fast they type the password or how complicated the password is, if it captured on a video, remember that the video could be slowed down as required, to steal the password.

How to avoid it...

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