i am sorry, apology letter notifier

Do you wish to say sorry to someone secretly without the risk of face to face conflict?

  • Post your apology letter anonymously without revealing any personal details.
  • Enter a message and the recipient email address of the person you wish to be notified.
  • Once your message is published, anyone can see it including the email recipient. Email addresses will be kept private.
  • A sorry notification is sent to the email address specified, with a link to your apology message.
  • If the recipient is willing, they can comment on your message to accept the apology or create a new apology letter for you.

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When to publish this post?
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You can select upto 3 categories.
You can send secret messages to others using this feature.
Enter an email address that should be notified when this post is published, without revealing their or your email address.

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About sorry notifier

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Sorry notifier is a free service intended for the benefit of the folks who find it difficult to apologize or say i am sorry to someone due to various reasons or circumstances. This service makes it easier to express their thoughts and get past their guilt without the risk of a face to face conflict or the fear of rejection of their honest apology.

Few guidelines before sending out a crush notification:

  • Please use this service only if it is a heartfelt and sincere apology.
  • Do not use distasteful or profane language.
  • Do not try to blame the recipient or others, rather acknowledge your mistakes.
  • Do not enter your full names, identifiable or personal information.
  • Always check spelling and grammar before posting.
By posting this, you agree to our terms and conditions